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Mar "Anders" Andreya


Typically known by the nickname “Anders”, Mar is a Caulish devotee of the Lord of the Rock. Originally part of a rough but devout group of rogues, she was one of the two surviving members who reached Blackstone Temple with the party during the events of Testament. For restoring the temple and aiding with the return of its looted adornments, she earned the blessings of her god. Returned from that Lost Place, she is currently staying in Acryn on a pilgrimage to spread the word of the Lord of the Rock.

She has something of a sense of honour, and tries to remain considerate of others. However, she firmly believes that the Lord of the Rock's favour was earned through sticking her mission out and getting the job done, and so she attempts to be reliable and competent, and above all to complete her missions and do her god's work whatever that may require.

During the events of Memento te Ipsum, in response to the threat of the First Plague, whilst in Clay golem form she worked a block of marble from the Primals' birthplace into herself, changing it and her nature to something new, a Clay golem forged by her own efforts and not of the Primals.


Age 29 Birthday 27 November Gender Female/Rock
Likes The Lord of the Rock, getting the job done
Dislikes Failure, not knowing what to do
Dream To never stop working as long as there is a job that needs to be done
Quote “Looks like there's work to be done. Let's rock!”


Class: Fighter [F]

Path: Holy Crusader [H]

Background #1-2: Divinely Favoured (Lord of the Rock) [D]

Background #3: Craft [C]

Epic Tree: Lone Defender Before the Tempest [L]


  • F1 - Use Weapon: Hammer
  • F1 - Burly [+1 Body]
  • F1 - Medium Armour Use
  • F1 - Medium Shield Use
  • H1 - Relationship with the Church (Free)
  • D1 - Miraculous Power: Man Reformed (Obsidian)
  • F2 - Strength of Arms [DOUBLE]
  • F2 - Medium Armour Training [+2 Armour]
  • D2 - Divine Aura 1
  • F2 - Weapon Talent 1: Hammer [+2 STRIKEDOWN, +1 SHATTER/adventure]
  • F2 - Battle Rage
  • F3 - Mighty [2x STRENGTHEN on self/adventure]
  • F1 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • F3 - Improved Determination [+2 Determination/adventure]
  • D3 - Greater Miraculous Power: Man Reformed (Clay)
  • H2 - Indoctrinated [IMMUNE to FEAR (stand ground)]
  • H3 - Blessed Weapon
  • F3 - Weapon Talent 2: Hammer [+1 SHATTER]
  • D2 - Miraculous Power: Artisan
  • H4 - Blessed Warrior: Golem Creation (Granite)
  • F4 - Bloodstained Hero [2x PARTY HEAL 4 on dropping a foe/adventure]
  • F2 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • F2 - Weapon Finesse: Hammer [+1 DODGE]
  • F3 - One With Your Weapon [IMMUNE to DISARM on weapon]
  • F2 - Shield Swiftness [+1 DODGE]
  • F5 - Beyond Mortal Strength [Default STRENGTHENED]
  • H5 - Holy Crusader
  • F3 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • F4 - High Pain Threshold [Halved REND duration]
  • L3 - Defence of the Fallen [+2 Determination/adventure for defending fallen ally]
  • F4 - Absurdly Tough [+3 Body]
  • F5 - Iron Body [IMMUNE to WEAKEN]
  • L3 - Cutting a Swath [1 arced MASS version of a call/adventure]
  • F3 - Background Slot #3
  • C1 - Crafter 1
  • C2 - Crafter 2
  • F4 - Disarm Blow
  • F5 - Reflect Blow
  • L4 - Shield Bash
  • F4 - Weapon Supremacy: Hammer [+2 STRIKEDOWN, +1 SHATTER/adventure]


XP: 1

Money and Equipment

  • 277 Riel
  • (54 Riel/adventure talisman energy pool)
  • 8x Mana Crystal
  • 1x Obsidian Shard: Column of Destruction
  • 2x Obsidian Shard: Nightsight
  • 3x Obsidian Shard: Armour Balm
  • 2x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 2x Plug the Flow of Life (HEAL 0)
  • 1x Standard Hammer
  • 1x Superior Medium Sheild
  • 1x Standard Medium Shield
  • 1x Superior Medium Armour
  • 1x Standard Medium Armour
  • 1x Tent (basic)
  • 1x 10m length of rope


  • Large Mine (+90 Riel/adventure, +1 Mana Crystal/adventure, Unusual materials)


  • A snowflake pattern on the left shoulder in Obsidian golem form - REND calls which land on the left arm have double duration in that form
  • The mark of the Seneschal of Atium on the forehead (stylised knot) - allows exit from the City of Atium with the expectation of defending the City if relevant
  • The inability to inform others of the existence of Atium or where it is
  • The ill-will of Green Thomas (a flux anomaly)
  • Slightly stone-grey whites of eyes from spending a lot of time around the Primal marble block - one DODGE per encounter to be used whilst expressly trying to solve other peoples' problems
  • Sympathetic wound with the Warrior - a few moments of burning pain when shifting between golem forms
  • A metaphysical connection with the Warrior due to said wound
  • Now by default a Clay golem, thanks to the Moulded by Your Own Hand quirk
  • Lacking Primal blood - not affected by alchemy, cannot be addicted to it, but can achieve alchemy-like effects with blessed shards of obsidian (can only use on self)
  • Refused the Cup - In Dragon-Flux may encounter a creature of Triskelion aiming to kill, maximum hits reduced by 2 for the adventure on using a Dragon Gate
  • Emotional connection to the Lord of the Rock has been broken, now he's just some guy who provides power

Additional Notes

  • The encounter that acts as if under the gaze of the Lord of the Rock as provided by the Holy Crusader skill allows all adventure-limited Divine Favour abilities to be used again within that encounter; i.e. 3 golem transformations and one extra use of golem creation for that encounter.
  • Beyond Mortal Strength, Iron Body and the WEAKEN/IMMUNE to STRENGTHEN from the Clay golem stats cancel out; i.e. by default neither STRENGTHENed nor WEAKENed and may be affected by either as normal. Shifting to a different form or baking in the fires of productivity as per Moulded by Your Own Hand results in being STRENGTHENed and IMMUNE to WEAKEN, unless having been WEAKENed before.


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