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City of the Dead

Initial Brief

“Posters have began to appear around Acrin bearing the symbol of Mellisa Darrish a minor fellow in the college of stars.

Adventurers and helping hands wanted for an archeological expedition to the legendary golden city of Atium. Wayfinders especially welcome. Please enquire at the college for more details.”



The party sets out to attempt to find the city based on the research done over many years by Marrissa Darrish. After fighting their way past several thugs and some all too familiar claw fiends the party come across an anomaly by the name of Green Thomas however after promising to give half of what they find in the mythical city to the poor he lets them pass. They do also however hint that he may find richer pickings on the road between Acryn and Margush and even provide helpful directions so that he can find his way.

After getting some directions from a tribe of desert Nomads the party eventually reach the city and all pass the test given by the gate guardian proving that none of them are strongly affiliated with any dragons. Strangely once inside they find that the entire city is consensus despite having no visible inhabitants. Anders is also surprised to notice that there appears to be almost no sign of any religious structures at all. The party do however eventually find a small group of people who claim that they were trapped in the city after entering it and even make outlandish claims that the dead walk the streets. When the party test whether they can leave they find that it is indeed true that they can't, although the effect does not appear to be magical. As they do so however they are accosted by a group of spirits who ask for their help to stop some Serradic infiltrators who are attempting to destroy the bindings upon the city so that it may be used as a staging most for an invasion across the desert.

The party head to the Ziggurat at the centre of the city to attempt to stop this. After fighting their way past a series of traps they eventually find and confront the Serradic infiltrators, although one wayfinder escapes.

Moving on the party reaches the innermost room of the ziggurat which is the tomb of the protector of the city. This room is filled with numerous strange items, with a sarcophagus in the centre and a spiderweb design in silk festooning everything. As the party approaches a glowing green figure appears and introduces itself as Seneschal, the guardian of the city. When asked it explains how the point of the city was to protect those who died within from being consumed by the dragons and appeared surprised when the party seemed to be unaware that souls were consumed by the dragons upon death. When asked about it's origins it claimed to be the child of Triskelion and Valknut, birthed along with it's 26 siblings as the first humans to walk upon the world.

When asked how they may leave Seneschal says that their is a loophole in the bindings as those that bear his mark may leave. He offers to bestow this mark upon the party if they swear never again to speak of the city as he fears that it's discovery may lead to it's destruction. After some talk of just destroying the bindings the party all agree to this and are granted the right to take an item from the burial gifts scattered throughout the tomb as thanks. When upon leaving Gregory attempts to take as many coins as possible out of the city, although he finds that he can only take what he has been given and anything else still refuses to leave the city. Professor Darrish however, elects to stay in the city and study it rather than leave never to speak of it.

When they get back to Acryn the party find themselves unable to speak of the city but can talk of what they learned there about the dragons.

In the following weeks it becomes apparent that the trade between Margush and Acryn has been severely interrupted by the predations of a bandit calling himself Green Thomas.



  • 30 Riel
  • Large Golden statue (Can be sold in the shop for the maximum price on this and the next four adventures)
  • Having given away half of his reward Carter has the Goodwill of Green Thomas who will be friendly towards him should they ever meet again.
  • Bears the mark of the seneschal on Chest ?
  • Has seen the lost places.


  • 30 Riel
  • A strange Doll made of Woven cloud and earth. Very powerful binding and unification component.
  • Bears the mark of the Seneschal on Base of foot.
  • The ill-will of Green Thomas.


  • 30 Riel
  • A strange Block of marble supposedly taken from the Primal's birthplace. Meditating on this item will have strange effects as you begin to feel more vital. Please speak to Larpo to discuss mechanical effects.
  • Seneschal Mark on forehead.
  • The ill-will of Green Thomas.


  • The Shield of the Seneschal. A master-crafted shield bearing the sigil of the seneschal but with no other discernible properties.
  • 30 Riel
  • Seneschals mark on right hand.
  • The ill-will of Green Thomas.
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