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Count Alastair Graves (Retired)


Notable primarily for his abrasive manner which he claims to be typical for his home city. In fact he is native to Acryn but finds that a claim to foreign heritage goes a long way in having others accept his conversational foibles. Despite his career as a mercenary Alastair generally tries to avoid bloodshed, however his temper frays rapidly and attempts at diplomacy frequently collapse into vitriol and violence.

Alastair believes his father to be a member of the Graves family and a childhood of angry longing for acknowledgement has left him with an uneasy love/hate relationship with the nobility.

Having had his castle magically moved to the remote villages south of Acryn, Alastair has declared himself Count and promised to protect the region against all threats, foreign or domestic. After reaching an agreement with Duke Corlo, he has been acknowledged as a scion of the Graves family and the new council has accepted his claim to the lands

Following a close encounter with the Rite of Unification Alastair's body is now a living amalgamation of fragments of the world. Also of note is that his soul has caught fire giving him a faint shroud of ethereal flames. Increasingly this appears ragged and incomplete.

Finally having ended the threat of their long-term enemy the Demiurge and seeing his old frenemy Harlon fading away, Alastair expended the remnants of his damaged soul to sear into the heart of the dragon Mudra. Unified with the titan thanks to the archmage's last act, he immolated himself along with the dragon's hatred for mankind.



Path:Primal Warrior

Background #1: Thief

Background #2: Bounty Hunter


  • Use Sword
  • Sword Talent 1
  • Sword Finesse
  • Sword Potency
  • Sword Talent 2
  • One with your Sword
  • Sword Supremacy
  • Warrior's Aura
  • Powerful Arms
  • Bronze Skin
  • Die Hard
  • Overwhelming Power
  • Use Medium Shield
  • Shield Swiftness
  • Dampen Blow
  • Use Medium Armour
  • Medium Armour Training +2
  • Medium Armour Repair
  • Medium Armour Swiftness
  • Burly
  • Battle Rage
  • Mighty
  • Beyond Mortal Strength
  • Fearsome Renown - Wizards
  • Tough
  • Tough
  • Tough
  • High pain threshold


  • Subdual
  • Disarm
  • Advanced Subdual
  • Larceny

Epic Skills

  • Respected Adversary
  • Subdual Supremacy
  • Ethereal Presence
  • Inflame the Soul
  • Shatter the Threshold
  • Defence of the Fallen
  • Shield Bash/Shoulder Barge
  • Spell Resistance
  • Your Staff is Broken!
  • Mental Fortress
  • One with the World

Hits: 12 + 3 + 10
Damage:Triples (Subdual)
Calls: Per Encounter: 2x Strikedown, 2xWound 5 1x Arc Strikedown, 1x Weaken, 1x Disarm, 1x Rend, 3x Dodge, 3x Resist (Strikedown, Disarm or Shatter,1 may be MASS) on Weapon/Shield, 1 Resist Magic, 1 Shatter Implement, Ranged Double Strikedown, Disappearing Heal 5
Per Adventure: 2x Strengthen, 2x Shatter, 1x Encounter of QUINTS. From Army - Mass Double Strikedown, 3xWeaken or Disarm
Permanent:IMMUNE Sword Disarms, IMMUNE melee Strikedowns on Shield, Strengthened
Truly Favoured: Tender
Champion of the Tender Church: Healing Wave


  • 2x Superior Swords
  • Mastercrafted Medium Shield - Of Serradic craftsmanship, it is now decorated with the hides of wyverns and tyrant lizards and studded with fragments of Magesterium Titans
  • Mastercrafted Medium Armour
  • Blessed Mask that makes wearer look like Alastair
  • Superior Medium Armour
  • 3x Plug Potions
  • 0x Stoneskin
  • 5x Armour Oil
  • 5x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 0x Timeskip
  • 0x Grenado
  • Fury the Winged Lion
  • The Killing Sphere (Lost to the Tender)
  • The Wizard Orb
  • 5 Mana Crystals

Alyssa's Gift

A sword of incredible craftsmanship grown from wood and gifted to Alastair apparently by the Tender after he (foolishly) ran his own soul-imbued, but Traitor blessed) blade into a wound in her sacred statue, hoping to fill the void with his own spirit and blood.

4 Times per adventure the sword can convert the wielder's damage calls to HEAL calls for 30 seconds


Cash: 232 Riel
Resource: Castle


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