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Hardy Quinn


Hardy woke up one morning. They were a chimp. They were angry. They found their quick little hands were suitable for daggers. They found that shanking came naturally to them. They were less angry. Then they went to work.

(Post Spice Must Flow)

As everyone who meets Hardy can attest, they have a winsome personality, and as a consequence Hardy has managed to earn the trust of the Iron Chef, who has inducted Hardy into the esoteric ways of the Spice Maidens. Hardy now sports a blood-red children's sized chef outfit, and smells vaguely of spices.

(Post Some Kind of a Party)

As a consequence of a perfectly legal security detail, Hardy finds themselves the property of the Wayfinder's Guild, under the watchful eye of Councillor Lazaro. This terrifies Hardy, as the only thing they've seen the Wayfinder's Guild do to monkeys is some sort of creepy autopsy. Hardy spends as much time training in the Spice Dojo as possible, to get away from the Guild and from Lazaro. Here Hardy overcomes their sibling chefs' reticence at letting an 'animal' into the kitchen was the raw power of their reductions, concocting a jus that wins the coveted nod of approval from the Iron Chef herself.

And in stranger news, Lazaro turns out to maybe not to be some kind of horrible monster after all? With the encouragement of two adult mentors who seem to be genuinely concerned about Hardy's development as a person, Hardy starts to feel strangely positive, like they might have great potential after all. Hardy had always figured that they were a failure as a Wayfinder because they couldn't tell the difference between something made of flux and something 'real'…but Lazaro explains that each Wayfinder sees things differently, and each come into their abilities at different speeds.

(Post Here Kitty Kitty Kitty)

Hardy has been training hard under the Iron Chef and Councillor Lazaro. Here's what happened in the case of the latter.

In the meantime, Hardy has enthusiastically begun meetings of the 'Ensolled Animal's Suport Groop', which is basically a nice excuse to chat to other ensouled beings and talk about whatever over Guild-sponsored tea and cake. (Hardy makes the cake. It is delicious). Hardy has been learning etiquette at a noble finishing school in preparation for their aspirations to become Guild Ambassador, and so serves the cake on fine ceramics, with florid, delicate, movements. In this arena, Hardy is capable of ignoring their formerly overpowering tendency to violence, even when Lupin eschews the pastry fork in lieu of his claws. Alexander grudgingly approves, but this doesn't stop him from offering a constant stream of pointers, which Hardy takes on board with good grace.

(post ???)

Hardy has now been Abnegated.


Class: Wayfinder (Scion of the Flux)

Backgrounds and Epic Trees

  • Dagger
  • Very Tough
  • Disciple of the Way of Spice


  • Non-human (chimp); Unusually Small (-2 base hits, +1 dodge, gains dodge instead of +hits for tough)
  • Anomaly

Quirk: Anomaly You have become intrinsically entwined with the Flux. Any Wayfinder insights you have are immediately lost, and replaced with Scion of the Flux.

  • You may, at any point, increase the amount of hit points you have in the flux (from both body and armour sources). Any increase results in an equal loss of hits while in the consensus. You must maintain at least a single hit in the consensus to remain a playable character.
  • You may, at any point, gain increased usage of per-encounter skills while in the flux. Each addition use available to you in the flux must come at the loss of an available use while in the consensus.
  • Underdog: Once per an adventure while in the flux you may aid someone who is outmatched and outclassed. They gain the following effects: HEAL FULL, RENEW FULL, STRENGTHEN, TAKE ONLY SINGLES. GAIN IMMUNE TO <pick any 1 call>. It is physically painful to watch someone being outmatched and to not help (you do not need to use this ability to count as helping), take a REND while watching someone being outmatched and not helping.


  • 6 hits (3 body hits + 5 armour) [+ 4 armor in flux]
  • 8 rolling dodges
  • XP spent: 34

Skills - Passive - Utility

  • Find The Path
  • Disciple of the Iron Chef (contact: Iron Chef of the Spice Maidens)

Skills - Passive - Combat

  • Inertial Barrier
  • Tough Lv.1 (+1 dodge)
  • Tough Lv.1 (+1 dodge)
  • Tough Lv.2 (+1 dodge)
  • Tough Lv.3 (+1 dodge)
  • Tough Lv.3 (+1 dodge)
  • Light Armor Training
  • Light Armor Swiftness lv.2 (+1 dodge)
  • Dagger Mastery (+1 dodge)
  • Knife Fighter (may call single through with dagger)
  • Dagger Mastery v.2 (may call double through with dagger)
  • Know the Flux's Touch
  • Patch the Cracks
  • Repair the Form
  • Repairing Inertial Barrier
  • Item Shaping
  • Landscaping
  • Worldshaping
  • Choose the Path
  • Bastard Weapon skills

Skills - Active

  • [Lash Out (2x blind 5 when in flux)]
  • Dagger Talent (4x melee rend per encounter)
  • Condiment Projection - 5 spice form (1x ranged Blind 10 p/e if expend one spice pack)
  • Four Ways of Ingedient Preparation Fist
  • Persistence
  • Ambience
  • Personal Enhancement
  • Overload
  • Concussive Bolt
  • More Flux Than Mortal
  • Repairing Inertial Barrier
  • Restoring Inertial Barrier
  • Durable Inertial Barrier
  • Resilient Inertial Barrier
  • Shake Reality's Fetters
  • Destabilisation
  • Perfect Culinary Stance: Calm in the Kitchen's Chaos


  • 27 Riel (Wealth lv.1)
  • Cash in hand: 24 riel


  • Superior Light Armor
  • Standard Light Armor
  • Spice pack x12
  • Superior Dagger x2
  • Standard Dagger x2
  • Potions: 6x Heal 0
  • Several fine monkey-sized noble's outfits, including a butler outfit
  • monkey-sized blood red chef's outfit


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