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Mark Carter the Shepherd [Dead]


After his mentor and friends were cut down by the machinations of wayfinder supremacists, Mark was expelled from the Wayfinder's Guild allegedly for failing to handle the situation satisfactorily but actually because he informed the wrong people that the supremacist movement might have some traction within the Guild.

Now, after undergoing a brutal training regime at a local pub, he seeks work as a Rogue Wayfinder Hunter, fighting to ensure the safety of the world for law abiding wayfinders and (puny) mundanes alike!

Following a number of run ins with anomalies friendly and fearsome, death, rebirth, finding love and occasionally actually battling rogue wayfinders, Mark has now found himself accepting a new identity as The Shepherd.

The Shepherd died to protect his flock.



Background #1:Survival

Background #2:Rapier


  • Find the Path (free)
  • Know the Flux's Touch
  • Choose the Path
  • Inertial Barrier
  • Lash Out
  • Concealed Arts
  • Repair the Form
  • Restore the Form
  • Patch the Cracks
  • Repairing Inertial Barrier
  • Flux Shaping- Items
  • Flux Shaping- Landscaping
  • Flux Shaping- Worldscaping
  • Flux Summoning
  • Unmaking
  • Shifting Sands
  • Flux Masterwork
  • Make History
  • Know the Consensus

Epic Skills

  • Feel the Weave

Divine Favour of Vanessa

  • Defy

Personal Power

  • Personal Aura
  • Miracle

Background Skills

  • Survivalist
  • Using the Land
  • Guide
  • Use Rapier
  • Rapier Talent 1
  • Rapier Finesse
  • Rapier Potency

Hits: 5 + 2 (+4 Flux)


  • 1 DODGE + 1 in Flux
  • 1 DODGE + 1 Party DODGE in standard and harsh terrains
  • 1 ENTANGLE in survival terrains
  • 1 Party DODGE in Flux
  • 1 Party Ranged STRIKEDOWN when under a negative call effect.
  • 2x BLIND 5 in Flux after being hit
  • 2x Disarm or Weaken


  • Standard Rapier x2
  • Superior Rapier x2
  • Superior Dagger
  • Superior Light Armour
  • 5x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 3x Remove Fatigue
  • 4x Armour Oil
  • 5x Heal 2
  • 0x Heal 0
  • Mastercrafted Conjurer's wand - 1xBLIND per Adventure
  • 60??? Serradic coinage
  • Part ownership of masked dancer statue

372 riel


Income: 27R Confectionery Store(as per Shop) (45R for next 1 adventures due to selling treasure)


Anomalies Encountered

  • Thistle (Deceased)
  • The Great Marvolo (Killed)
  • Green Thomas (Parted on good terms)
  • The Snow Queen (True loves)
  • The Thief (Respected rivalry)

Marks and Deformities

  • Marked by The Protector (No longer physical mark)

Non-standard Reality Observations

  • Lost places (via observation of an ancient dead Primal)
  • The Undefined (via Upheaval Ground Zero)


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