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Lord Vincenzo Cargan, First and Least of the Tender a.k.a. Vincent Barma (deceased)


The adopted child of the Barma family, a wealthy merchantile family with connections to the Vintner's guild. About ten years ago he was discovered on the family's grounds badly wounded and close to death, as well as suffering from amnesia. In return for one of their priests having saved his life he offered his services to the Temple of the Tender, eventually joining its ranks being intrigued by the complexities of the human body. He was an unorthodox priest to say the least, claiming to be fascinated by the strange dichotomy that lies between life and death, suffering and pleasure. Once a fanatical priest, he became increasingly disillusioned, particularly with the Leader.

He also headed a sizeable cult who seem to embrace alternative interpretations of the Tender. His church lies on what was the border between the Cargan and the city watch controlled parts of the city. Its doors are open to any who might wish to give worship to the Tender. Rumours are they engage in all sorts of odd things including drinking blood and ritualised orgies. Most of his supporters appear to be those sympathetic to the viewpoint that killing is justified when done in the service of the common good and that those that might harm others are often better dead. In spite of this he had a good reputation within the church, being well known for having helped save the city and the lives of many of its citizens when it was thrown in to a temporary state of flux and for having, with the help of Alastair Fitzgrave, rescued an important shrine from a mad Magisterium wizard. As such he was rewarded with increasing status in the church and was seen as one of its most influential priests. He also representsed the Church on the newly reformed council and hoped to use his position to better the lives of Acryn's most poor and destitute.

He had a complex relationship with the nobility and was outspoken in his dislike of those who claim superiority due to their birthright, which is somewhat ironic. He was a descendent of the royal line of Acryn, a fact that he discovered by accident when called upon to investigate a spate of disappearances. According to the captured royalist his memories were removed so as to hide him within Acryn. With the help of his friend Logan Tomes he had finally recovered most of his past. Upon learning that Faria Carver and his uncle, Gaspor Cargan, were responsible both for the deaths of his parents and for the ritual to turn him in to an avatar of the Leader that went awry and led to the likely death of his brother (and much of his own suffering) he swore to have his vengence.

After being held prisoner by King Arcus I, who wished to use him to control the Cargan forces, he was freed by a group of adventurers and participated in the killing of the flux King. After the return of the Cargans to the city he returned to living by his true name, although his relationship with his family was complicated. Since reclaiming his old name he gradually started to use a clawfiend as his personal symbol in place of the Cargan Rooster. As a reward for helping bring down the Magisterium threat he was awarded to old Cargan estates outside Margush, which whilst mostly currently in ruins have great potential. Whilst this entitled him to the styling “Lord Vincenzo”, he tended to cringe at its use.

Following Auln's fall from grace, he assumed the title of First and Least, although he didn't seem particularly pleased about it. He later succeeded in taking control of the family alongside Walter Cargan by ousting his treasonous uncle Gaspar.

His final act was to call on the Tender's blessing to heal the Leader of his sense of entitlement. Whilst this was successful, it used up all of his life force. His soul most likely joined with either the Tender or the Leader.

The Order of the Bleeding Heart

A hospital run by Vincenzo's cult. It provides charitable healing to the poor for free but also will provide healing to paying customers in order to generate income. It has acquired some regular customers amongst certain segments of the nobility, who are willing to pay an extra fee in order to obtain additional discretion about the nature of their treatment. Its symbol is a heart, pierced by a dagger and bleeding. With the onset of war from both the Magisterium and the Serradic Empire, Vincenzo's followers have taken a more militant attitude (particularly compared with the rest of the Church) the order has begun to provide training to combat medics, which through a agreement with House Cargan are supplied to the Circle of the Broken Wing.

In his main church building a small memorial can be found reading “Logan Tomes: He proved that we can all become something better.”


Class: Tender Priest

Background #1: Dagger Use

Background #2: Assassin

Background #3: Diplomat

Background #4: Noble



  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Healing Light (divine favour 1 spell)
  • Healing Wave
  • Medium Shield Use (2 uses of Resist Shatter, Disarm, or Strikedown per encounter)
  • Emergency Aid
  • Resuscitate
  • Cult (Large Church)
  • Stay the Claw
  • Master of Beasts
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Healing Touch (divine favour 2 spell)
  • Healing flood (divine favour 3 spell)
  • Tough 2
  • Blessed Regeneration
  • Church Backing
  • Divine Majesty
  • Convalescence
  • Rejuvenation
  • Ward the Wasting
  • Purification of the Body
  • Hierarch
  • Resurrection
  • Wave of Rejuvenation
  • Touch of Divinity
  • Miracle

