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Sons of Valor

Initial Brief

A mysterious figure dressed in the livery of House Salic, referring to themself only as “The Raven”, has appeared outside the city gates of Acryn to challenge the city to a match of the old martial sport of gladitorial combat: six champions of Acryn against their six champions in a competion of honour. Winthrop Graves, a minor member of the city council, has put a call out for a party of adventurers to track down the Sons of Valor, a legendary gladitorial team that went their separate ways ten years ago, and to reunite them in time for the duel.


Samuel Skye - Iain
Richard Silver - Harry
New character - Dan
Mar "Anders" Andreya - Chaos


Things start out fairly straight forwardly. The party track down the teams old coach Peter “the Rhino” Peterson in the Anvil, a drinking establishment for old fighters. He tells them how to track down the Sons of Valor, who consist of:

  • Hugo “the Hawk”, who has become a drunken wastrel after taking an injury to one of his eyes against the Caulish team ten years ago.
  • Hank “Lightning”, who now runs a team for deprived youngsters in the slums.
  • Mickey “Arrow”, who now lives a monastic lifestyle as a devotee of the Tender in the hills outside Acryn.
  • Jake “Ace”, who set up a farm with his childhood sweetheart outside Acryn and hasn't been heard from since the Upheavel.
  • Sam “the Shadow”, who now works for a gangster who goes by the moniker Big Sister.
  • “Rebel”, who will find them when the time is right.

The party choose to go first for Hank, who they discover harbours guilt from being involved in match fixing ten years ago and blames himself for Hugo's injury. They persuade him that the match will be a chance to redeem himself. Later they are met by a man with a Caulish accent who warns them that there will be those who will try to stop them reuniting the Sons. He reveals himself to be Scar, leader of the Caulish team, who having been recruited by the Raven wishes for there to be a fair fight this time.

The party track down a Tender priestess by the name of Sister Patience, who they are told has a sacred feather that might be able to heal Hugo's eye. Sister Patience is all to happy to hand over the feather to help the Sons of Valor. Next they track down Hugo who is being hounded by debt collectors. Richard agrees to give up one of his own eyes in exchange for waiving the debt (which will apparently be returned if he can pay off the 150 Riel). They drop Hugo off at the Temple of the Tender to be sobered up.

The party are attacked by a group sent by one of the old Caulish team, a man named “the Butcher”, who has be recruited to the Raven's team. The hirelings have apparently been sent to stop the party from putting the Sons of Valor back together. Richard swears that if they attack them he will kill them. Staying true to his word he hacks the head off one of the assailants who has been cut down, much to the dismay of the rest of the party who have been trying to avoid killing anyone.

Next they go after Sam, which is where it all starts to go horribly wrong. Sam seems to be amenable to fighting if they can also get Mickey on board but Big Sister is reluctant to let him go. Samuel Skye, not wanting a fight, agrees with Big Sister that Sam will be allowed to join the fight in exchange for him smuggling several packages of drugs internally in to a prison to a man by the name of Bertram. Samuel instead put the packages in his bag. This might have not gone so badly if it weren't for Richard Silver, who despises crime, informing the prison staff of the scheme. Whilst Richard and Anders go to talk to Hugo and to give him the feather. Samuel attempts to sneak in to the prison but is caught by the guards, who have been alerted to his plans. He hands over his equipment, handing the bag lastly to Bertram. Unfortunately the guard captain orders Bertram to empty the bag, revealing the drugs. Samuel declares that he has delivered the drugs to the correct person, inadvertently implicating Bertram. Bertram flees out the front door, whilst Samuel flees through a window to reunite with the rest of the party and inform them of his failure. Whilst Samuel goes to hand himself over to the watch the party return to Big Sister. A fight breaks out and the party take Big Sister, Sam and Big Sister's gang prisoner. The gang is handed over to the Watch, whilst they persuade Sam to fight with the Sons of Valor in exchange for not informing the Watch of his crimes. Samuel is bailed out of jail by Winthrop Graves. As they reunite at the Watch House an argument breaks out between the party. Richard is angry at Samuel for the drug smuggling and the rest of the party are angry at Richard for the man he killed. This ends with Richard confessing to the Watch to having killed a man, although he pleads self defense and is bailed out by his contacts in the Circle of the Broken Wing.

The party head off to the hills next and recruit Mickey by promising he will be able to help his old team mates. He seems particularly interested in Sam's current state. Next they find Jake, who seems to have developed latent wayfinding abilities and whose family have been kidnapped by flux gladiators. The party rescue Jake's family and persuade him to sign up by offering him a place in the city, which might be safer than the farm, and suggest there are those might be able to help him in Acryn.

On return to the city the party reunite with Withrop Graves and inform him of their success. Winthrop on being recognised by Jake and Mickey reveals himself to have been Rebel all along.

The party assemble the Sons of Valor for the match and watch as first the Raven seems to have the upper hand and them the tides begin to turn in favour of the Sons of Valor. Just as Acryn's team is about to win the match the Raven proclaims that whilst they have won the match they will now loose they lives. As the Raven collapses, rather like a marionette whose strings have been cut, a number of the members of the crowd throw back they cloaks to reveal Salic livery. A fight ensues between the party and the Royalists, in which the party are victorious. Richard sticks his sword in the crowd next to the last fallen Royalist.


The party receive 60 Riel each, with the exception of Samuel.

Richard makes sure that the involvement of the Circle of the Broken Wing in doing a great service for Acryn is known. He talks to Hugo who promises to buy him a drink and that he will pay him the 150 Riel is good time but for now the money has not manifested. Until he can find some way of restoring his lost eye Richard is -1 dodge for the first combat encounter of any LARP he goes on (and has the normal number of dodges for the rest of the LARP as he adjusts), however on the plus side he now has access to the Gladitorial Combat Epic tree.

Anders admonishes the Butcher for his dishonour. She also tracks down Bertram's family who had been held hostage by Big Sister, which is easily done now Big Sister is in the hands of the Watch.

Samuel Skye acquires a lawyer from Bartolomew's Inn on retainer- one Lucius Smythe-Beechley. Although no charges are upheld against him he is now rumoured to be a drug smuggler.

Epic Tree: Gladitorial Combat

You are talented at looking good in a fight.

Level 2: Showboating

You look particularly impressive in a fight. If you have just been seen to fight a one on one duel then you may act as if you have the Diplomacy skill and use this to get to speak to the most important person in the encounter.

Level 3: Trick Shot

You have a clever move that is capable of taking your adverseries by surprise and throwing them off their feet. Gain 3 additional strikedown calls per adventure.

Level 5: For the Team Once per adventure if one of your team mates falls unconcious from reaching zero hits you may call upon your reserves to fight on for the team. You can make use of 1 determination in addition to any other uses you get from your class feature/ additional skills.

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