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Some Sort of a Party

Initial Brief

The Adventures Guild has put out a request on the behalf of Arlean Terrec for some talented individuals to ensure that the party she is hosting in 3 days hence runs smoothly. Prospective employees are to present themselves at the Terrec's town house tomorrow morning.

Pay - 30 Riel Danger rating 1/9



The party turned up at Arlean Terrecs estate to be told that they were needed to ensure his party was an amazing success, and he had a few problems he needed them to sort out. these were ensuring the wine shipment got through and collecting the fabric that should have arrived already.

The party set out to find the caravan and escort them to the city. a few miles up the road they found the remains of a caravan beset by wolves. the party drove off the wolves and spoke to the survivors. it was all going well until Hardy suggested they sell the bones of their dead friends to make some money. before the survivors left in horror the party was able to get a description of the bandits who attacked them.

The party then tracked down the bandits. the bandits were lead by a dashing noble who thought that copying the tales of green thomas would be a great idea. after slaughtering his flux bandits and otto binding his courage they discovered that he had been put up to this by a marcus graves.

The party collected the wine and headed back to the city, where they were set upon by bees leaving most of them heavily poisoned. upon reaching the city derek took the wine back to the estate and then found a medic to treat the poison. otto when back to the embassy to request a solution and adam and hardy went to the tender church, where with an extremely generous donation they were promptly seen and cured.

Next the party headed to the fabric shop to obtain the fabric. there seemed to be a bit of confusion on whether it had arrived or not and so the party headed down to the warehouse to check for themselves. they found the warehouse guarded, which surprised the shopboy but Hugh was able to persuade the leader that he should be let in through use of traitors cloak.

while he was inside checking out the warehouse, the guards were preventing anyone else from entering. to try and sort this issue out otto and selphina went to fetch the watch.

The watch showed up to find a group of people trying to enter a warehouse they didn’t have the right to being guarded by people who had no right to be guarding it. the watch took everyone down to the watch house to sort it all out. on the way hardy suggested loudly that the party should have just killed the guards as it would have made everything easier. this did not go down well with the watch, leading him to be questioned to determine the monkey intellectual capabilities. this resulted with it being known in the watch that hardy quinn is developed enough to be tried as an adult, and he was kept in the cells overnight. everyone else was released a few hours later once the issue had been sorted out with a warning not to try and enter warehouses when they did not have written permission from the owner.

the party then went and gained permission from the owner to be there and collected the fabric.

when the party went back to Arlean they found him tasting food for the party. he informed the party that he needed a centerpiece and his great granduncle had hidden some things away including a portrait of Melinda Salic’s coronation in some caves beneath his estate.

the party headed out to the caves and after some searching found the hidden store. however upon touching the portrait the room came alive with traps and unfortunately the portrait did not make it out in good condition.

the party decided to head up to the estate to see if there was any useable art there. on there way they were met by a group of individuals who had a painting that they wished them to display at the party, and they were willing to bribe to do so. after some discussion the party traded pictures and took the 100 reil offered now. the painting was a tasteful nude as far as the party could tell.

the party then headed up to the estate to see if there was anything there, but it had all been destroyed by the claw friend infestation.

it was now getting late so the party hurried back to the city, with otto sitting in a cart attempting to produce a copy of the coronation painting, but due to the fact that he had only seen it in its undamaged state from the other end of a dark room this did not go well.

they arrived back at Arlean’s house 10 minutes before the party was due to start and were quickly pressed into being door guards. at this point everything went wrong leading to several people being stabbed, one dead and several people without invitations getting inside.

After a few people who had been stabbed limped away and told the watch, the watch turned up and took over their duties. shortly after the head of the city watch turned up and the party, save hugh branch who had vanished after the first round of stabbings were arrested and taken to the watch house.

The watch confirmed that the party had indeed been hired as guards for the party, and after questioning them on what they had been doing released otto, selphina and derek after a night in the cells, informing them that standing by while your associates are killing people really isn’t the done thing.

Hardy was charged with disrupting the peace,theft, attempted murder, and murder. he pled guilty to causing a disturbance but not the other charges. after his trial in which his defense to murder, was if he was trying to kill them they would be dead, and thus he was not guilty of attempted murder or murder. with some argument that as he could only have been born after the upheaval and so should be tried as a minor it was decided that he would be put under the guardianship of the wayfinders guild councillor Lazaro who would install some morals in him.

adam was charged with disturbing the peace, attempted murder and murder. he pled not guilty but was unable to adequately explain what was happening, while making some remarks about doing what had to be done which sounded very similar to messages coming out of the traitor church. he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. during the first few weeks of his imprisonment he was transferred to another holding cell or prison every few hours before finding himself in front of an alter. The Civil service person there with her informs her that her definition of what had to be done was flawed and that they would tell her what to do, if she didn’t want it known that she had escaped from prison…

Selphina, Derrick and Otto went to the adventurers guild to obtain their payment. there they found that arlean was not paying for the work given it ended in disaster. all they could obtain was the down payment to the guild of 15 R each. otto sent several messages to the Terrec family through the strossborg agency and eventually gained a reply from walter Terrec providing him the rest of his payment. when hardy was released councillor lazaro ensured that he shared the 100 reil he was carrying from the bribe earlier on, granting the members of the party another 20 reil when they went to the adventurer's guild next.

Hugh branch is wanted by the watch for murder, with wanted posters up of a red skinned man.

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