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consult the oracle

Initial Brief




The party set out for Junnes - on the way, they encounter wild men who have fled the cult of Carleon in the city, and as they approach they see why - the cult has twisted the city into the odd geometry of Carleon’s creations.

Eventually, after dealing with various strange constructs, and Hugh getting some odd ideas in his head about how angles should work, the party reach the library and recover the map. However, instead of the map they expected, they have a series of directions to evocative landmarks - a “map for when all things are lost”, easily navigable by a wayfinder, but far predating the upheaval.

Arriving in Alaspar the party are greeted warmly, already expected from the predictions of the “new oracle” - an anomaly who came about after the old oracle was lost in the upheaval. The party travel to the Lost Spaces to retrieve the old oracle, and bring her back to Acryn.


The Oracle is returned to Acryn, and answers several questions posed by the party. In particular, much is revealed about the nature of change and stasis - how powerful entities are causing the world to become more static, and how the upheaval was an attempt to prevent this. The Oracle attempts to advocate a middle ground between stasis and the unfettered change of the flux (or even more chaotic states), but many of the party take their own interpretations of this.

Eventually, the Oracle leaves, finding a peaceful spot in the Great Forest - a village large enough to be consensus, but small enough that it was abandoned shortly after the upheaval. Over the next few days, the party are gifted with dreams which reveal snatches of the future, but little of use unless they attempt to focus their new power.

Armand begins to print pamphlets in favour of the traitor church. However, one evening he comes to the printing press to find that all his carefully set persuasive arguments have been replaced with a page which simply says, in large print “Stop that”.

Following their exposure to the corrupted geometry in Junnes, Andrea and Hugh find that the geometry of the real world just doesn’t seem quite right - all the angles are a little bit wrong, and the circles are nowhere near pointy enough. However, when they travel into the flux, they find that they can manipulate it to be somewhat more comforting to them.

Xavier reports the whole affair to the Wayfinder’s guild, who express some interest over the flux oracle, and comment as little as possible on Xavier’s suggestion that the oracle’s predictions mean a second upheaval is the best way to go. Andrea later gives a rather more balanced account.

Xavier then proceeds to amass favours to allow him to push through the obfuscation ritual hiding his friend from him - firstly, using some connections in the People’s College to ensure that they owe her a ritual when she wants it, and secondly offering information about the oracle to Frederic Dines in exchange for a way through the obfuscation.



Oracular Vision epic tree

100 Riel


Knife containing doppleganger - This knife burns hot in the presence of those who are a threat to the consensus. You are strengthened against such people when wielding the knife, and may call 1 additional REND against each of them.


Understanding of Impossible Geometries - Note that this tree links you to Carleon, for 1 encounter per adventure (encounter number chosen in advance by the GM, or determined randomly), you will either be given a task to complete by Carleon, which must be done to the best of your ability, or you will be extremely suggestible.


Owed a favour by the People’s College - You can call this in to have a ritual cast for you Promise of help to see through Obfuscation from Frederic Dines

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