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An Ecumenical Matter

Initial Brief

Posters are seen up and around Acryn, and those of importance are sent personal invitations to an open discussion held by the Council to get an understanding of the feeling of the people with regards to the new Churches appearing within the City Limits. Any and all are welcome.


Many and Varied, tag yourselves if you think it's important


During the Public Meeting

Once the debate was opened discussion on what should happen with the new churches in the city began. several people were pro all of the new gods while others strongly believed in the traditions of the city with the four founders being the only gods allowed to be worshipped. Opinions on the traitor church were also varied with several participants openly supporting them while others hated all it stood for. Throwing the debate about gods in a different direction was the Strossburg ambassador and his bodyguard with their beliefs that God's stole life from their followers.

Part way through the evening tragedy struck with the ambassadors perfected warrior bodyguard was assassinated by a fracturing mage from the people's college and promptly exploding.. Questioning revealed that she had no idea what she had just done and that she would not normally go around stabbing people. Through a wounding ritual performed by Francesco she was able to reveal that she had been approached by the Penitent Damned before she had the blank in her memory.

While the questioning was going on Jimmy Hoskins removed what was left of the perfected warrior's body and called his followers. He then performed a miracle to reincarnate her soul.

At the point where people had just about come to terms with what had happened, the Rampant showed up asking about his church and when he would get it. This quickly turned into a mess as Francesco instantly moved against him ready to rip his throat out with his bare hands and it was only his distraction by Toli’s mesmerising gaze that gave the Rampant time to leave as bees. This also left Toli and Francesco staring into each other's eyes for at least half an hour before anyone else at the meeting noticed or started to wonder about the clearly blossoming relationship between them.

The meeting drew to a close and the councillors took what they had learned about the opinions of the people of the city with them as they went on to debate the laws Acryn should place on worship in the city.

Before the Debate

Very soon after the debate, notable voices started to make their opinions heard on the situation. Jimmy Hoskins began lobbying for a complete ban on “dangerous” gods: using as examples the Valyddi gods, the Rampant, and the Traitor. His voice was quickly joined by those of Lady Rosemile and co’s printing press which spread news of the danger of the Traitor across the city.

The news quickly travelled: the Traitor Church is not to be trusted. Those who worship the Traitor are clearly a danger to the city and its people.

There are smaller voices who call out in favour of the Traitor Church: Armand Cargan and Senta Fernbach are heard in their small capacity calling for sympathy with the Traitor Church: apparently the Warrior having forgiven the Traitor. Their small voices, however, are silenced by the call to ban the Traitor.

With regards to other gods, Francesco Graves throws his voice in as one of the “young gods”. While his appearance is quite terrifying, it’s noted that he, like most of the young gods, is not a threat to Acryn.

In noble circles, Marlo Darrish’s voice is heard persuading opinion against foreign gods. For a time, this include the Rampant, but after a brief meeting with Olivia (in which she explains that the Rampant isn’t foreign), this quickly drops from his agenda.

With regards to the Rampant, Felicity Morning goes to visit him in his underground rave beneath Founders Square. She asks him why he wants a church and he answers, simply, “So we have somewhere even better to continue to party and do what we want!”. When asked as to what he would give in exchange for this, he alludes to a greater power and his eternal favour if she were to build him such a place. She consults with Olivia who agrees this is a great idea (as do those she consulted with on using this to build a trap for the Rampant - a LARP (possibly player request) to come of this)

With the Council Debate impending, Francesco and Jimmy Hoskins set about separate investigations into the Penitent Damned and the murder that occurred during the Public Debate. Francesco’s investigation into the mind control effect used on the assassin informs him that once again this is none other than the Puppet Master’s knife at work. Hoskins, however, confirms from his sources that nobody public in Serradis has been employing the Penitent Damned against Acryn. The plot thickens and investigators turn their eyes to working out exactly what happened here… (Linear LARP to follow this up)

In weeks leading up to the Council Debate, more occurs to swing the opinion of the city against the Traitor Church. A young Traitor Priest from Penelope’s church was reported by the Tender Church causing a deliberate nuisance, and it’s with that in mind after the disastrous party of Arlean Terrec that the Council head into their building to debate a resolution.

What happened in Council Debate

The Council Debate arrives, but notably none of the Cargans seem able to make it: nor can any council members who are known to be sympathetic to the Traitor. Mayor Hoskins admits it a shame that they could not be there to discuss matters but nevertheless pushes that a decision must soon be made.

Points are made from all sides of the argument. Evidence is drawn from the conclusions of the public debate and immediate aftermath, and Hoskins draws on the public outcry against dangerous gods and the Traitor that something must be done. Points are considered that not all foreign gods are necessarily bad, but also there are homegrown Acryn gods who are, and eventually a proposal is made that public proselytising of all “dangerous” gods (including all Valyddi Gods, the Rampant and the Traitor) be illegal: including the ownership or construction of a Church in the name of any of these.

The vote passes.

The meeting closes, and all seems well, but at the next council meeting, when everyone is present, Kieran Salic stands to raise a point: that the people’s candidate, Jimmy Hoskins, quite clearly arranged this meeting on a day when he knew his opponents would be unable to speak. That Jimmy Hoskins, the man who stood on the middle ground for all, has finally declared a side and used his Mayoral powers to swing the vote. That Jimmy Hoskins ignored the dissenting voices and decided his own will should stand. He therefore calls for a vote to be had as to whether Jimmy should remain Mayor.

