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Initial Brief

Rumours have emerged among the adventuring community in recent weeks of a break in of some apparent significance at the Acryn City Hall, and the Council museaum within it has been “closed for refurbishment” during this period. In last few days, notices have appeared on various job posting boards seeking investigators to follow up a “minor mystery” on behalf of the council. Interested applicants are instructed to contact facilities supervisor Chiara Walker at the city hall.



The last assassin falls to the ground screaming, his face melting away like the others, leaving the party in possession of the chest and the culprit. As they try to leave (several of the bodies in tow) the statues challenge them, but summoning forth his majestic power, Lord Blackthorne declares himself to be the king of Acryn, and they kneel before him (much to the surprise of the rest of the party). This opportunity is used to cheese it before further unhappiness occurs.

Returning to the city, the party take their find and prisoner to Chiara Walker, who thanks them for their excellent work. The chest appears to contain reams and reams of documents, many in code, some of which appear to date back to the very founding of Acryn. There are suggestions of considerable numbers of hidden secrets within, and trusted scholars will be detailed to go through the works looking for anything of value. Vincent requests that any significant finds regarding the origin of the tender church be shared with them, and this is agreed to. Most of the party take their pay and leave. Lord Blackthorne stays, insisting on being allowed full access to the papers.

After some extensive legal wranglings, and several refused drinks, the agreement made is that Lord Blackthorne’s scholars will get second sight of anything not thought to have civic security implications. OOC: There is a chance that some choice secrets will slip through to Blackthorne’s men, so this can be used as the basis for future adventure requests in consultation with the GM team. Unbeknownst to Walker, Lord Blackthorne has also liberated a map from the stash, and puts it to work through subtle channels to try and contact the Royalist conspiracy behind the events.

[Name] examines the corpses of the assassins alongside some city doctors, and finds that a.) Almost all identifying marks seem to have been removed off the figures and b.) there’s no obvious cause of death for the one who died spontaneously. Alchemy has been ruled out, as has divine intervention from any of the four gods of Acryn.

Lord Blackthorne makes an offer to buy out Geoffrey's contract, but is politely refused.

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