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Company Manager Octavian Caecilius


A clerk employed by the East Empire Company to act as an assistant (and to keep an eye on) Hugh Branch. He is typically seen around the city hurrying between meetings carrying one of his various colour coded ringbinders containing information on various threats to the fabric of reality and by all accounts has no understanding of the concept of irony. He intensely dislikes wizards who behave irresponsibly and endanger the consensus through their magics. He is currently dating a member of Hugh Branch's crew called Stephano.

As of Baker's Dozen Octavian has become a little more sombre after uncovering Hugh was behind the kidnapping of Joshua James's family… and being told that Wayfinders did not exist before the Upheaval… which obviously can't be true… can it? Having taken Hugh's old office in the East Empire Company, giving him the chance to finally reorganise his bookshelves, he is currently harbouring Stephano to keep him from the justice of the Watch. Although their relationship has become more than a little awkward. He is also instructing Joshua's child, Jeremiah, in the hope that he will become the “right kind” of Wayfinder.

As of The Last War Octavian became trapped in stasis, on the edge of life and death for all eternity, in the process of creating a new Serradic afterlife.


Class: Wayfinder

  • Affiliation: East Empire Company (question)
  • Reputed (question)
  • Backing (Solve a problem)
  • Guild Councillor
  • Inertial barrier
  • Find the path
  • Know the flux's touch
  • Lash out
  • Choose the path
  • Tough
  • Light armour training
  • Flux shaping: items
  • Flux shaping: landscaping
  • Flux shaping: worldshaping
  • Patch the cracks
  • Repair the form
  • Repairing Inertial barrier
  • Durable Inertial barrier
  • Concussive Bolt
  • Shake reality's fetters
  • Destabalisation
  • Permenant Stabalisation

Wayfinder Insight: Harbringer of Concensus

  • Worldwake
  • Make History
  • Will of the Concensus
  • Call forth the Will

Background #1: Bastard Sword

  • Use weapon
  • Weapon Talent 1

Background #2:

Epic Tree: Divine Favour of the One True Voice

  • Miraculous power: The Only Sensible Person in the Room
  • Divine Aura
  • Greater Miraculous power: Oh fuck

Epic Tree: Canvas of Creation * Feel the weave


XP Spend



  • 204 R + 25 if Tabitha and Hugh don't resurface before his next adventure +120 from EEC + 150 from council (maybe on hold)
  • Bastard sword
  • Standard light armour


  • Spymaster General for the Serradic Empire


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