Dagger Use

  • Knife fighter
  • Dagger Mastery
  • Dagger Talent Lvl 2
  • Dagger Talent Lvl 3


  • Larceny
  • Backstab
  • Flanking


  • Diplomacy
  • Fast Talk


  • Noble Wealth 1 (Order of the Bleeding Heart)
  • Noble Connections (representing a slightly complex relationship with the nobility)
  • Operations
  • Connections: Church of the Leader, Church of the Warrior

Epic Tree: Bestial Protector

  • Claw fiend bodyguard
  • Protection of the Pack

Epic Tree: Totem Spirit

  • Claw fiend totem spirit
  • Shocking Transformation
  • Summon the Pack

Epic Tree: True Face of the Tender

  • Particularly favoured: Healing Light
  • True Name of the Tender
  • Never far

Epic Tree: Divine Favour of Eric Luckner

Epic Tree: Divine Favour of the Leader (Excommunicant)

  • Miraculous power: Drop your weapon
  • Divine Aura
  • Miraculous power: Hear me!

Epic Tree: Brain Surgeon

Other Quirks

  • May use the LIVE DAMMIT ability (heal 6 to a downed target) by placing a drop of blood from his sympathetic wound on a target
  • Truly favoured: Tender

Total XP Spent: 50


  • 1 Withering
  • 4 restoration of the flesh
  • 20 x heal 2 potion
  • 6 Death Ward
  • 2 veil
  • Several substandard knives
  • 7 Standard daggers
  • 2 superior daggers
  • Star of Valour - Characters can treat this as if they have Council Contacts, although this might be lost if they are ever caught doing anything which would be embarrassing or inconvenient for the City.
  • Bloodied and ripped Cargan banner
  • Income:63 Riel per adventure
  • 105 Riel
  • A shard of the crown of Acryn
  • Arcus Blackthorn's heart- Allows the holder to overcome 'cease your deceptions'
  • Documents relating to the history of the Salic line
  • Master crafted rapier
  • Resource: Elite academy- supplying combat medics to the Circle of the Broken Wing
  • Shield Forged by the Unmaker (Mastercrafted+1 resist shatter + per adventure resist all calls for 5 seconds)
  • Scroll containing the sword containing Arcus Blackthorn's soul wedged in a stone, currently kept under lock an key to be used in time of direst need
  • Souls of countless babies kept safe within his body- Handed of to Richard Twine
  • Dawn's trick - Though he has no idea how it works, once per adventure, whenever the sun is below the horizon he may concentrate and make it rise as a new day dawns.


  • 2 resist shatter, disarm or strikedown per encounter with a shield
  • +1 resist and +1 resist mass call from mastercrafted shield
  • 1 dodge per encounter whilst wielding a dagger
  • 2 rend per encounter with daggers
  • Through doubles with daggers
  • 8+2 hits


  • Large church
  • Elite academy: contacts (Circle of the Broken Wing), tactical knowledge, one use of MASS DOUBLE STRIKEDOWN MONSTERS and three uses of DISARM or WEAKEN
  • Small estate: can count standard items as superior. Vincenzo has been granted ownership of the old Cargan estates around the newly liberated Margush. There's not a great deal there except ruined buildings and swamp, but with the withdrawal of the Serradic forces its a lot of valuable land that could developed into much more. So far he has rebuilt the old Coach House and has a small staff based there, who take care of maintainance. Can buy estate upgrades at half cost.


  • Nobility
  • Church of the Tender (Head of the Church, Hierarch)
  • House Cargan (Controlling interest)
  • Circle of the Broken Wing (Elite Academy)
  • Council (Star of Valor, Council Member)

Collection of Medical Curiosities

  • Preserved body parts from individuals killed by an as yet poorly understood form of magic, removing any identifying features.
  • Eric Luckner's Preserved Insectoid Eye
  • A clone of himself created by the Magisterium. It has no soul or will of its own and is being kept alive in an unconscious state.
  • Arcus Blackthorn's heart


  • Anarchist contacts
  • Addiction effect: once or twice per adventure sees everything as far more idealised than it really is
  • Scars in the shape of claw marks on forehead and wrists
  • Recovered a vague memory of his brother being killed protecting him whilst dressed in Salic livery and the great sense of loss accompanying it due to Kjell Caulson's surgery.
  • Stigmata of Alyssa- Wound near his heart that bleeds constantly.
  • Knows the names of all the Founders (Alyssa=Tender, Tarkus=Builder, Darak=Leader, Lindus=Warrior, Abraxis=Traitor)
  • Church of the Tender's representative to the Council (Council Member)
  • Once per adventure may call upon the Leader for guidance and will receive portentous dreams prior to any mission that might effect the city.



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