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The Anvil On Which The Builder Shall Reforge The World


A creation of the Builder Church, Anvil (as they generally go by) believes themself to be destined for greatness - to reshape the world to the Builder's design (though they are somewhat vague as to what this entails), and fix what is broken (which, given the upheaval, is pretty much everything).

Anvil is massive (15' tall), and made of peices of crypts and mausoleums, with the occasional bit of bone or skull poking out.

That which is broken shall be fixed and made whole. That which is weak shall be tempered and made strong. That which is useless shall be reforged and made useful. That which cannot be made whole, cannot be made strong, and cannot be made useful shall be rendered into ash by the forge.


Class: Fighter

Background #1+2: Divine Favour (Builder)

Quirks: Inorganic, Unusually Big (all hits are armour hits, cannot wear armour, tough gives +3, cannot gain dodges or resists)


Level 1:

  • Relationship With The Church (Free, Builder)
  • Heavy Armour
  • Large Shield Use
  • Use Hammer
  • Miraculous Power - Rework (5s, RENEW 3)
  • Tough

Level 2:

  • Indoctrinated
  • Heavy Armour Training

Skills Wanted:

Level 1:

  • Burly

Level 2:

  • Battle Rage
  • Tough
  • Weapon Talent 1
  • Weapon Potency
  • Miraculous Power - Concussive Strike
  • Divine Aura


Hits: 0+17
Per Encounter Abilities:

  • Rework (5s, RENEW 3)

Per Adventure Abilities:

  • Determination x2


  • Standard Hammer
  • Standard Heavy Armour
  • Standard Large Shield
  • 3x Armour Oil
  • 1x Resist Fatigue (for “choose your own addiction” reasons)

Income: 9R
Current Money: 0R


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