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A golem made of paper created by Colin Fletcher to help him on his quest to find the first bow. Now made of Narwhal ivory.


Class: Mage(Consumption)

Background #1: Medium Armour

Background #2: Medium Shield


  1. Protomana Tolerance 1
  2. Rite of Consumption (L1): - Tongue of Newt
  3. Use Implement
  4. Medium Armour Use
  5. Medium Shield Use
  6. Protomana Tolerance 2
  7. Rite of Consumption (L1): - Efficient Consumption
  8. Rite of Consumption (L2): - Taste of Knowledge
  9. Medium Armour Training
  10. Shield Swiftness
  11. Rite of Consumption (L2): - Dissolution of the Form
  12. Tough
  13. Rite of Consumption (L3): - Fortified Consumption
  14. Rite of Consumption (L3): - Dragon's Fire
  15. Mana Simulation
  16. Lost Spell (Unification): - Absorption
  17. Mana Sense
  18. Distil Mana
  19. Minor Ritual Caster
  20. Tough
  21. Lost Rite - Protomana Experience
  22. Protomana Tolerance 3
  23. Use weapon - bastard sword
  24. Weapon talent 1 - double
  25. Rite of Consumption (L4): - Flame of dissolution
  26. Implement Experience
  27. Retrieve Implement
  28. Dragon soul implement
  29. Protomana Tolerance 4
  30. Rite of Consumption (L4): - Infusion
  31. Ritual Caster
  32. Rite of Consumption (L5): - Consume and Assume


  • hits = 0+15
  • protomana = 6
  • implement channel = 1
  • dodge = 1 (with shield)
  • double (with bastard weapon)


  • zero disarm
  • cure 3
  • eat things to find out information about them
  • turn to ooze
  • eat all the things
  • renew 6 or heal 4
  • ranged zero rend
  • mass quad strikedown (30 seconds after eating lava reagent)
Dragon Soul Implement

Minor Effect: While holding your shield, you may expend a protomana to resist either the damage component or the effects component of a call which has targeted you. You may choose to expend 2 protomana to resist the call in its entirety. If using crystal mana, you may always resist the full effect for each crystal expended.

Major Effect: Once per an adventure you may place your implement on the ground and have you and your implement merge with the surrounding environment. A giant construct made from the surrounding environment will then rise up. It is recommended that you call a time freeze to explain what has happened. The construct will last until the end of the encounter. Outside combat or in combat with another giant, this construct has abilities at the discretion of the GM. In combat against standard sized opponents, the construct is immune to all calls and effects which are not preceded by “EVERYONE” and may attempt to punch the ground where its opponents are once every 15 seconds. This is to be phys-repped by the player (with the fingers in the air) running to where the punch will happen and yelling “GIANT PUNCH IN 2, 1, MASS QUAD STRIKEDOWN”.


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