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Lucian Graves

Player: Mike Chester


Son of William Graves - a wealthy merchant from one of the side shoots of the family. Being pushed into adventuring to “build character” and “see the world”, despite the fact that his character is clearly well built, and he can see all the interesting bits of the world from a caravan (or from the sumptuous dining rooms and parties which await when the caravan stops in a far off destination).


Class: Wayfinder
Background #1: Weaponry - Rapier
Background #2: Nobility/Merchant (all bought)
Extra Training #1: Knowledgeable (all bought)
Addictions Cleared

Divine Favours:

Epic Trees:


Level 1

  • Find the Path
  • Inertial Barrier
  • Lash Out
  • Use Weapon
  • Guild Membership
  • Wealth
  • Know the Flux’s Touch
  • Well Travelled
  • Miraculous Power - Arbitration

Level 2

  • Weapon Talent 1
  • Choose the Path
  • Repair the Form
  • Patch the cracks
  • Connections: House Graves + Spicers' Guild
  • Wealth
  • Journeyman Knowledge: Trade
  • Reputed
  • Estates and Operations
  • Flux Shaping: Items
  • Divine Aura

Level 3

  • Wealth
  • Repairing Inertial Barrier
  • Concussive Bolt
  • Backing
  • Shake Reality's Fetters
  • Congregation
  • Unmaking
  • Durable Inertial Barrier
  • Touch of Divinity
  • Journeyman Knowledge: Other Realities
  • Miraculous power: Overseer
  • Restore the Form
  • See the Cracks
  • Falling off the Face of the World

Level 4

  • Guild Councillor
  • Wealth
  • Connections: Nobility
  • Flux Masterwork
  • Fluxquake
  • Flux Summoning
  • Airblade Shaping
  • Whispers from the Cracks

Level 5

  • Wealth
  • Flux Resurrection
  • Miracle

Experience: 45/45 (not including GM XP from Night LARP 1 each)

Skills Wanted:


Level 2

Level 3

  • Falling off the Face of the World (Lost Spaces entering)

Level 4

  • Detablisation

Level 5

  • Permanent Stabilisation


Level 3

  • Shifting Sands
  • Heal The Flux Flesh
  • Restore the Form
  • Cutting a Swath (LDBTT)

Level 4

  • Resilient Inertial Barrier
  • Tear the Flux Flesh
  • Shield Bash (LDBTT)

Level 5

  • Restoring Inertial


Level 1 2)

  • Truth Revealed
  • Shadow of Secrets
  • Burning Gaze
  • Cloud the True Nature

Divine Auras (L2)

  • Radiant
  • Shadow

Level 2 3)

  • Solar Beam
  • Wave of Shadow


Body Hits: 5
Armour Hits: 4
Barrier Hits:6

Per Encounter

  • 2x Lash Out (BLIND 5 when hit)
  • 1x WEAKEN or SHATTER vs flux
  • 1x BLAST DOUBLE (10s of hand on ground)

Per Adventure

  • Flux Summoning
  • Shake Reality's Fetters (cannot be healed above 2 Body when outside Flux)
  • Minor Miracle
  • Miracle
  • 2x Falling off the Face of the World
    • you may place your hand into the lost places and sift what you find there, pulling out a relatively common item which was lost in the upheaval. In general this version of the skill is used to replace a lost standard weapon in an emergency, but can also be used in other ways at GM discretion (for example, sifting for books which were lost in the area), although anything too specific will require a journey into the lost places.
  • See the Cracks
    • you may spend 5 minutes of roleplaying to search for these cracks and can use them to find your way back to any connected section of Consensus by following them.
  • Whispers from the Cracks
    • you will be able to take 10 minutes to listen to the whisperings of the souls stuck in the Otherside. Listening to them carefully, you will be able to glean some information of importance that someone who has been observing the situation for a while longer than you might be aware of. What you overhear is at GM discretion.

Flux Wibble

  • Concussive Bolt (STRIKWDOWN, 15s)
  • Repair Inertial Barrier (1 hit, 5s)
  • Airblade Shaping (2 hands, REND, 15s)


  • Standard Rapier
  • Standard Dagger
  • Standard Light
  • Mastercrafted Light
    • At the start of each adventure, pick a standard call. You gain one RESIST to this call per encounter for the adventure, including its damage component.
  • Mastercrafted Rapier
    • Blessed Item of the Arcane Arbiter (unless bonus used on someone else's weapon) - once per an encounter you may call a QUINT REND, so long as the weapon has been used to execute someone in the previous encounter
  • 102R (After Builder LARP pay, before next adventure income or any other Builder LARP consequences)
  • 4 Revenent Potions
  • 6 Restoration of Flesh (HEAL 4) (Class C)
  • 1 Time Skip (AGILITY)
  • 0 Monstrous Aura (MASS FEAR)
  • 1 Soul Strength


  • 135+12+18+27=192R (Council Contractor + Trade Route)
  • 135+12+36+27=210R (Council Contractor + Large Church)
  • 135+18+36+27=216R (Trade Route + Large Church)


  • Council Contractor.
    • +12R/adventure
    • Contacts in major population centres.
    • Contacts wayfinders guild + house graves, council contacts
  • Large Trade Route.
    • +18R/adventure,
    • Travel to the Graves holdings in the Lost Places is easier.
    • Travel to Weftwell is easier.
    • 25% discount on revanent potions.
    • Access to purchase a 300R mastercrafted suit
  • Large Church.
    • +36R between adventures.
    • You have a good standing in your church and great sway over your congregation. You can call on them once per adventure to achieve reasonable off-screen tasks (searching for a piece of information, staging a protest or riot).
    • You have the resources to bless items, weapons, and armour as per the Holy Crusader “Blessed Weapon” skill (one per adventure). If you have the church backing skill it now extends to Superior Weapons.
    • You may hold a special extended ceremony to lay a permanent blessing upon an individual who fights for your church as a champion, this is a BIG DEAL, and is likely to end badly for you if your champion ever violates the strictures of the church or does something which the Church seniors disagree with. This is the same ceremony conducted on Level 4 Holy Crusaders, although the exact effects are likely to be different.


  • Wayfinders Guild (Council Contractor + Guild Councillor)
  • Council (Council Contractor)
  • House Graves (Council Contractor + Connections + Connections (nobility))
  • Noble Houses (Connections (nobility))
  • Spicer's Guild (Connections)
  • House FitzBlackthorn (Emblem of a Murder)
  • A favour from the Chairman of the Adventurer's Guild (Heart of the Total Eclipse)


Disarmed You have suffered horrific injuries which you have barely survived using a mix of magic, miracles, and the best doctors of Acryn. It has, however, left you with a problem. If one of your limbs, or something you are holding in that limb, is subject to a DISARM call, then that limb falls off. If you are hit by a MASS call, then in addition to the effects of the call a number of limbs equal to the damage you received fall off (up to a maximum of the number of limbs you have). To re-attach a limb you must roleplay re-attaching that limb for 10 seconds, you must have both the limb and at least one working hand to do this.


1) i.e. not really affecting character level
2) Second from each tree is a L2 skill
3) which is a L3 skill, just to be confusing
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