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the path of transformation

Initial Brief

Word spreads around the city that Avernus Telvan a recent immigrant from Margush and a somewhat noted alchemist is looking for capable discrete individuals to collect rare reagents needed in his research.



Upon meeting with Telvan the party learn that he needs some help with his latest research but before telling them what it is he needs one final item for his research. For this he sends them to the tomb of a noted alchemist now long dead called Zosimos who was reported buried with his greatest treatise. Despite the lengthy research that Telvan has done on the tomb and the 47 trials contained within it appears the local villagers in the bluepeak mountains just know the tomb as having belonged to an alchemist who's idea of traps was some what too deadly for their tastes. Having fought their way through several waves of flux Homoculi the party arrive in a room which their hired wayfinder Gerald is surprised to tell them is consensus rather than flux. Across the room is an arch filled with black flame with an inscription above, “Three paths embody the art of Alchemy those of Dissolution, Transformation and Purification. Only the pure may proceed further.”, In the center of the room are three pedestals upon which rest bowls full of potion. Fortunately Jimmy's alchemical knowledge quickly gets them past this trial and having drunk the potion of purification they step through the flames. To their surprise however they find themselves in a mountain valley of some kind with a clear stream flowing through the middle peach trees in blossom.

After finding a library at the head of the valley and fighting their way inside the party find Zosimos who whilst an old man appears far from dead. After a brief talk he agrees to lend the party the book they need on the understanding that they bring it back along with full notes of the experiments Telvan is performing. After a brief attack by another crazy knowledge seeker the party quickly leave and return with the book to Telvan.

With the return of the book Telvan tells the party that what he is attempting to make is a potion to turn an ordinary person into a wayfinder a process with obvious uses in the post upheaval world. He tells them that in order to make it he still needs three more items. The first is some water from the wellspring a somewhat mythical water source said to be the purest in the world. This spring is according to old documents at the top of the watchers mountain. The second is the bowl of the hermit an anomaly of some power whose single possession his bowl is said to change what is within it into whatever the eater wants to eat. The third is a ruby called the dragonstone originally from Junnes but now in the possession of a Merchant from margush called Julios Redan.

The party first head to the mountain now conveniently located just outside Acryn and start to climb towards the top. After passing several trials the party come to a tranquil spring near the peak of the mountain. The water is perfectly clear and still sinking to a great depth. Samuel to his surprise finds he can drink it without pain whilst and the party stay for the night.

During the night Jimmy forges his rapier. He takes the previously purified starmetal and using the pure water from the wellspring forges it under the clear star filled sky which is reflecting in the still pool.

As the party attempt to leave with the water they are accosted by mist which attempts to prevent them leaving with any of the water without the permission of someone called Safiya but they fight their way through.

The party next head to retrieve the Hermits bowl. After a long arduous journey through the flux they eventually find the Hermit who appears to be having lunch with several other anomalies. Fortunately as the hermit shuns worldly possessions the Hermit is happy to trade his bowl for a simple one brought from a vendor in Acryn. As the party head back towards Acryn however they are waylaid by a party wearing the livery of what Jimmy recognizes as House Redan. After they are swiftly beaten it emerges that Julio who was Telvan's investor in Margush before he fled has kidnapped Telvan and all of his research.

Upon getting back to Acryn Jimmy quickly uses his contacts to track down Julio to a warehouse in the warehouse district. After posing as Agents of the Redan Matriarch in order to find out Telvan's location the party attack and are able to free him and negotiate very favorable terms from Julio from whom they get the ruby.

With everything gathered and Telvan freed he then proceeds with Jimmy to make his potion. After several weeks of effort they have managed to make three batches. Telvan eagerly steps up and tries it first. At first it seems to be working very well as the warehouse around them transforms into a manor house as Telvan gestures. Then however he starts to scream and the shadows around them seem to become solid and attack Telvan and the party in a continual wave. This only ends when Telvan falls to the floor unconscious as the party swiftly pick him up and flee.


In the aftermath of the experiment the consensus around the warehouse is left permanently changed. Although it does not approach the levels reached during the initial event. Dark tales begin to spread through the city of the shadows eating people in the area and soon the entire street is abandoned. The wayfinders guild buys the Warehouse now manor at the epicenter off Julio via Jimmy and their are rumors of a planned expedition inside to attempt to fix things.

The party take Telvan to Zosimos and when he waked up most of the effects seem to have worn off although he still suffers from terrible nightmares and occasionally small things change around him in odd ways. He is left in the valley with the Hermits bowl and the dragonstone to continue his research and try to find a way to eliminate the negative effects from the potion.

Snackies and Wibble


  • 190 Riel (40 from Telvan and 150 from flipping manor house)
  • 1 dose of the Artifact Potion
  • Starmirror Rapier (Effects to be decided by Larpo's)
  • Has expanded his merchant contacts to include House Redan in Margush allowing him to leverage them more effectively in that area.
  • Has become Telvan's official distributor should his research ever bear fruit.
  • Has gained access to the epic tree The Path of Transformation


  • 120 Riel
  • 1 dose of the Artifact potion
  • Has enough purified water from the wellspring to allow him to offset the water sprites curse for the next two adventures he goes on.
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