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Senta Fernbach, The Warrior


In her current incarnation, the Warrior is the product of Senta's and Lynndis's memories; in personality, she isn't entirely the same as either of them, although she retains many of their shared traits and answers to either name.


Originally from Strossbourg, Senta Fernbach was the one orphan who wasn't excited to go to magic school. She was never destined to be a mage, and the near-religious nature of some of her fancies (“somewhere, I have a family who love me very much”) raised concerns among her teachers. She ran away, ending up on the streets of Acryn, where she entirely failed to be taken in by a gang of friendly pickpockets. Instead, she gained refuge at a small haven owned by a minor Warrior Priest, through whom she developed an unshakable devotion to the Warrior. When her mentor retired, Senta took over the haven, dedicating herself to teaching young gals basic survival skills and the importance of team-building, whether they liked it or not. However, her failure to reform a particularly troubled child, Nice Lizard, shook her faith in her own ability as an educator and surrogate mother. She moved to the Church's martial centre, reasoning that she had only really ever been any good at stabbing things with a spear.

She and Bartholomew Banks were engaged to be married, although the status of their relationship is difficult to ascertain now that she isn't exactly Senta any more. The two of them were known for their early dates, which involved rather a lot of vigilante justice in the back-streets of Acryn. Of course, Senta was also lucky enough to have several good friends to keep her out of trouble - or to forcibly drag her away from it, as Armand Cargan-Graves, The Revolution did in Nature vs Nurture. In the same adventure, Senta developed a formidable hatred for the dragon Tuireann, who spent several weeks torturing her and using her as bait to capture her friends.

Owing to an incident in the Tower of Ceciline, Senta was transmuted into polished silver. Prior to becoming the Warrior, she was offensively chipper and inclined to assume the best of people. While genuinely well-meaning, she frequently failed to understand the subtleties of the situations she found herself in, generally leading to disasterous consequences. In Oblitus Mundi, following the death of Lynndis, the mantle of the Warrior passed to a grieving Senta, who subsequently took an experimental potion to awaken Lynndis's memories within herself.


Class: Warrior Priest

Backgrounds, Epic Trees, Divine Favours:

  • Survival
  • First Aid
  • Very Tough
  • Hive of the Perfect Form
  • Colossus of Battle
  • Lone Defender Before the Tempest
  • Oracular Vision
  • Walked on the Otherside
  • True Face of the Warrior
  • Divine Favour of the Builder
  • Divine Favour of the Traitor
  • Divine Favour of Francesco Graves, The Arcane Arbiter
  • Divine Favour of Mr Branch, The Splintered Man
  • Divine Favour of Xavier Octavio Sarmandastra, the Pivot of the World
  • Blessed Warrior effect from the Holy Crusader combat path (Blessed Warrior of The Heroic Path)
  • Personal Power: The Warrior

Summary Stats:

  • 19+18 hits (note: +6 of her armour hits come from borrowed master-crafted armour)
  • 58/58 XP
  • Level 5


  • 9+27R


  • Use Weapon: Spear
  • Weapon Talent 1: Spear (1 Strikedown + 1 Weaken per encounter, 1 Shatter per adventure)
  • Weapon Potency: Spear (Strike for Doubles)
  • Use Heavy Armour (repair heavy armour with half an hour's work)
  • Heavy Armour Training +3 (x2)
  • Tough (x3)
  • Very Tough (x3)
  • Blessed Regeneration - once per adventure, after falling to 0 body hits, stand up 10 seconds later with full body hits.
  • Holy Fervour - keep fighting for 5 seconds after being reduced to 0 hits. Still take effect calls.
  • Survival - no penalties for extended travel in normal/somewhat challenging terrain. Gain 1 Resist to Strikedown/Rend in any of these terrains)
  • Using the Land - one ENTANGLE per encounter, called at anyone within 5 metres
  • First Aid - 10 seconds roleplay, restore 1 HP to a character on 0 HP (can be used multiple times per encounter)
  • Resuscitate - 10 seconds roleplay, restore 4 HP to a character in 0 HP, or to bring someone up to 4 HP (can be used multiple times per encounter)
  • Touch of Divinity - can sense personal power, priestliness, godliness. Can call upon the Warrior's power once per adventure to achieve a minor boon within her purview
  • Miracle - can call upon the Warrior's power once per adventure to achieve something potent within her purview
  • Gaze of the Gods: Can do miracles during 4 encounters
  • Intercession: Once per adventure, do a Miracle of Lv 4 or lower without preparation time
  • Improved Divine Aura - Allies can call +1 on two blows per encounter (stacks with strengthen), or resist weaken twice per encounter; I can use each of Warrior's Stamina, Master's Sweep, and Never Unarmed once per adventure when not under the Gaze of the Gods
  • Divine Majesty - Allies gain one weapon-appropriate combat call per encounter; I can use Unbowed, Unbroken once per adventure when not under the Gaze of the Gods
  • Holy Destroyer: Once per adventure, say “I will destroy you” to call +1 damage against a single target
  • Holy Challenge: Once per adventure, declare a challenge against a single target; nobody can harm or heal either of us until one of us is reduced to 0 hits
  • Shrug Off Trickery: Gain 1 resist per encounter to a non-weapon-based attack/effect
  • Attention Grabbing - taunt foe, say “keep looking at me”
  • Vow to the Warrior - through the priest, the Warrior bears witness to martial vows sworn with appropriate ceremony.
  • As of Oblitus Mundi: You look like a young women with fiery red hair. Gain 3x 10 Second Agility. 5xSHATTER. +1 damage on all blows. THROUGH on all blows where you are not using another call.


