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Gidner Waycox


The child of recent immigrants to Acryn, Gidner never really feels that at ease in Acryn with its overbearing focus on the Four Gods and the Five Dragons. He is a lot more at home in his local community, where he works as a priest in the church of Dol Darrun, the Dreaming Ocean. That doesn't tend to pay the bills, so he's channelled his expertise for alchemy, learned as part of his priestly rites, into academic and adventurous achievement. The changes the Upheaval has worked on the gods of Acryn have stirred his curiosity, and so he adventures hoping to find a way to truly reach the Ocean.

The Dreaming Ocean is worshipped by a small group of a few hundred or so in Acryn, with a much larger group of faithful a lengthy journey away. It teaches of a great dark ocean composed of the thoughts and memories of everyone who has ever lived that we swim in when we dream and when we die. Worship tends to focus on the ritualistic taking of hallucinatory sacraments and the sharing of experiences and knowledge within the group, and active faithful tend to work in fields where they see and learn all about the world.


  • Large Fishing Boat - additional 27 Riel an adventure, plus you have access to a boat and crew that would have been capable of trans-ocean journeys prior to the upheaval
  • Battle Magister of Acryn - has a professorship at the People's College, earning +18 Riel per adventure and getting access to students.

Income: 72 Riel per adventure.

Wealth: 141 Riel


Class: Journeyman (Alchemist)

Background #1: Diplomat

Background #2 and Extended Training #1: Divinely Favoured

Epic Trees:

  • Popular Icon
  • Path of Transformation
  • Born of Possibilities

XP: 51

Spent: 51

Level: 5


  • Level 1:
    • Emergency Aid
    • Mix Potion (Rage)
    • Diplomat
    • Tradesman
    • Well-Travelled
    • Medical Knowledge
    • Edge of Slumber
    • Well Versed
    • Crafter
    • Tough
  • Level 2:
    • Patch Up
    • Mix Potion Level 2 (The Veil)
    • Resuscitate
    • Ancestral Memories
    • Extremely Well Versed
    • We're Not So Different (Born of Possibilities)
    • Crafter
    • Journeyman Knowledge: Minor Faiths
  • Level 3:
    • Mix Potion Level 3 (Monstrous Aura)
    • Mix Potion Level 3 (Restoration of the Flesh)
    • Mix Potion Level 3 (Grenado)
    • Improved Skill Focus
    • Advanced Application
    • Flood of Experience
    • Special Medicine
    • Concoction
    • Combat Master
    • Affinity (Born of Possibilities)
    • Crafter
    • Face of the People (Popular Icon)
    • Jury Rig
  • Level 4:
    • Mix Potion Level 4 (Smelling Salts of Ultimate Power)
    • Mix Potion Level 4 (Mesmeric Visage)
    • Advanced Application
    • Special Medicine
    • Patch Up
    • Own Work
    • Master Crafter
    • Engineer
    • Body Alteration (Path of Transformation)
    • Advanced Mix Potion - Doppelganger Potion (Path of Transformation)
    • Manifestation (Born of Possibilities)
    • Speak With One Voice (Popular Icon)
  • Level 5:
    • Mix Potion Level 5 (Life Flow)
    • Potency
    • Alchemical Manipulation
    • Master of Biology
    • Legendary Item
    • Transformation of the Soul (Path of Transformation)
    • Transformation of Reality (Path of Transformation)
    • Oneness (Born of Possibilities)
    • Collective Responsibility (Popular Icon)

Basic Stats

  • Body Hits: 5
  • Superior Light: 5 Armour
  • Superior Staff: 2/encounter can get +1 damage on a blow.
  • Tradesman: Bonus income of 27 riel.
  • Combat Master: Healing in combat only takes one hand.
  • Own Work: When using equipment you've made, armour gets +2 hits and weapons have a base damage of Double.
  • Archetypal Armament: Can fight with any LARP-safe physrep.

At Will

  • Resuscitate: With 10 seconds roleplay can bring someone up to 4 hits.
  • Master Crafter: Can fully repair Artifact items with time and resources, and can field repair Master Crafted or lower items in 5 mins (60 seconds is enough to make it usable again for the encounter).
  • Extremely Well Versed: Can spend 10 seconds mixing two potions of the same class together to make a third potion of that class.

