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The Great Flux Hunt

Initial Brief

“The Wayfinder's Guild would like to engage the assistance of as many skilled hunters, trackers and combatants as possible for an expedition to the Southern Mountains. Please apply at the Guild hall as soon as possible for further information. 30 Acra base a head, with generous performance related bonuses available.”



30 acra pay 5 acra extra for all except Seth


The anomaly escapes into Caul after the destruction of the last of the flux-soldiers, promising to find and speak to the party again in the future.
The party return to the camp pretending to have been scattered by the cave-in and immediately begin to bullshit furiously. Thanks to liberal application of falsehoods they are able to conceal their involvement in the escape and are paid by the guild. The troubles are blamed on thieves, miners, hallucinogens or Caulish insurgents.

After being paid in false coin by the Guild representative Seth reveals his abilities to demand they are replaced. Then Seth tells the hired help that Guild are jerks and stomps off home.

An exploratory trip by the remaining party members and Lord Graves' crew into Caul finds no trace of the Anomaly and eventually the expedition heads home.

Harlon keeps in touch with the Scholars from the College of the Stars, and receives an invitation to a dinner with them.

Jarred and Gidner both share contact details with the party to facilitate future trade and cooperation.

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