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The Blood Price

Initial Brief

Durdin Trails, a merchant of means, seeks the services of adventurers possessing a negotiable commitment to due process, that he might finally exact vengeance on those responsible for the death of his father.


Vincent Barma - Vicky
Richter - James G
Marcus Weaver - Michael
Harlon Quirk - Matthew
Colin Fletcher - Dave


Having dealt with their strange attackers, Colin uses his enchanted notebook to try to confirm with Chiara Walker whether the assailants are actually in her employ. The message recieved in return is along the lines of 'I have no knowledge of any individuals who would attack citizens of Acryn, and I would hope that no citizen of Acryn would bring harm to a patriot of our city.' Taking this as a subtle acknowledgement that the old adventurers shouldn't be harmed the party dispose of their blood samples and after considerable debate agree that they should use the substitute blood phials instead. Both Vincent and Harlon are dubious about the whole situation, but the warriors, Richter and Marcus understandably want to get paid for their work on the front line, so the decision is made to go ahead.

Upon arriving in Liarus, Mr Trails arranges a meeting between Harlon and his Wounding Mage; this is where things go disastrously wrong. Creeped out by the questions and tone of the other wizard, Harlon assaults the cowled figure only to reveal that it was just a corpse being puppeted by the actual mage back in Acryn. Not willing to reveal his attack, Harlon binds the clearly evil heart of Vecron into the body which rises up in hideous new life. Harlon then informs Durdin that the Wounding Mage seemed alright to him so the nervous merchant heads upstairs to provide the blood…
One magical disaster later the party flee as blood red clouds circle a vortex of gore and four streams of blood flow eerily over the horizon, Vecron metnally shrieking his dark rebirth..

Durdin is overwhelmed with guilt for his part in this catastrophe, but the party persuade him to keep his mouth shut and he pays them the 100 acra they were promised. Upon arriving in Acryn they find the magical defense squad out in force and Harlon is quickly separated out and divested of his implement. Vincent's rank in the church and credit with the council impresses the guards enough to get the rest of the group through the gates and off about their business.

Richter reports the news to the Wayfinders' Guild, noting the 'joke' threats made against the safety of Duke Blackthorne by Harlon and Vincent. Colin informs that College of Stars that Harlon has gone off the deep end, handing a priceless magical curiousity over to a wizard of dubious provenance. He recommends that college affiliated folks be required to turn findings over for investigation before using them in their own projects.

Vincent speaks to Chiara Walker about the events in Liarus and the spook gives him an ultimatum that Harlon needs to disappear and never show his scaly face in Acryn again. Vincent reports this to his friend, and then departs to examine facial reconstruction surgeries. Harlon however has other plans and makes a blood pact with Vecron. Terrible magics are unleashed and his wardens burst apart, their gory remains flowing towards Harlon who is reformed with a new apparently human body by the ancient rites. He scurries back into Acryn before his escape can be noticed.


  • Harlon has a new face, and access to a new spell to be concocted by the GM team.
  • For sundry crimes against good sense and the natural order Harlon is now a highly wanted criminal within Acryn. A 150 Acra reward has been posted for his capture. He has also made an enemy of a powerful Wounding Mage.
  • Richter gets the proceeds of his underground pitfighting: 40acra for Mechabear + 150 for Tentatron to be divided as agreed amongst the party.
  • Despite the catastrophic conclusion to affairs, Durdin writes Marcus Weaver a glowing recommendation as loss of human life was minimised on the mission, this is worth an extra 5acra when he takes contracts with the mercants of Acryn.
  • Vincent expends considerable effort nursing Father Priam back into a calmer state of mind and in his more lucid moments the elderly Leader Priest informs him of the details of their mission in Junnes 20 years ago.
  • Colin has whatever Mana Crystals were left from the pillaging of Callibass' laboratory. Should he find himself on the Sarradic front he will have the respect of Mallina and her Steel Wall mercenaries.
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