Per Encounter

  • Patch Up: 6 times per encounter can Heal 6 after 10 seconds roleplaying. Uses past this Weaken the target, and cannot be used on already Weakened targets.
  • Alchemical Infusion: Twice per encounter can place self under the effect of a class C or D potion, or once under the effect of a class A or B.
  • Edge of Slumber: 1 Blind 5 on someone within 5 metres.
  • Special Move: 2 Blind 5s per encounter. If disarmed, can still call these on people up to 5m away.

Per Adventure

  • Dreams of the Ocean: 4/adventure, can give yourself or someone else a vision drawn from the dreamscape of the people nearby when you slept last. This often has a small benefit (i.e. 1 call in a specific situation).
  • Flood of Experience: 2/adventure can gain one lvl 2 skill plus prerequisites owned by someone who was sleeping within 50 miles of you when you last slept.
  • Shared Conciousness: 1/adventure can give the entire party a shared vision similar to Dreams of the Ocean, but always with a mechanical benefit attached.
  • Primal Aura: 1/adventure can acheive something legendary relating to my archetype.
  • Declaration of Intent: 1/adventure can declare I'm embarking on a course of action relating to my theme. For the next 3 encounters while pursuing the goal, gain double uses of Special Move, Party Heal and Renew Full at the start of every encounter (and when the declaration is made), and two more skill focus uses. Other classes get other cool stuff. If the goal is not acheived by the end of the 3 encounters, lose all benefits of the Primal tree for the next 5 encounters - this will carry on into the next larp you're on.
  • Master Crafter: Can create 1 MasterCrafted/2 Superior/4 Standard items between adventures.
  • Advanced Application: 4 times per adventure can boost the power of a potion you know how to craft.
  • Special Medicine: 4/adventure can spends 10 seconds to apply a Strengthen to a character and give them 1 resist Weaken.
  • Potency: Can give 1 encounter-long potion an adventure-long duration instead.
  • Alchemical Manipulation: Can give someone a permanent buff in exchange for a permanent adiction. Limited to 1 per character.
  • Master of Biology: With 60 seconds of medical roleplay can give a character the following for an encounter: Strengthen, 2 Rends, 2 Shatters, 2 Strikedowns.
  • Alchemist: Can mix 1 Class D, 3 Class C, 2 Class B and 2 Class A potions each adventure, plus 6 slots (A or B cost 2 slots).


  • Diplomat: Can generally get in contact with people in authority.
  • Medical Knowledge: Can diagnose and cure minor diseases and diagnose addictions.
  • Well-Travelled: Can find a contact in most settlements.
  • Well Versed: Can recognise all standard potions and guess at the function of non-standard ones.
  • Concoction: Can create cures to use on whole populations. Given 10 minutes between encounters, can create a poultice that can Heal 2.
  • Primal Aura of Learning: People can generally tell I''m good at finding things out, and will seek me out.

Potions Known

  • Rage (D): +1 on next 2 blows/next 4 blows.
  • Veil (C): Powerful visions are received/alchemist can direct the vision's theme.
  • Restoration of the Flesh (C): Heal 4/Heal 8.
  • Grenado (C): Blast Single/Blast Double.
  • Monstrous Aura (B): 1 use of Mass Fear/2 uses.
  • Time Skip (B): Agility for 5 seconds/10 seconds.
  • Mesmeric Visage(B): Gain 1 use of Just Hear Me Out but take double effect from Blind for the next 24 hours.
  • Smelling Salts of Ultimate Power (A): Mass Heal 4 or Heal 4 at 5 targets / Becomes Heal 8.
  • Life Flow (A): Regain 1 HP every 5 seconds you're not hit for the encounter, stops when health hits 0 / Heal 2 instead.
  • Doppelgänger (A): Transform into an exact replica of the person a drop of blood was taken from for a day, or permanently.

Inventory this larp:

  • 51 Riel
  • 5 Rage
  • 1 Veil
  • 1 Restoration of the Flesh
  • 1 Monstrous Aura
  • 2 Mesmeric Visage
  • 3 Smelling Salts of Ultimate Power
  • 2 Life Flow.
  • Mastercrafted Light Armour
  • Mastercrafted Staff


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