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They defeat the increasingly-distressed Golem, leaving it trapped behind rubble in the attic, and race downstairs. Meanwhile, Hardy strolls through the familiar servants' entrance and kitchens to meet them on the ground floor.

In the experimental cellars of the Guild, they find cells through whose doors they call in sequence. Shambling horrors of composite flesh, cobbled together from Flux, groan and are released. One is allowed to bumble up the corridor, damaging everything on the way. The Changeling Anomaly of Weftwarp sees Vermilion's nature, which is denied; convinced they are benign, Vermilion releases them, and they disappear into the Flux.

Vermilion's Anomalous nature emerges at this point.

Attempting to escape the Wayfinders' Guild, they emerge into a fracas of confusion and political protest. Servants protest above the chanting that the party have released an abomination from below, and there are intruders in the Guild. The Guards are on high alert. Hardy leaps out of a window, goes around the side, and reenters the kitchen, saving Octavian. He convinces a guard to take him to Counsellor ?, who is enraged at his ward's actions. Hardy dooms himself with ill-conceived explanations, and is unceremoniously kicked out. Fleeing from shouts of 'STOP THAT MONKEY', Hardy and Octavian sprint to a window and bravely launch themselves out into the crowd of activists. Hardy crowdsurfs, Octavian is less lucky. Felicity heads straight to her office, changes and simply walks out.

Octavian is convinced that Vermilion is a threat of some significant rank, and convinces Hardy to Worldwake alongside him. Suffering in Flux twice stabilised, Vermilion's Anomaly heart starts to fail him. Felicity calls down her miracle. Hardy, true to his Wayfinder nature, suddenly Feels the Flux's Touch. Vermilion clings to his true self, talking of the Queen of the Blood Forest. He, supported by Felicity, calls down a Builder Miracle on the stone heart to keep himself alive.

And realising that Vermilion is in the process of expiring, Octavian uses Make History on his heart.


Felicity Morning:

  • 45R + 2 x Fine Caulish wine worth Potion Class B
  • Well placed to move for high position in the Wayfinders'Guild

Vermillion Magnifico:

  • Heart tbc
  • 40R + 2 x Fine Caulish wine worth Potion Class B

Octavian Caecilius:

  • 40R + 2 x Fine Caulish wine worth Potion Class B
  • May advance in the East Empire Company

Hardy Quinn:

  • Knows The Flux's Touch
  • 40R + 2 x Fine Caulish wine worth Potion Class B
  • Is accepted by the East Empire Company
  • Has an arrest warrant out by the Watch
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