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The Merchants of Margush

Initial Brief

The Spicer’s guild would like to hire some reliable individuals to assist their Margush guildhall in the resolution of some adverse economic conditions currently afflicting the towns surrounding Lake Ulte. Travel and board provided, very competitive pay rates!



After the monstrous form into which she's transformed is struck down, the body of the mage is left floating unconscious but alive on the water's surface. The PCs fish her out and secure her, before returning to deal with the town's mayor. After some heated conversations, the mayor agrees that he was very definitely acting under the influence of a “water witch” and is fully appraised as to how very bad it will be for him personally if anything like this happens again.

The PCs take the mage back to the centre of the lake, and entreat once more with the water spirit. The being is able to extract the stolen power of the lake from the mage, and even as the PCs watch the water level rises once more. In thanks for their work, the spirit agrees to raise one of the stolen ships back above the surface. It is disappointed that the PCs intend to take the mage with them, but does not push the issue, and the PCs make a hasty departure.

Back on the shore towards Margush itself, they find a raised boat as promised. Most of the trade goods abroad are ruined, but their are several crates of sealed liquor bottles that have survived, and the PCs make arrangements for it to be shipped back to Margush, and make their own way there.

They are once again me by the local guildmistress, who thanks them for their good work while hosting them for an excellent lunch abroad her barge. As well as the agreed X Acra, she pays the PCs a bonus of X Acra for aiding in preventing her kidnap, and returning the lost shipment of liquor. All participants are assured that the Spicer's guild deems them reputable for future work. The PCs hand the mage over to her to be dealt with.

Back in Acryn, some disagreement arises over what to do with the mage's notes. John wishes to give them to the People's College to further academic enlightenment in the city, whereas the rest of the party want to get paid by selling them to the College of the Stars. Eventually, John takes a quarter of the pages for the People's college, while the other three get five Acra a head for handing the rest to the College of the Stars.

John continues his work nurturing his revolutionary cell, buying several rounds of drinks for his friends and discussing the events of the adventure.

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