  • Divine Favour I (Warrior's Stamina) - Chant for 10 seconds to cast Heal 4 on self; can use once per encounter when not under Gaze of the Gods
  • Master's Sweep - Chant for 10 seconds to call Strikedown on a target within sight
  • Never Unarmed - Chant for 10 seconds to manifest an unshatterable spear
  • Divine Favour II + Particularly Favoured (Brute Strength) - Chant for 5 seconds to strengthen myself for the next 30 seconds; immune to weaken throughout; can use twice per encounter when not under Gaze of the Gods
  • Divine Favour III (Blazing Blade) - Chant for 20 seconds to do Through Damage for the rest of the encounter; can use once per encounter when not under Gaze of the Gods
  • Unbowed, Unbroken - Chant for 10 seconds to gain immunity to one call for the rest of the encounter
  • Titan of Battle - Chant for 20 seconds, immune to all attack effects other than raw damage for the rest of the Encounter
  • Weak Point - 10s, Backstab 20

Epic Tree Skills:

  • Begone the flesh! - Can ignore through-damage; can't be healed, only renewed
  • Don't Know When To Stay Down - one use of Determination per adventure, for a duel against a single opponent
  • Demonstration of Superiority - pool of 5 DISARMs against a single opponent per encounter until someone attacks them while they retrieve their weapon. If they're immune, gain one SHATTER.
  • For what do we fight? Twice per adventure, gain: +3 hits, 2 uses of REND, +1 use of WEAKEN for every ally who verbally supports my ideals
  • Power of a name - For each Gaze of the Gods call “Lynndis” to skip 20 seconds of chanting
  • Passion - Gain certain effects from fighting in an encouraging manner
  • Defence of the Fallen - Twice per an adventure, when defending a fallen comrade, gain SELF HEAL 8
  • Cutting a Swath - Once per adventure, transform one regular standard call into an ARCED call.
  • Personal Aura
  • Reflection of Thyself - If with 8 people who know her purview, can call a MASS or ARC version of any weapon call she knows.
  • Miracle
  • Soul Pact - 1-3 points = +2 Body Hits; 4-6 points = HEAL 4 at the end of every encounter; 7+ points = MASS HEAL FULL twice per adventure
  • I knew you were going to do that - 1 dodge per encounter (may be used against ranged attacks but not magic)
  • Shape of things to come - Twice per adventure, ask the GM 2 questions about future encounters
  • Prior Preparation and Planning - once per an adventure, call a TIME FREEZE and describe to the GM the preparations your past self made which have only now become relevant
  • Builder Divine Aura - Your party’s armour can be repaired up to one higher than its usual maximum.

Resources and Church Standing:

  • Small Church
  • Church Backing
  • Armoury (borrow any quantity of superior equipment per adventure, plus one piece of master-crafted equipment)
  • Hierarch

Equipment (usual things borrowed):

  • Master-crafted spear
  • Superior spear
  • Master-crafted armour
  • Superior dagger


  • A large vat of bog-standard metal polish
  • 6 x Armour Oil
  • Oh, and Dragon Slayer, sheathed, with its belt.

Current Funds:

  • 158R

Current Addiction:

  • None


  • Particularly hated by Tuireann
  • Particularly hates Tuireann


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