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Going Underground

Initial Brief

Professor Konstantia van Strice of the People’s College of Acryn would like to recruit some able bodied individuals to assist in a scientific endeavour. Must be willing to travel, payment of 30 Acra a head (incl. 10 in advance). Interested parties should present themselves to the Department of Engineering with a copy of this advertisement. No time wasters.


  • Doug
  • Roisin - Alise Luckner
  • Gareth - Eric Luckner
  • JamesI - Gidner Waycox
  • DaveH - Colin Fletcher


The party accept the contract to conduct a set of simple scientific experiments up in a People's College owned mine in the Bluepeak mountains and head out. As the they reach the edge of Acryn's consensus they discover a mercenary band attempting to coerce a farmer into joining them. The situation quickly develops to violence and the party leave a mixture of injured and corpses in their wake. What happens next is unclear, but it looks like one of the mercenaries takes the opportunity to conduct their own murder, blaming the entire thing on the Luckners.

The rest of the journey to the mine is reasonably uneventful, comprising only the machinations of flux-vilagers and clawfiends.

Upon arrival at the mine, the party commence discussion with a College of the Stars representative about the specific legal issues surrounding ownership of regions bordering the flux, before entering the mine proper to conduct their experiments.

After dealing with the various dangers of a mine in flux (bats, unliving miners, regular miners, sword eating rats, and a trapped professor) the PCs come away with a number of interesting discoveries. The amount of an item that can be successfully removed from the flux is not necessarily related to the amount of an item that appears to be available in the flux. While the newest and oldest mines were consistent with current knowledge and allowed (respectively) a large or small amount of gold to be removed from them, the recently closed mine appeared to contain a vast amount of gold while supporting the removal of only a small amount. During their experiments the party also interacted with what appeared to be some sort of anomaly, although as it appeared to be benign they left it alone.

As part of their final experiment the party headed into the very first shaft, looking to see how travel within a mineshaft was likely to behave without the aid of a wayfinders abilities. When they near the exit they discover that they are nowhere near where they expected to be, having instead managed to hop across the Bluepeak mountains to a Caulish mine. Stumbling upon a shrine to the Lord of the Rock and a very angry priest, the party fight for their lives while the priest transitions through various rocky forms. Eventually the priest is incapacitated while the guards shuffle the party out of the mine.

Upon arrival back in Acryn the party face questions from the city watch about the brutal murder of a mercenary company, although in the end they have no evidence and the party are allowed to go free. Finally the party make their report to the People's College of Acryn, collect their money, and go their separate way.

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