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Felicity Morning (Retired)


Felicity is an young adult from the shadier side of Acryn, who grew up in poverty and with no discernible family. She's been a petty thief since she can remember, but mostly kept a low profile and never ventured out of the city until she came of age - whereupon she realised she's a Wayfinder. She's now trying to work out how to turn this to her advantage.


Class: Wayfinder

Background #1: Thief

Background #2: Weapon Use


  • Find the Path (free)
  • Lash Out
  • Concussive Bolt
  • Know the Flux's Touch
  • Patch the Cracks
  • Flux Shaping - Items
  • Flux Shaping - Landscaping
  • Flux Shaping - Worldshaping
  • Choose the Path
  • Repair the Form
  • Repairing Inertial Barrier
  • Restoring Inertial Barrier
  • Resilient Inertial Barrier
  • Inertial Barrier
  • Durable Inertial Barrier
  • Airblade Shaping
  • Heal the Flux Flesh
  • Tear the Flux Flesh
  • Annihilation of Form
  • Wayfinder Insight: Master Shaper: Unmaking
  • Wayfinder Insight: Master Shaper: Fluxquake
  • Wayfinder Insight: Master Shaper: Flux Surrogate
  • Canvas of Creation: Feel the Weave
  • Tough x3
  • Light Armour Training x3
  • Light Armour Swiftness
  • Use Weapon (bastard weapon)
  • Weapon Talent 1
  • Weapon Potency (1xstrikedown, disarm per encounter, 1xshatter per adventure (2-handed))
  • Larceny
  • Edificeer
  • Pickpocket
  • Flanking
  • Guild Membership
  • Solid Reputation
  • Guild Backing
  • Guild Councillor
  • Divine Aura of the Rampant
  • Level 1 Miracle of the Rampant: Projected Pain
  • Level 2 Miracle of the Rampant: Mind over Matter
  • Personal Power: Personal Aura
    • (Every member of the party who knows your epithet gains 1 RESIST per encounter to mind-altering effects (DOMINATE, FEAR, MESMERISE, ENRAGE).)
  • Personal Power: Reflection of Thyself
    • (In the presence of 8+ people who know your epithet: Each encounter, until you choose to strike, or until 60s after the first attempt to strike you, call IMMUNE to all offensive calls.)
  • Personal Power: Miracle
    • (Minimum of 3 people present who know epithet, 15s roleplay: miracle concerning Self-preservation and Rationality.)
  • Personal Power: Favouritism


  • 11+6(+8)
  • Calls: doubles with bastard sword
  • Other calls (in flux):
    • 15-sec 1-handed strikedown
    • 15-sec 2-handed rend
    • 5-sec doubles against flux/singles against non-flux
    • restore 1 pt inertial barrier in 5 secs
    • fully restore inertial barrier in 10 secs no fighting
    • 2xencounter blind 5
    • 1 dodge per encounter for party
    • 1xencounter ranged (2m) weaken on flux creature or shatter on flux item
    • 1xencounter 10-sec (one hand to ground) ranged blast double
    • 2xadventure flux surrogate (20 body hits, strengthened, triple strikedown on death if you want)
  • Other calls (not in flux)
    • 1xdodge
    • 1xencounter strikedown
    • 1xencounter disarm
    • 1xadventure shatter (2-handed)
    • 2x +1 damage per encounter
  • Rampant-related calls, upon drinking potion, taking 5-sec rend and feeling heightened emotions:
    • call unarcable mass version of a rend, wound, fear or blind
    • if hit by rend, wound or damage over triple, take a strengthen
    • Aura (does not require potion): chant about free will for 10 seconds per Do As You Will, free of effects until stop chanting (note can only defend while chanting, not attack).
  • Income: 9R


  • Superior bastard sword
  • Superior light armour
  • Mastercrafted red velvet waistcoat and cap, leather riding trousers and gloves.
  • 109R
  • A potion that causes the user to forget a length of time
  • A single dose of magical canapés that will turn anyone who eats them to gold.
  • Armed Associates (criminal old friends)
  • Divine favour of the Rampant
  • Inner Circle Quirk: Olivia Darrish
  • Potions:
    • 4 x Heal 0
    • 1 x Sleep of Death
    • 1 x Nightsight
    • 2 x Leeching Touch
    • 2 x Heal 4
    • 1 x Resist Fatigue (30 secs of strengthen)
    • 11 x Soul Strength (strengthen for encounter)

XP spent


XP unspent



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