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Initial Brief

Lionel Truss, priest of the warrior, would like to engage a party of capable adventurers to investigate and resolve the recent spate of disappearances from southern villages, and accompanying rumours of increased monster activity. Those interested should present themselves at Fulbright's Boarding house adjacent to the southern gate of the city for a full briefing. Payment will be thirty Acra a head, with a negotiable bonus based on the results of the investigation.



The party set off to investigate the villages, en route being ambushed by what appear to be bandits, some of which seem curiously unwilling to fight. After defeating them and attempting to get information from their leader (who poisons herself), the party continue to the first of the villages, finding it in the process of being fortified by Farmer's Union representatives. They come across the trail of the villagers, realizing that they have been kidnapped. The party track them to a small camp, where they fight various flux monsters and also shadowy, cloaked flux people. The party frees the hostages, determines that the flux creatures responsible are flux Traitor cultists, based on the rumors of a cult dedicated to a nefarious fifth figure in the legend of the founding of Acryn. The cult have been kidnapping villagers to keep themselves stable (at least long enough for them to complete their plans) and have been forcing them to dress in Acryn watch uniforms and launch raids at the borders of Caul, in the attempt to start a war. The party send a raven to inform Lionel Truss of this. The party then find the cult's base, an old battlefield near Caul. The flux cult being based on the old rumors of a king betrayed on the battlefield and whispers of nefarious plots. The party defeat the main force, and sneak into Caul to thwart an assassination attempt made by the final members of the cult.

A Caulish priest of the Lord of the Rock brings his congregation to build a new temple on the site, the constant population and observation hopefully being enough to prevent the cult from reforming. The party stop Lionel Truss from marching a force to Caul to secure the area themselves. After a brief argument, word to the Council is sent, who suggest the use of the Guild of Wayfinders in attempting to keep the area stable, and they dispatch some. On the way back the PCs stop by the villages to make sure the survivors are alright and the suggestion is put forward that the villages should have a Church to the Warrior in order to help protect them, and sure enough building starts. The party returns to Acryn and are paid a bonus of 50 Acra for their work.

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