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Otto Strang


Formerly an apprentice to archmage Lankhar of the university of Strossbourg, Otto has been dispatched to Acryn to bring his tutor news of the city and learn of the foreign magics practised in the West.

Following a magical accident on his first day on the job, Otto now goes around almost completely bandaged to hide his deformity.

After angering the influential Guild Councillor Sarmandastra, Otto was pulled from the Acryn embassy and sent on a punishment posting to the remote isle of Concerto.


Class:Mage (Binding/Scribing)

Background #1: First Aid

Background #2: Organisational Ties


  • Protomana Tolerance 1
  • Mana Sense
  • Emergency Aid
  • Implement Use
  • Protomana Tolerance 2
  • Resuscitate
  • Minor Ritual Caster
  • Ritual Caster
  • Arcane Learnings
  • Loremaster
  • Master Ritualist
  • Distil Mana
  • Mana Simulation
  • Implement Experience
  • Retrieve Implement
  • Rite Focused Implement
  • Dragonsoul Implement
  • Scholar
  • College Contacts
  • College Requisitions
  • College Professor
  • Affiliation: Strossbourg Embassy - Question


  • Bind Item
  • Bind Wound
  • Bind Limb
  • Bind the Wind
  • Bind the Treacherous Heart
  • Bind the Battle
  • Master's Punishment
  • Hold Back the Flow of Live
  • Puppeteer

Guardian of the Forest

  • Sword
  • Buckler
  • 105R
  • 0xRestoration of the Flesh
  • 1x Revenant
  • 1x Soul Strength
  • 2x Mana Crystal
  • The Oracle's business card
  • Several lumps of mana infused flesh
  • 2x Implement Bandages (only one is active at a given time)
  • Delicate chain of bone
  • 23R
  • 1 Mana Crystal or 3 Implement Mana
  • 3 Class B Potions or 1 Mana Crystal
  • Large Library: Journeyman Knowledge- The magic of Strossbourg + Jack of All Trades + Ritual Bonus
  • Homogenised 'meat' body with barky growths
  • Ritually bound against Life-draining
Dragonsoul Implement/Familiar

Once per adventure your familiar may absorb a metaphysically interesting tome or item. This allows you (via your familiar) to use abilities or effects from the tome or item without risking contact with them yourself.

The familiar will be able to outright ignore any negative effects (that aren't designed to target the familiar specifically) from magical doohickeys, and can work on metaphysically interesting items but may not necessarily negate effects from Divine or Flux thingamibobs (GM discretion)

Each time you use this ability, the item and effects within the familiar are replaced. It is not clear what happens to the old item, but you believe they are safely expended (OC note, this wording is to allow for the later reappearance of particularly powerful artefacts, by default an item will be safely destroyed).

The familiar functions as per the Familiar quirk, but with the following bonuses:

  • The familiar may function as one of the three types of Familiar (Combat, Arcane, Soulbound) whenever its per-adventure ability is used.
  • In combat mode the familiar can instead act to maintain a doll-based binding without Otto's involvement
  • The familiar cannot be killed as a normal familiar but follows the same rules for destruction as a Dragon Soul Implement.


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