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Jimmy Hoskins, He Who Devours Himself


Torn from his life of relative luxury by the senseless attack of a Giant Centipede Anomaly, Jimmy Hoskins, a not particularly talented garderobe manager embraced the challenge of representing the legal interests of the Circle of the Broken Wing.

Following the acquisition of a sizable amount of money on his first jaunt into the wilderness, Jimmy started up a small but effective (para)legal firm that has achieved immediate success due to its efficacy in 'getting things sorted', through the courts or otherwise.

After witnessing his own future self's soul get sucked into his star forged blade, Jimmy has become somewhat superstitious if not religious per se, erecting a shrine to the Mare of the Night in his chambers and loaning a substantial sum of money to his friend Samuel to build a Warrior Church down the street from his offices. (Following Samuel's defection to the Serradic Empire Jimmy has quietly relocated his offices and started attending the church meetings run by Councillor Leana.)

Through politicking, skullduggery and generally being an extremely capable weasel, Jimmy has managed to obtain positions of significant influence in both public life and Acryn's underworld, sitting as a member of both True Council and City Council.

Eventually, after stealing power from within the Dragon Tuireann, Jimmy accepted his fate and allowed himself to be struck down with Star Mirror. Moments later his soul burst forth from the sword, a figure of blue flame. He is now standing upon the path of godhood as He Who Devours Himself.

Despite having lost the mayoralty, Jimmy does not seem overly displeased, though in meetings with his fellow merchants he does shake his head and worry over how the royalists must be crowing at Kieran Salic's rise.

In the castle of the infamous mage-king Dammerung, Jimmy was able to slip into the distant past and spent centuries sealed away, searching for the solution to the problem of Stasis afflicting reality. Following a sudden but inevitable betrayal by some power hungry companions, Jimmy was forced to Ascend to save himself and a collected entourage of thousands of souls from an attack by Tuireann. Now from within his empty godrealm he plots his convoluted (and possibly ill-conceived) plan to revitalise the world.


Class: Journeyman

Specialism: Crafting

Background #1: Diplomat

Background #2: Rapier Use (really Joe, again?)


  • Emergency Care
  • Resuscitate
  • Surgeon
  • Master Surgeon
  • Craftsman 1
  • Craftsman 2
  • Craftsman 3
  • Master Craftsman
  • Legendary Item
  • Builder
  • Engineer
  • Own Work
  • Adjustment
  • Adjustment
  • Fitted Armour
  • Perfect Enhancement
  • Use Rapier
  • Rapier Talent
  • Rapier Potency
  • Well Travelled
  • Journeyman Knowledge: Law
  • Journeyman Knowledge: Statecraft
  • Wealth 1
  • Contacts: The Circle of the Broken Wing, The Honourable Society of Bartholomew's Inn
  • Operations
  • Improved Skill Focus
  • Mix Potion (Leeching Touch)
  • Mix Potion (Armour Oil)
  • Mix Potion (Soul Strength)
  • Mix Potion (Sight of Creation)
  • Well Versed
  • Extremely Well Versed
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Advanced Application
  • Advanced Application
  • Concoction
  • Alchemical Manipulation
  • Potency
  • Diplomacy

Path of Transformation

  • Body Alteration
  • Advanced Mix Potion (Petrification)
  • Transformation of Reality
  • Transformation of the Soul

Divine Favour of the Mare of Night

  • Nightrider

Divine Favour of the Tender

Organisational Ties

  • Affiliation: True Council - Question
  • Reputed: True Council - Question
  • Backing: True Council - Problem Resolution
  • The Very Best: True Council - Leader

Personal Power: He who Devours Himself

  • Reflection of Thyself
  • Personal Aura
  • Miracle
  • Favouritism


Council Member
Seat on the True Council
Divinely gifted Steed
Champion of the Warrior - Strike True
Master of Trade - Acryn
Master of Trade - Strossbourg
Alchemical Manipulation - Strong Willed (Addiction to Soul Strength)

Hits & Calls

  • 5+14 (+2 when Mastercrafting)
  • THROUGH SINGLES or DOUBLES (+1 when Mastercrafting)
  • 3x Disarm/Weaken
  • 1/3x Resist Strikedown/Disarm/Shatter on Large/Medium Shield
  • 8x Adjustment Resists

