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Broken Cage

Initial Brief

Following a magical break-out from the most secure wing of Acryn's prison, adventurers are urgently requested to help the City Watch track down and aprehend the fugitives. There are bounties avaliable for each fugitive returned, plus a bonus for discovering how they managed to escape.



In the process of recapturing the fugitives, the party discover that some of them have had alchemic-magical devices surgically implanted in their chests which were alarmingly explosive when removed. They eventually find the mastermind behind the whole scheme – the criminologist Nathaniel Thornton. Unfortunately, Thornton managed to escape when his super-soldiers attempted to rescue him and though he was eventually apprehended in his Arcane Library, the diversion resulted in his plan coming to fruition. He explained his plan to build an army of super-soldiers by having the fugitives recaptured and their proximity-activated chest bombs going off in magical quarantine, blowing the front of the prison off and giving him easy access to hundreds of desperate criminals.

The party race back toward the prison but it is too late and they see the explosion from across the city. All they can do when they arrive is to help the Watch stem the tide of escaping prisoners, holding them off until Glassinger can collapse a tower to seal the breach, narrowly avoiding crushing Felicity. As the dust settles, Glassinger is seen standing atop a pile of corpses.

In the aftermath of the escape, the party return to Thonton’s library to secure him and search for evidence. Jeremy finds the recipe and designs for the bombs, though Twine promptly shreds it. Colin, Glassinger and Jeremy browse the library, taking a few books of interest while Felicity pockets 5 riel worth of trinkets.

Glassinger returns to the collapsed warehouse that was once the hideout of the Crane Twins and salvages the automatons, selling them as spare parts to the Clockworker’s Guild for 50 riel. His newly acquired gang, the Hammers has suffered losses but successfully quashed the Claw-Fiends, though their leader the Wizard Lizard has escaped. Glassinger effectively has 23R towards Gang of Hoodlums or one of its upgrades.

Glassinger has caught the attention of the Watch with his world-ending philosophy, though he is unaware that he’s being periodically tailed.

Felicity, meanwhile, is well aware of where the representatives are and carefully avoids them.

Back in the Church of the Stanchion, Richard Twine calls upon the attention of his gods and releases the thousands of proto-baby souls into their care. It is a very odd sensation.

The Watch have their work cut out on recapturing the escaped prisoners and keeping order. Pointed questions are asked about the competency of the Watch and the Council and there is pressure on the Council to increase their use of capital punishment. In the ruins of Acryn Prison work goes on around the clock on assessing the damage and securing the remaining inmates. It takes several days to recover the bodies trapped beneath the rubble. After Warden Ratcliffe is informed of the full extent of the catastrophe, he is reported to have exclaimed “Oh my Gods! Prisoner One has escaped!”

The party is paid a total of 86 riel each for their services.

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