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Are You Watching Closely?

Initial Brief

Rumour has reached Acryn of shows of great magicians with amazing powers in the city of Margush. While many claim that these always turn out to be merely two bit conjurers and tricksters with insignificant amounts of power, the stories are still causing quite a stir.

Meanwhile a notice has been seen around the city. - “The Council requests a group of adventurous individuals to investigate certain discrepancies. Keen minds and discretion required. Must be willing to travel.”



Our heroes, Mark Carter and Victor Constanza, confront the flux anomaly, the Great Marvolo, atop the floating platform in the centre of the lake. After a fierce, spectacular battle, during which Marvolo turned into a giant wyvern, our heroes emerged battered but victorious. Taking the gem known as the Heart of the Lake, they disappeard in a puff of smoke.

Afterwards, Alberto took to the stage, for the show must go on, though it was not his act that was talked about for weeks afterwards. There was considerable applause, though, when the True Marvolo, revealed himself and announced his return from retirement. Word has it that the magical duo are planning to tour the continent with their show.

Meanwhile, Carter and Constanza returned the gem to the merchant, Sven Levine, and were rewarded with money and a crate of wine. They then departed for Acryn, accompanied by the rescued spy, Damien. There, they reported back to the Council Representative who had not deigned to introduce himself, giving a full debrief and were commended for their work by Damien. They received their payment from the Unintroduced Fellow. On their way out, Carter also claimed the pay for Marcus, the guide who appeared to have betrayed them.

Carter went on to sell the wine that graciously gifted to them and they split the proceeds between them.

An investigation was begun into the disappearance of Marcus. Curiously, he seemed to have managed to claim his pay on the same day as he became a wanted man. The secretary is fired. Damien is reassigned to a desk job.

Pay and Snackies

50 Acra each for the job
40 Acra each for return of gem
20 Acra between them for sale of wine
30 Acra between them for Marcus’ pay

Vincent has Marvolo’s Mastercrafted Wand, which he finds has a secret button which launches a dazzling spray of sparks out of the end for a once-per-adventure BLIND 5.

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