Unused Per Adventure abilities


  • Standard Light Armour
  • Standard Heavy Armour
  • Superior Heavy Armour
  • Mastercrafted Heavy Armour x 1
  • Mastercrafted Medium Armour
  • Standard Dagger
  • Standard Rapier
  • Substandard Rapier
  • Mastercrafted Rapier
  • Mastercrafted Sword
  • The Flux Sword of Destiny
  • Miraculously Blessed Mastercrafted Large shield
  • Mastercrafted Medium shield
  • 9x Armour Oil
  • 8x Leeching Touch
  • 5x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 4x Soul Strength
  • 5x Sight of Creation
  • 11x Petrification
  • 2x Night Sight
  • 2 Mana Crystal
  • Scrapings from 'Star interior'
  • Tyrant Lizard teeth and hide.
  • Mantoi chitin
  • Magical Jade that feels like flesh
  • Perfectly pure water
  • Magesterium Titan armour plates
  • An Iron Feathered Hide from a Mythic Beast
  • 2 drops of Troll Sweat
  • Giant centipede plates
  • Blood from the Censor, the Sure Hand, the Wise, High Cliffs, the Defender of Acryn, the Stanchion and the Grey.
  • About 60R on my tab at the Palace of Games
  • Shards of the tree that was Andrinavana's soul
  • Laurels of the Leader
  • “Dark Unused Master Crafted Knife”
  • Some high grade shards of obsidian.
  • Vegetation gathered within Tuireann
  • Bottled black goo from within Tuireann
  • Key to the Otherside Portal
  • A fae Lady trapped inside a custom crafted suit of armour.
  • A 3D printer that somehow restored Zosimos. To be put to public use once we understand how it works.


Artefact Equipment

Starmirror Rapier
Following the influx of souls, absorbing part of the power of the Constellation from which it was forged, and tasting the blood of a god, and finally consuming Jimmy Hoskins, the spark of divinity within Star Mirror has blossomed. Blue fire flows from the sword, forming the form of Jimmy Hoskins: He who devours himself.

When Jimmy is reduced to 0 hits his blue fire form is destroyed. After 30 seconds he will reform on full hits.

The soul of anyone dropped by Star Mirror will automatically enter the sword. The soul from someone recently deceased may also be added to the sword by dismembering their corpse. Only those with appropriate skills will be able to tell this. Further souls will not alter Star Mirrors abilities, but the details of who is in Star Mirror will affect the world within.

Star Mirror cannot be disarmed or in any way removed from Jimmy's person, although can be shattered. If Jimmy Hoskins reaches 0 hits while Star Mirror is shattered or if Star Mirror is shattered while Jimmy's blue fire form has been destroyed, then Jimmy Hoskins will die.

Star Mirror no longer appears to glow, rather reflecting the light of the blue-fire form of Jimmy Hoskins (can illuminate natural darkness but no-longer indicates north). As Jimmy's form appears to be made of soul-stuff he can fight normally against incorporeal entities, but may no longer share that ability with others.

For one encounter per an adventure, a soul from within the sword can be made to manifest, capable of fighting on behalf of the wielder. The apparition has 10 hits, takes only a single from any damage call, is immune to Disarm and Shatter, and may call single. The apparition takes other effects as normal.

[65 Souls held, including that of Jimmy himself, and his consensus doppelthingy, something from the constellation Acryn and possibly something from Aggi of the High Cliffs. Has temporarily been inhabited by the Traitor and a draconic force of hope]

The irony of FateKeeper's journey is known to only a few. Once built to ensure the eventual fate of Jimmy Hoskins and Star Mirror, now it keeps Jimmy's Fate hidden from the world.

The corpse of Jimmy Hoskins and FateKeeper are one and the same, just as Jimmy and Star Mirror. When Star Mirror is sheathed within Fate Keeper then Jimmy is sheathed within his own corpse. To most, he will appear as a normal human, although one who appears to be slightly pale. The careful examination of someone with Touch of Divinity will reveal that Jimmy is a god, but to normal observation he will not even appear to be a priest. The careful examination of a character with medical knowledge will reveal that he is dead, despite normal surgical techniques continuing to work. The careful examination of a character with Arcane Learnings will reveal he is undead, while a character with Loremaster will discover that he is alive and in a state of existence not explicable by most magical lore. While Star Mirror is sheathed Jimmy does not have access to the Personal Power Epic Tree, although continues to get all benefits from Star Mirror.

When Star Mirror is drawn from Fate Keeper it is always as keen as when it was first crafted. If Star Mirror is shattered, it can be placed within Fate Keeper and then redrawn 20 seconds later (for other purposes Star Mirror is unshattered after 5 seconds).

When Star Mirror is drawn from FateKeeper the body of Jimmy disappears like smoke, revealing his true form. Should Fate Keeper be lost, it will try to find its way back to its master, to any onlookers this will appear to be the shambling corpse of Jimmy Hoskins muttering “where are you master?” while moving in a straight line towards an unseen destination.

Once per an adventure, Fate Keeper can be commanded to defend its master. To all onlookers this will appear like the shambling corpse of Jimmy Hoskins is carrying out the orders of a blue-fire Jimmy Hoskins. In this form Fate Keeper has 20 hits and may call double with a single 36in weapon.

