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Alise Luckner


Elder sister to Eric Luckner and joint heir to what remains of the once considerable Luckner estate, Alise is well known as a priest of the Tender. The Luckners are known to have a particular interest in helping improve the food situation in Acryn. She and her brother tend to stick close to each other. Not perhaps the bravest or most talented combatant, but it's always useful to have a Tender priest around.


Class: Tender Priest Background #1: Doctor Background #2: Noble Skills

  • Divine Favour 1
  • Emergency Aid (free with background)
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Resuscitate
  • Wealth 2(noble)
  • Miracle: Healing light (Divine Favour free spell)
  • Miracle: Healing wave
  • Miracle: Geyser
  • Miracle: Wave of fertility
  • Improved Divine Aura (party heals2 after every E)
  • Divine Favour 2
  • Miracle: Healing Touch (Divine Favour free spell)
  • Miracle: Convalescence
  • Congregation (medium) - Tender
  • Congregation (medium) - Eric
  • Church Backing
  • Particularly Favoured (epic tree) (Can use Healing Touch 3 times per encounter for free)
  • Estates (noble3, can have a second resource)
  • Noble Contacts
  • Council contacts
  • Blessed Regeneration
  • Eric Luckner's Favour (+2 NatAC while alongside citizens of Acryn)
  • Eric Luckner Favour free spell - Armour of the City
  • Divine Favour 3
  • Miracle - Rejuvenation (heal full) (Divine Favour free spell)
  • Miracle - Healing Flood
  • True Name of the Tender
  • Touch of Divinity Eric - sense divine power, 1 minor boon 1pA

Resources: Two medium farms, congregation 1, noble wealth 2
Income per adventure (not counting IC payment): 162 riel (farms) or 90, -2 health, church contacts
Inventory: 1 mass heal 4, 1 5sec agility, 1 heal full, 3 deathward, 2 heal 4, 4 stoneskin, 3 heal 0, 1 sleepdeath, 1 dumb drunk, 4 revenant, 4 lightsticks
231 riel

+2 hit due to farms = 6+2+2 if with other citizens of Acryn (via Eric). XP spent 21, 4 free, +2 balance points from system adjustments
XP Available: 0


Once PA, Alise will become extremely susceptible and suggestible, either at GM discretion (based on what the dragon Carleon would do) or at random.


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