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Samuel of the Warrior, Tyrant of Lyarus


Orphan raised within the church of the warrior who became increasingly convinced over his adventuring career that he did not stand up to the warrior's ideals, fighting mostly because he enjoyed it rather than truly for the righteousness of his cause. Joining a group of heretical leader followers on their pilgrimage to the Leader's tomb he met the leader himself. Spurred on by the previous questionable actions of the heretics and their violent rejection of the leader he became convinced that he could find a cause, as the warrior had before him, in the service of the Leader for Acryn.

When later in a dark and terrible ritual he had failed to prevent the Leader was physically summoned into the body of a small girl he remembered the oath he had taken before a dark and sinister voice whispering in his ear, “do whatever it takes for the good of Acryn”, and marched at the Leader's right hand into the council chamber, using experimental alchemy to reshape the palace to the Leader's command. Following the city's uprising against the Leader incarnate, where he marshalled the city's forces to attempt to minimise bloodshed, he left the city at the Leader's right hand and was gone for some time. When he finally returned he joined a mission to ferment rebellion in Liarus against the Serradic invaders, praying to the leader for guidance he learned that he must lead the rebellion to boiling point so that it may be crushed and a lesson learned. Warning the Serradic forces of the immanent uprising he aids the creation of an alchemical brew to force the citizens of Liarus to rise up and as it goes into place takes his place as military governer of Liarus leading the Serradic soldiers to hold against the woefully underprepared rebellion until the point that the majority of the population flee Liarus.


Class:Warrior Priest

Background #1:Medium Armour

Background #2:Use Weapon: Spear

Epic Tree: Colossus of Battle


  • Use Weapon: Spear
  • Use Medium Armour
  • Divine Favour 1-Warrior's Cunning (HEAL 4 - 10s)
  • Warrior Miracle: Mighty Blow (10s +1 Damage - 10s)
  • Congregation (Upgraded to Large Church)
  • Strike True (Gain Weapon Talent 1 call next two strikes - 20s)
  • Spear Talent 1
  • Spear Potency
  • Medium Armour Repair
  • Spear Finesse
  • Tough
  • Tough 2
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Divine Favour: Unbowed Unbroken (Become immune to 1 special call - 10s)
  • Blessed Regeneration
  • Colossus of Battle: Don't know when to stay down (Single combat Determination)
  • Warrior Miracle: Never Unarmed (Summon weapon - 10s)
  • Warrior Miracle: Brute Strength (30s Strengthen (immune weaken) - 5s)
  • Church Backing
  • Church Armouries
  • Divine Favour: Blazing Blade (Through - 20s)
  • Colossus of Battle: Demonstration of Superiority (5 disarms for showing off on a target)
  • Spear Talent 2
  • Divine Majesty
  • Warrior Miracle: Reaping Swing (Make melee call as ranged - 10s)
  • Warrior Miracle: Titan of Battle (Immune all combat calls - 20s)
  • Tough 3
  • Holy Fervour
  • Colossus of Battle: For What Do We Fight (+3 Hits, 2 REND, +1 Talent 1 call per verbally supportive ally - 2/adventure)
  • Divine Favour Leader: Drop your weapon (Disarm - 20s)
  • Divine Aura: Leader
  • Divine Favour Leader: Inspire Might (Strengthen other - 10s)
  • Holy Destroyer (+1 damage against a target forever - 1/adventure)
  • Shrug off Trickery (1 resist ranged call/encounter)
  • Holy Challenge

Metaphysical Deformaties

  • All water removed from his body: unable to drink, looks like a desert mummy
  • Believes himself unstoppable whilst carrying out the Leader's will, once per adventure obstacles he could otherwise have overcome agree with this and bend trivially to his will
  • Specially Favoured of the Leader
  • Right Hand of the Leader
  • Requested dreams of the Leader's will
  • Champion of the Fairie Queen: Permanently Strengthened (immune weaken) in the Flux, may be called upon to defend this title against challengers. This title will pass to any that beat him in single combat


  • Mastercrafted Spear
  • Mastercrafted Medium Armour (belonging to church of the warrior)
  • Mastercrafted Large Shield (belonging to church of the warrior)
  • Mastercrafted Buckler (belonging to church of the warrior)
  • Superior Axe (belonging to church of the warrior)
  • Superior Spear (belonging to church of the warrior)
  • Many Revenant potions


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