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Not Glassinger (Dead)


Glassinger recently arrived from Liarus, fleeing ahead of the Sarradic invasion. He claims to be a former resident of Junnes and is apparently searching for 'The Immaculate', though whether that's an object or some sort of abstract good is a bit unclear.

In truth he is The Glass Singer, part of a dragon cult devoted to the destruction of the world so that The Immaculate (dragons) may be freed from the current bonds of existence, and a new, possibly greater world might be formed. To this end he is seeking knowledge of the fabled Song of Ruin, a incantation of such potency that all creation will be shattered by its invocation.

In the demi-plane of the Archmage Vulstragorn he recovered the Dragon's Eye, and through it contacted Carlaeon, pledging his commitment to end the existence of all non-draconic life. This pleased the cosmic evil, who took the young mage as a willing tool.

But this individual is not the Glass Singer, although he has heard of the man and is heartened to hear of another on this most holy of quests. This man bears whatever name is pleasing to his master, whatever guise is useful to his mission: to bring true freedom into reality, freedom for the only beings that matter. He is a cracking vessel for the Song of Ruin, and he has but a few more fragments to learn before his work is done.



Background #1:Great Weapon

Background #2:Two Weapon


  • Protomana Tolerance 1
  • Protomana Tolerance 2
  • Use Great Weapon
  • Mana Sense
  • Great Weapon Talent 1
  • Great Weapon Finesse
  • Great Weapon Potency
  • Tough
  • Tough
  • Implement Use
  • Retrieve Implement
  • Mana Simulation
  • Minor Ritualist
  • Ambidextrous


  • Fault of Footing
  • Fault's Unveiled
  • Sapping Steel
  • Fault of Memory
  • Fault of Power
  • Faultlines
  • Fault of Earth


  • Trace the Flow of Life
  • Excise the Treacherous Heart
  • Brand the Memory
  • Cut the Thread
  • Steal the Scarred Soul

Arcane Curse

  • Draconic Insight
  • Draconic Influence
  • Acceptance of Fate


  • Aura of Destruction
  • Archetypal Armament


Hits: 9+2

2x Wound 10, 6x Strikedown, 2x Shatter
4 Protomana


  • Superior Greatsword
  • Standard Greatsword
  • Light Armour
  • Dagger
  • 3 Mana Crystals
  • 0 Restoration of the Flesh
  • 1 Resist Fatigue
  • Crudely skinned alpha wolf pelt
  • Heart of the Wolf-chieftain
  • Fragment from the broken staff of Bluemist
  • Fragments of Fractura's implement
  • Vulstragorn's Duelling Mask: allows the wearer to see the world with the 'Faults unveiled' spell always up. This has the unfortunate side effect of gradually driving the wearer insane, slowly and insidiously (unbeknown to the wearer their hits in psychic combat type situations will be halved) . It's probably why Vulstragorn stopped using it. Annoyingly it takes some time to 'warm up' when put on, and its effect only begins the encounter after it is donned, if it's taken off for even a moment the 'warm up' resets.
  • Vulstragorn's Malfunctioning Seven League Boots (repaired): a set of elegant leather boots that allow the user to stride leagues with a step. Unfortunately they in no way adapt the body to this and so the step tears the wearer in half. Thankfully Logan's efforts ensure that at the completion of the step the halves of the body are united once more. Mechanically, twice per adventure, the wearer may step to anywhere in the patch of consensus they occupy. However, the tearing means they are helpless (effectively bleeding out) for two minutes while taking the step.
  • The Dragon's Eye: an evil crystal ball that let's you gaze into the void. Invariably it gazes back.

Acceptance of Fate

You have stolen power from the Immaculate, and now you reject the very bonds the world places upon you. You exude a strange aura, as if the very air were trying not to touch you. As well as frightening strangers, this also means that you are slightly easier to track than most people as the talented see subtle signs that the very earth tried to avoid your footsteps.

Mundane bonds that you touch melt away in green fire (ropes on your arms, a lock in a door). This ability cannot be turned off, and can have wide and varying definitions of a bond at the whim of the GM (e.g., shoelaces).

Once per an adventure you may turn your attention to destroying a more potent bond (be it a magical door, a mind control spell, or the “rights” of a slave owner).

Bonds you have over others will be destroyed over time, they will not remember they owe you a favour, or an item you purchased, or (given enough time apart) even that you were once friends. Of particular note, this means that if you attempt to collect payment for adventuring separately from the rest of the party, your employer will not pay up.

If you have it, you may use the spell “Fault of Power” to destroy an item related to one of the dragons in order to engage in a short dialogue with them. The more strongly related the artefact, the longer the dialogue will be. As per the usual rules for the spell, purchasing these between adventures is possible, but this will only allow a short dialogue (1 or 2 responses tops).

Resources- Gang of Hoodlums 104R


  • 3 Syllables of Ruin
  • 3 Resists Binding Magic, 3 Resists Wounding Magic, 3 Resists Leader Miracles, 3 Resists Traitor Miracles


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