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Initial Brief

On the 5th anniversary of the upheaval, the People’s college is hosting a conference on the subject of the Flux, the upheaval, and what has been learnt in the last 5 years. The People’s college welcomes any and all experts to present their findings.


Party #1

Party #2


The conference goes well, with expertise and knowledge on the Flux and Upheaval being shared among the attendees. During the conference there are 2 groups of adventurers who head off to deal with issues which have arrisen as part of the conference.

Party #1

During the morning sessions, a number of characters are recruited to investigate recently dried up river which usually falls from the Peak of the World. The party travels towards the peak, where they pass some giant eagles, a waterfall which appears to be frozen in time, and the area beyond which seems to cause those within it to lose the ability to move, to eventually reach the peak. There they find the Thunderer and his cult, and a large winged lizard which introduces itself as Zmeu. When asked about the stasis which appeared to be affecting everything in the area, the Thunderer informs the party that this sort of thing just happens around people like Zmeu (and he’d seen it before back when he was a young mortal). The trick to overcoming it is to just be as awesome as Zmeu or The Thunderer. Having learnt what they needed to, the party continued to hang out with the Thunderer while a series of unfortunate incidents result in Penelope being ground to a fine paste while a large statue of Lady Rosemile punches a hole in Acryn's defensive wall, the the very tip of the Peak of the World being permanently destabilised.

Party #2

During the afternoon sessions, Archmage Lankhar of the University of Strossborg seeks out adventurers who can help investigate a break-in to their most secure vault. Evidence suggests that the perpetrator was an Acrynite, and their experience may be helpful. While most traps within the vault have been turned off, there are a few which cannot be turned off, but the Vault Guardian does his best to guide the party through these safely. The party's investigation establishes that an item known only as the Dragon Egg has been stolen, almost certainly by Frederick Dines. The party does end up bringing items out of the vault, triggering all of the traps, which the party barely escape.


Knowledge of the patches of stasis becomes more widespread. The Tender Church is convinced to work with Penelope's remains, succeeding in returning her to a semblance of life as a living golem of blood. During this process it becomes apparent to everyone that Penelope is a servant of the Traitor, it is safe to say the Tender Church is not happy about being tricked into helping her. Unit03 performs a disection of the spider retrieved from the vault, and sees through time as a result. The Rosemile family help with the repairs of the wall, but the presence of a statue of their Lady punching a hole in Acryn's walls is a major embarrassment.

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