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All in the Blood

Initial Brief

Paige, a paper golem associated with the People's College, is trying to find people willing to help her fix Triskelion's attack against humanity. She is specifically seeking Unification and Fracturing mages, as well as anyone with ideas about extracting part of the Splintered Man. She is also looking for a Wayfinder and fighters capable of dealing with particularly tough combatants.

As far as anyone can work out, she is not being supported by any of the organisations in the city who are also working on this problem and is not able to offer compensation for the mission.



Having got a list of three entities which are still related to Triskelion and a powerful cup, the party head to each in turn. First to the Peak of the World, where they successfully convince the Fire Spirit there to give up its connection to Triskelion, it agrees but conducts a Traitor Miracle while doing it. The other fire spirits on the mountain are not happy with the loss of their 'father'. Next they visit the deep ocean where they attempt to convince an Ocean spirit to give up their connection to Triskelion, they agree, but will only do it once the party are ready to complete the ritual to minimise how long the people under its protection are at risk. Next they head to Tovis and convince a sacred order to hand over their most sacred relic. Finally they head into the realm of the The Splintered Man, tracking down his connection to Triskelion and cutting it out. Finally the party head into Triskelion itself, with the party defending a ritual to empower the cup with the blood of Triskelion, such that anyone who drinks from it becomes a child of Triskelion. The ritual is successful, although both Karlos and Lucian give their lives to ensure it succeeds.

The PCs manage to create a way back to Acryn by temporarily unifying a section of Acryn with Triskelion, using Armand's Guild Councillor Seal. Unfortunately, this merges part of Triskelion with the Council Treasury Vault in which the artefact powering the Councillor Seals is stored. It is unclear exactly how much of the Treasury has been lost, but no Councillor's seals are working and the Council is struggling to fund many of its projects. Its difficult to say whether fury at Armand's involvement in this loss is balanced by the joy at the recovery of an artefact which offers a solution to the Triskelion issue, but there are certainly a few who are holding a grudge.

In fairly short order arrangements are made for the citizens of Acryn to drink from the cup. This mostly goes smoothly, although there are 2 mysterious deaths among people who drank from the cup which raises some concerns about how safe the cup actually is. Once 90% of the city has drunk from the cup, the constant stream of beasts pouring out of the Dragon Gate final ends, giving the defenders some desperately needed rest.

The Peak of the World rumbles ominously and a dark cloud begins to form over it.

A few weeks later, a stranded Strossbourgian Pathfinder by the name Hewett Strang arrives in Acryn, saved from the Ocean by a passing merchant vessel.

A few months later there is a noticeable uptick in the number of parents that believe their newborn baby is in some way gifted, of course there is no way that can be related to anything cup related.


Everybody in Acryn

May choose to drink from the cup. Given that most people will choose to do this, we will be reverting the system changes that represented the loss of Triskelion's parentage. People who choose not to drink from the cup will pick up the refused_the_cup quirk, which will represent the much more specific hatred Triskelion feels for you, now that the hatred is not being shared between all of humanity. There are reasons people may not have drunk from the cup: those who have the Wanted quirk will struggle to get access to it without some sort of disguise/trickery/help, others of a dodgier persuasion can have noticed that all of the spontaneous deaths have been among people like them, and some people may just distrust the cup on principle.

People who have drunk from the cup and who are in someway working against the best interests of Acryn will pick up the cursed_by_the_cup quirk. If you are unsure whether you count then check with the larpo. If you think the quirk sounds fun but don't think it applies to you, take it anyway (clearly the Traitor knows something about you that you don't).

Anyone who drinks from the cup and has the Lacking Primal blood quirk immediately loses it.

  • Armand: You will not have access to your council connections on the next adventure you go out on. This represents a proportion of the Council and Council staff who are bitter about the Treasury incident being sufficiently unhelpful and disruptive that you aren't able to get anything done through official channels.
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