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Totum Mundi

Initial Brief

The Tuireann Cult take their forest and plant it safely away from prying hands.



The party head to the heart of their forest to condense it into Selphina’s pearl. One angry mob and some ritual magic later, and they are heading towards Acryn and the Dragon Gate. Getting to the Dragon Gate itself proves to be quite challenging, Nice Lizard converts herself to bronze and takes a sleep of death, very convincingly faking the appearance of a bronze statue. After getting separated several times, causing some serious incidents, nealy allowing a small child to cut Nice Lizard badly enough that she would have started bleeding, becoming kidnapped and stabled, being magically experimented upon, and various other things, the party finally manage to meet up again slightly outside Strossbourg.

On the way to their final destination, the party encounter several opportunities to prove their heroism, including some spontaneously appearing (and disappearing) White Knights and Tree Spirits. They then meet up with some archaeologists heading in the same direction (towards the Twin City of Junnes) and travel together until running into a Fracturing Ritual at the endge of the city’s ruins which prevents the Pearl passing any further.

The party and their archaeologist traveling companions investigate the ritual. Glassinger recognises that the reality within the ritual seems to be completely disconnected from the reality outside, with the specific intent of excluding the Immaculate. Sev recognises that she could probably undo this ritual by unifying the two realities, and is encouraged to do so. While Sev prepares and the Archaeologists argue, Glassinger heads deeper into Junnes. Further in, Glassninger discovers further evidence of ancient ritual work, with a number of static flames floating above sygils carved into the floor, he notes that the flames have a note of the song of ruin about them but that the sygils seem to be entirely unrelated to it. Its about this point that Sev finishes her ritual and the whole of the city is suddenly full of Draconic Entities - several archaeologists are devoured. Some negotiation later and the party accept that they will have to travel around the city, but Glassinger is able to briefly head into Junnes a second time to empower the Song of Ruin within the ritual he found. Within short order the flames overcome the sygils and a massive tower of perfect black forms in the space the sygils ringed.

Eventually the party find a particularly good location to plant their forest on, unfortunately there is already a village there. The party initially try to negotiate and/or trick the villagers into letting them perform the ritual to release the forest in the center of their village. When this fails they beat them into fertiliser. It is at this point that Pig and Sev start to wonder if the rest of the party are in the right here and are promptly also beaten to the floor and then mind-wiped. Having cleared the pesky villagers, the ritual is started and the party have to overcome the overwhelming presence that resists their efforts: an ancient Primal who is the very continent on which they stand. Glassinger shatters his own (Primal) heart in order to shatter the continent’s heart, weakening the entity sufficiently that the rest of the party could overwhelm it. Upon its defeat the forest rushes across the continent, overrunning any area which did not already have a reasonably dense population (essentially Strossbourg, Valydd, their closest satelite towns, and the stretch of coast between the two).

Following their success the party travel back towards Strossbourg, where they find an army arrayed against the edge of the forest. The party travel on a bit, reasoning that the army can’t surround the entire forest, before eventually realising that the army can barricade the entire edge of the forest, and apparently have. The party brainstorm other methods of getting home, before feeding Nice Lizard some particularly reflective metal, polishing her newly shiny skin, then skinning her and using her skin to step into the realm of the Splintered Man and return to Acryn.

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