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Carl Terrec - (Eaten by dragons, in a sword, and became a dragongate)


A student at the People's College, Carl doesn't tend to wave his nobility around too much, though he's happy to throw his money around to help those in genuine need.


Class: Mage (Fracturing / Consumption)

Background #1: Noble

Background #2: Weaponry: Staff

Hits: 9+2


  1. 1 Wealth (noble)
  2. 2 Wealth (noble)
  3. 1 Use staff
  4. 1 Mana Sense
  5. 2 Minor Ritual Casting
  6. 3 Ritual Caster
  7. 2 Arcane Learning
  8. 2 Distill Mana
  9. 1 Primary Rite 1: Fault of footing
  10. 1 Primary Rite 1: Faults Unveiled
  11. 2 Primary Rite 2: Sapping Steel
  12. 2 Primary Rite 2: Fault of Memory
  13. 3 Primary Rite 3: Fault of Temperance
  14. 3 Primary Rite 3: Fault of Earth
  15. 3 Primary Rite 3: Faultlines
  16. 4 Primary Rite 4: Fault of Focus
  17. 4 Primary Rite 4: Fault of Sight
  18. 5 Primary Rite 5: Crack the Fabric
  19. 5 Primary Rite 5: Fault of Existence
  20. 1 Secondary Rite 1: Tongue of Newt
  21. 2 Secondary Rite 2: Acidic Transformation
  22. 3 Secondary Rite 3: Arthroid Form
  23. 4 Secondary Rite 4: Infusion
  24. 5 Secondary Rite 5: Consume and Assume
  25. 1 Use Implement (staff)
  26. 2 Mana Simulation
  27. 3 Implement Experience
  28. 3 Retrieve Implement
  29. 5 Dragonsoul Implement
  30. 1 Protomana Tolerance 1
  31. 3 Protomana Tolerance 2
  32. 5 Protomana Tolerance 3
  33. 1 Tough 1
  34. 3 Tough 2
  35. 3 Draconic Insight
  36. 4 Draconic Influence
  37. 4 Draconic Power
  38. 5 Acceptance of Fate
  39. 1 Scholar
  40. 2 College Contacts
  41. 2 Noble Contacts
  42. 1 Divine Favour: Thunderer: Dominion (1)
  43. 1 Divine Favour: Stantion: Shield (1)
  44. 2 Divine Favour: Station: Aura

Skills from nomming souls

  1. 1 Weapon use: Sword

XP remaining: 0


Small Library (Pre-Acryn Religion)


  • Standard Light
  • Standard Staff
  • Ruby staff (master crafted, +1 mana for store mana, Implement)
  • * 1/encounter +1 damage
  • * 1/encounter strikedown or weaken
  • * At the cost of an extra protomana when fault of footing is cast the staff explodes into a whirling storm of Ruby Shards (and does not lose any mana stored within). The Mass Strikedown is converted into a MASS REND. For the duration of the encounter the wielder may every five seconds call a REND to anyone in the original area of effect as the storm of shards continues to boil around them. If the wielder moves at all the effect ends.
  • 'Geometries of Death' ancient tome written by the Arch-Mage Oooberous describing the darker secrets of fracturing magic, the learning within allows fracturing rituals to be cast with one less mana
  • The Grimoire of Vulstragorn - details his research on 'draconic spaces' and allows Carl to use +1 protomana in crazy draconic realities.
  • Meat puppet of himself
  • Mask of looking like me but less deformed (only the eye effects)

Money Income: 67 R Current: 127 R

Metaphysical deformities

  • Fractures now cover him so he looks like a cracked porcelain doll. In his chest Is a black fissure that seems bottomless (OC: anything hurled within can be assumed to come under control of the Dragon Valknut…this is not the same as it being destroyed). In some way a shard of the fractured Titan's power has become lodged within him. It spells his doom but he may call upon its energies. (Epic tree: Arcane Curse)
  • Consume and Assume: Pure waters of the river - Takes any damage over a DOUBLE as a DOUBLE, mildly disgusted by cloudy liquids, may let the waters flow to another for a HEAL 4
  • Acceptance of Fate: Search email for Journeyman Knowledge (IC and OOC secret stuff)

Clockwork eye effects

  • Scribing - three times per adventure he can call a resist to any level 1-4 spell
  • Wounding - 3 times per adventure he can strengthen himself
  • Binding - any time he takes a DISARM the arm holding the weapon will also fall off, this will require a surgeon to fix
  • Fracturing - the first time in any adventure he takes a REND he will explode and fall to 0 hits, calling a MASS TRIPLE STRIKEDOWN

Dragonsoul Implement

Base Effect: Consumption spells can be applied to others via touching them with the Dragon Soul Implement. Special Effect: After someone has died you witness some part of them being torn apart and consumed. You powers allow you to interfere with this process, taking a piece of their essence for yourself. Once per an adventure you may consume the soul of the recently dead. You will gain some memories and a single (randomly selected) skill from the recently departed. The skill will be a level 1 skill, except where you already have that level 1 skill, where a level 2 skill will be selected.


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