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Ripple Effect

Initial Brief

Recently Professor Sabbadin, a curator of antiquities, passed away. Two days later, his house was broken into and an artefact stolen. Over the following couple of nights, a series of robberies from museums, antiques shops and private collections were reported. The Watch are moving slowly and aren't sure the perpertrators are the same but the late Professor's granddaughter is convinced that there is a connection and, to this end, she has put out an ad for experienced private investigators to uncover the truth behind these crimes. She is offering a modest payment of fifty riel each.



As soon as the party report the events inside the Dragon Gate to the Strossborg authorities, gate travel is suspended until an expedition can be mounted to find out what has gone wrong. A couple of hours later, the expedition reports back that while their instruments are detecting slight discrepancies, gate travel appears to remain safe. However, from the party’s account, it can be surmised that Carlaeon now has a way into the Dragon Gate. The consequences of this will only be told by time.

While in Strossborg, Jimmy sees that Nils Famatt is settled in and gains Contacts: Strossborg Underworld. The party see that the ship is repaired before returning to Acryn.

On the subject of the dark ritual Francesco may or may not have performed in the giant heart of the kraken, Francesco is advised by his legal team not to comment. Jimmy reports the matter to the Council with some diplomatic insinuations that it was all Francesco’s fault. Meanwhile, Henry begins referring to Francesco as “The Herald of Carlaeon”, a name that Francesco uses his minions to change to “The Herald of Darkness” before going out and kicking a puppy.

Over the following weeks, the Margushians are all convicted of breaking and entry, theft and possession of stolen goods. A couple of days later, all are found dead in prison. In the slums, ten more are found dead; to those in the know, all are the spouses of a group of bandits foolhardy enough to attack Councillor Hoskins. Their children are sent to orphanages.

Henry and Jimmy meet up and Jimmy is able to extract the influence of the Lamp Lighter from Henry, removing the geas.


Everyone is paid a total of 100R each. Jimmy makes an additional 15R profit on one of the artefacts.

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