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The Dance of Diplomacy

Initial Brief

Citizens of Acryn. The Council wishes to make it known that one month hence, the first diplomatic summit between representatives of our fair city and those of the Serradic Empire since the Upheaval will be held at the Palace of Autumn Rains in the city of Liarus.

This summit has been called to explore the ways in which our two peoples may work together to improve life upon our shared continent in these trying times, and therefore the council would invite representation from members of all the fine institutions of Acryn who wish to form part of the Diplomatic party, as well as skilled bodyguards and guides to ensure that the journey is uneventful.

Applicants for all positions should present themselves at the council chambers within the week.


Alastair - Joe W
Arcus Blackthorn - Oliver
Gidner Waycox - James I
Carl - Michael
Vanessa - Ellie H


The party defeat the priest of the Jubilant Mask and their respective doppelgangers. They return to Liarus after Alastair destroys one of the statues of the god, and return there uneventfully. Upon their arrival the truth is revealed – the destruction of Vanessa's mask has corrected the false memories of the murder witnesses, and many of remaining Serradic delegation is arrested pending investigation into the conspiracy, though Arcus and Vanessa push for the junior priest of the Ascendant One to be released/imprisoned respectively. In the end they are to be held for about a month. Alastair also offers to exchange his shield with the Serradic captain, as a show of good faith. The captain is pressured into accepting, swapping his mastercrafted shield for Alastair's inferior one. Upon returning to his room, Alastair finds his Obsidian Blade that he gave to be blessed, returned. In his hands the blade feels different, and indeed when practising he will discover it is far better when performing unexpected blows. Gidner convinces the Serradic scholar to defect to Acryn.

Arcus arranges for a grand homecoming crowd, and (anonymously) sends out copies of the play “The Ascendant Bum” to be performed in Acryn. Upon return he gains his seat on the council of Acryn and pushes for an expansion of the walls, as well as wrangling permission for his estate to be established within the city limits. Arcus offers Alastair a job as a guard for his house, who accepts. Vanessa gives the wayfinders guild a full debrief, who are very interested about the various wayfinder like abilities used by the priests of the Ascendant One. Gidner and Carl help the Serradic scholar settle down at the People's College, who is extremely excited about being allowed to research magic. Gidner also helps a group of pilgrims establish a shrine to Aetheyta the Wanderer within the city.

In summary Alastair is paid a total of 140 Acra for the job and by the council The Obsidian Blade is still extremely brittle, however 4 times per adventure it can be used to call “Backstab Quad Rend” when attacking an unsuspecting target. This will not cause it to shatter. He also gets a Mastercrafted Medium Shield, bearing obvious Serradic Army symbols.

Arcus is now a member of the council, and has permission for his estate to be built within city limits. The Builder church begin having their grand Architects draw up plans for a possible expansion of the walls, however this is still in early stages. He also still has in his possession the Dagger given to him by the head of the congregation they met in Liarus, it bears some resemblance to insignias Arcus' scholars have found in the cache of ancient texts, often depicted alongside symbols of the gods of Acryn.

For a few days after the adventure Arcus is hounded by all manner of animals, but this seems to wear off eventually.

Gidner and Carl are paid 120 Acra for the job and by the college for bringing back the scholar.

Vanessa is paid a total of 200 Acra for the job and by the wayfinder's guild.

Anyone who kept their mask has a powerful item that when worn, will make the wearer appear and sound as they did during when they first met the priest of the Jubilant Mask. If the mask is destroyed then the memories of those who perceived those wearing it change as well, revealing the wearer.

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