Interactions with Personal Power:
Personal travelling into the inner world of Star Mirror, manifesting a soul within Star Mirror for non-combat purposes, or restoring any of Star Mirrors lost abilities (e.g. sharing the ability to fight ghosts or finding north) is explicitly within the scope of a minor miracle

Physically taking multiple people into Star Mirror (and returning them), resurrecting someone slain or dismembered by Star Mirror (or physically eaten by Jimmy), or manifesting all souls within the sword at once is explicitly within the scope of a major miracle (Miracle).

Soul Alteration Potion After effects
Can walk on water unless someone mentions that he shouldn't be able to, at which point he immediately falls in. He can't understand why this should be.




Council Contractor: Hoskins Inc. provides legal services to Acryn based interests throughout the continent. Whilst James Hoskins is the head of the firm, he has persuaded many of the most cutthroat young lawyers from Bartholomew's Inn to join his organisation.

Effective Benefits:

  • 12R
  • Well Travelled
  • Connections: True Council, Guilds (Extended to cover the merchant interests of Margush)
  • Council Connections

Upmarket Criminal Organisation(Elite Academy): Jimmy has hired a mix of former Broken Wing soldiers and City Guardsmen to act as his bodyguards and enforce his business interests on the streets.

Effective Benefits:

  • Tactical knowledge
  • Connections: City Watch

Shadowy Network: Since assuming his seat on the True Council, Jimmy has taken over the operations previously run by Galindor the Grey.

Effective Benefits:

  • Underworld Contacts
  • 2x Off-screen gang interventions
  • 1x Information about goings-on in the City

Jimmy's House: (Costed as a Large Estate): A pleasant townhouse filled with the sort of ludicrous deathtraps and secret passages popular with the security conscious. It is extremely comfortable without looking particularly prestigious or ostentatious.

Effective Benefits:

  • Includes a well appointed office with state of the art swivel chair.
  • Extremely convenient for people to visit when they decide to speak to Jimmy in their debrief.

Shop: A modest storefront manned by a trustworthy employee through which Jimmy can launder money earned in his other enterprises..

Effective Benefits:

  • 18R
  • Sell up to 90R in goods

Arcane Library:

Effective Benefits:

  • Journeyman Knowledge: Dragons
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Minor Ritualist: Wounding


Effective Benefits:

  • Journeyman Knowledge: Cartography
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Clues\Hints\Information regarding Two Questions per Adventure

Flux Farm:

Effective Benefits:

  • 63R
  • +2 Hits
  • Improved relations with the East Empire Company's wayfinders

The Star Palace: (Costed as a Castle): A fabulous construction on the edge of the ocean, wrought of shimmering starmetal and silvered glass. Here Jimmy hosts grand Gatsby-esque soirees, not for the nobility but for the city's poor, selected weekly by lottery tickets distributed through the hospitals and havens of the churches. As the masked 'Master of Stars' he is able to walk amongst the people, hearing their troubles and identifying where a little investment or a word in the right ear could win him love and loyalty.

A Tavern - Smashed up by Pig, Jimmy decided it was easier to buy the owner out than faff around with paying the damages.

Large Mine - Extremely impressed by what he saw of their community Jimmy has made himself a major customer of the miners at ???, a village in the forest northwest of Caul.

  • 90R
  • Mana Crystal
  • Magic item components



  • Bartholomew's Inn (Connections)
  • The Circle of the Broken Wing (Connections)
  • True Council (Affiliation, Reputed, Backing)


  • City Watch (Elite Academy)
  • Underworld Contacts (Shadowy Network)
  • City Council (Council Contractor)
  • Merchants Guilds (Council Contractor)
  • True Council (Council Contractor)


  • City Council (Master of Trade, Council Member)
  • True Council (Seat on the True Council)
  • Merchant Guilds [Not Spicers] (Favour earned in Let them Eat Cake)
  • Spicers Guild (Master of Trade)
  • Engineers Guild (Master of Trade)
  • House Redan of Margush (Favour earned in The Path of Transformation)
  • Underworld Contacts Strossbourg (Earned in The Ripple Effect)
  • Church of the Blood of the Empire (Earned in the Left Hand Path)
  • East Empire Company (Earned in the Left Hand Path)
  • Church of the Warrior (Anointed Champion)
  • Church of the Tender (Massive acts of Charity)
  • Strossbourg Council (Master of Trade: Strossbourg)
  • University of Strossbourg (Master of Trade: Strossbourg)
  • Stroussbourg Jewellers Collective (Master of Trade: Strossbourg)

Hated by

  • House Cargan
  • House Graves


Creator of

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