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But first they must destroy

Initial Brief

MISSING PERSON. Those able to assist in the finding of a missing person are asked to attend the tradesman’s entrance at the townhouse of Vincta Terrec. Payment will be 30 Acra, with 10 in advance.



After an initial investigation the party's attentions turn to the Family of the missing person. With a second missing person from Terrec's estate and the Brother of the first established as being responsible for his brother's disappearance, the Party track a cult operating just outside the city. Here they find Anton Verteo, a Wounding Mage, in the process of some sort of ritual (the rest of his cult around him). After a brief fight Anton Verteo is defeated, and a City Watch infiltrator into the cult warns the party that the disappearances up till now have been part of a plan to poison the Wayfinder's Guild head Vincta Terrec by replacing his staff with their puppetted corpses. The party quickly makes their way back to the city and attempts to warn Vincta Terrec. Unfortunately the party are not persuasive enough, and by the time they get to Vincta he has already been poisoned with a particularly potent form of limb drop. Doctors are quickly called for while the party goes to deal with the escaping zombie manservant.

The party are thanked heavily for their good work by Lukas Vedetti, A member of the Wayfinder's Guild who has recently taken on many of the duties managed by Vincta. They are informed that thanks to their fast work Vincta has survived, although he has sustained serious damage as a result of the poisoning and it's uncertain how many of his responsibilities he will be able to resume.

As a result of Vincta's status there has been a lot of political upheaval within the Guild. Several of the oldest members are vying for Vincta's position, as well as a few of the newer big names. While not well supported by the old guard, Lukas is probably the favourite of ground level wayfinders.

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