The vote is cast, and is clear: Jimmy Hoskins has lost support of the Council and is ousted. The general feeling appears that while the Councilmembers who wanted the Traitor Church banned got what they wanted this time, it might not go their way next time. Clearly Hoskins thinks he’s “in charge”, rather than a neutral mediator.

As an immediate result, there is no Mayor, but the Council quickly comes around to vote in Kieran Salic: whose calling out of Hoskins on a matter which he had previously spoken publicly in agreement on clearly shows he is the right person to maintain this neutral ground.

In the Aftermath

Once the council announces its decisions the city watch begins to prepare for the raid to ensure the traitor church is closed for good. two days after the announcement of the new laws the watch raid the traitor church to find it deserted. the building is seized for the council and reappropriated as a civil service building…

Soon after on the urging of Marlo Darrish that the high priest of the inquisitor is found and tried for spying. the watch find her in the room she rented at a local inn in great pain and begging for death. given her position as the head of a now illegal church they grant her wish and execute her for the good of the city.

The watch also move to clean up founders square arresting anyone talking about forbidden gods for disturbing the peace. some arguments break out among the watch over who should be arrested when cults where the status as evil is not so clearly defined such as over a particularly forceful Tyrant King worshipper and a determined Mare of Night follower who was ranting about stolen babies are present.


Penelope Cargan and Francesco Graves
Following the raiding of her Church, Penelope Cargan is rumoured to have holed herself up in her rooms in the Cargan estate. Her mood, however, was clearly not down enough to reject a dinner proposal from Francesco Graves. Indeed, while rumours were spiralling around about the obvious affair of Penelope and Armand, the Traitor Priestess’s eyes were apparently caught by another. Word is that after a particularly splendid dinner thrown by Francesco, the two have begun courting (the rumours about Armand ceasing shortly after this revelation). This has assisted cementing of a newfound relationship between the Graves and Cargan houses, with trade between vineyards of the families starting up and rumours of trading magical secrets surfacing.

A few days after Penelope and Francesco’s courting became public, though, people have been heard remarking about how the Graves have a god and all the Cargans have are a bunch of easily led priests: case in point being Penelope and Francesco’s courtship.

Armand Cargan
Keen not to be forgotten, and perhaps as reaction to the rumours going round about his personal life (though some would argue as a reaction to his One True Love courting another), Armand Cargan has declared his entry to the political stage.

Brother Miller
Word around Founders Square, during the ousting of all the forbidden cults, is that Brother Miller was spotted laying into a Priest of Cyrus the Gambler, shouting about how it isn’t nice to make bets about other people’s romantic affairs. Nobody really felt the need to intervene: whether it was the terrifying image of Brother Miller’s anger, or whether it was just that nobody really like the Gambling Priests is harder to say.

Rumour has it the Bartholomew must have really annoyed someone as he receives a large bag of steaming tyrant lizard dung in a bag labelled Fertilizer.

Jimmy Hoskins
Hoskins also visits the Strossbourgian Ambassador and uses his Star Mirror to bring back the soul of his bodyguard temporarily. They have a tearful, heartfelt reunion before she agrees to be reincarnated by Jimmy and they say a full farewell. The Ambassador is somewhat shaken and spooked by the divine effect present, but is more happy that he got to say a proper goodbye.

Xavier Sarmandastra
Following advice given to him during the Public Debate, Xavier Sarmandastra decides to pay a visit to his local Tender Church. He says some nice Tender Priest by the name of Marlo mentioned he should be “sectioned” and after a short meeting with Xavier, some priests of the Tender decide to do exactly that. It’s not very long lived, though, as Xavier is shortly broken out of his care by followers of the Rampant who decided Xavier was being both “boring” and “not doing what he wanted to do” by being locked up.

Senta Fernbach
Senta is heard talking kindly about the Traitor Church prior to it being declared illegal. Making ties, and improving relations with followers of the Public Traitor Church. Following its banning, however, Senta is talked to about it by her superiors and told it better not to be seen talking to those who are now forbidden.

Verro of the Sleeping Hills
As part of the Council’s announcement, there are a number of requests for clarification about whether or not different religions are banned. There is a bit of contraversy, but Verro of the Sleeping Hills has it confirmed to him that neither the Mare of Night nor Stallion of Day are banned. Relieved, he goes to find out what the Mare of Night want at the Tender Church where they are protesting allegedly. He finds out that they want babies. He decides to leave this be.

Verro is offered a place at the College by Jimmy Hoskins. He gladly accepts. (OOC: So long as the relevant XP is spent!)

Toli heads to a place where the rampant is holding a party to see what he thought about the result of the debate, especially the double mesmerise effect. He also mentions that Francesco appears to have some way of actually hurting him. The Rampant thanks him and gives him a drink. The next thing he remembers is waking up on the floor with a raging headache. It must have been an awesome night.

Faction Standings

  • Traitor Church: Publicly banned and dissolved. Underground as fine as ever.
  • Warrior Church: Opinions seem to be changing as some churches preached more tolerance and then follow the laws of the city.
  • Tender Church: Same old (fairly pleased)
  • Leader Church: Same old
  • Rampant Cult: Doesn’t care
  • Small Valyddi Cults: All being shut down. Those who take a stand being arrested.
  • Other Small Foreign Cults: Generally fine, occasional trouble with the Watch
  • House Darrish: Have its position made against foreign gods. Not against homebrewed ones.
  • House Graves: Showing unity with House Cargan, good trade links established
  • House Cargan: Annoyed at being sidelined in debates, uniting with House Graves
  • Kieran Salic: Feels smug
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