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Xavier Octavio Sarmandastra/ Dragonslayer the Pivot of the World (deceased)


Formerly a philosophy student at the College of the Stars, Xavier (originally enrolled under the name Timothy Jones) developed a solipsistic attitude whilst attempting to complete his doctoral thesis on the nature of the Upheaval. He was promptly expelled after attempting to submit the highly heretical article “The Founders of Acryn: A discourse on the effect of mass delusion on the human psyche” for publication and only barely escaped being lynched by a group of angry Warrior priests. His philosophy derives mostly from the fact that not only was the world radically altered during the Upheaval but in fact it may have come in to existence then, with all memories of a time prior to that having been created at the same time. From studying his own nascent ability to manipulate the world around him he has deduced that the world, and all the people therein, may in fact be merely a manifestation of his own psyche. He claims his recent foray in to adventuring is an attempt to learn more of himself.

After a mostly disastrous religious mission, the wayfinder's Guild has assigned him a tutor in etiquette in order to work on his “interacting with other human being skills”.

Xavier's arm is now shattered and fused with his mace. Xavier should not to listen to Senta, Senta has bad ideas.

Xavier appears to have, perhaps not entirely intentionally, started to become a god. He has asked the advice of both Jimmy Hoskins and the Rampant about what he should do about this and received conflicting answers.

Finding himself coming under the sway of the evil magic sword, Dragonslayer, Xavier ascended to become a being of flux, divinty and magic. He was last noted heading in to the realm of Skira.


Class: Wayfinder

Background #1: First Aid

Background #2: Weaponary

Epic Tree: Divine Favour of the Rampant

Epic Tree: Canvas of Creation

Epic Tree: Oracular Vision

Epic Tree: Personal Power

Class Skills

  • Know the Path (free)
  • Inertial barrier
  • Tough
  • Lash out
  • Know the Flux's Touch
  • Choose the Path
  • Affiliation
  • Reputed
  • Backing
  • Guild Councillor
  • Repair the form
  • Concussive bolt
  • Repair the form
  • Patch the Cracks
  • Repairing Inertial Barrier
  • Airblade shaping
  • Flux-shaping: items
  • Shake reality's fetters
  • Restoring Inertial Barrier
  • Shake reality's fetters
  • destabalisation

First Aid Skills

  • Emergency aid
  • Resuscitate
  • Patch up

Weaponary Skills

  • Use weapon: Mace
  • Weapon Talent 1
  • Weapon Potency

Scion of the Flux

  • Ambience
  • Alteration
  • More flux now than mortal

Divine Favour of the Rampant

  • Projected pain
  • Divine Aura
  • Mind over matter

True face of the Rampant

  • Particularly favoured (Whisper of Temptation)
  • True Name of the Rampant
  • Festival of Desires

Oracular Vision

  • I knew you were going to do that
  • Shape of things to Come
  • Prior preparation

Canvas of Creation

  • Canvas of Creation

Personal Power

  • Personal Aura
  • Reflection of thyself
  • Miracle
  • Favoritism

Skill wants

  • shaping….
  • restoring inertial barrier

XP Spend



  • 9+2+4 (in flux, including divine bonus)
  • Heal 4 at the end of every encounter
  • Income 21R+9 (guild bonus)
  • 4R + money from oracle larp+ money from Howard+ money from guild
  • 6 heal 4
  • 4 death ward
  • Xavier's arm is fused with his mace- it can not be disarmed and acts as mastercrafted.
  • Blob dog
  • Contact details of Frederick Dines
  • An equation that describes Xavier's “theory of everything” gleaned from glancing in to the psyche of an anomaly. To those who do not appreciate its brilliance (i.e. anyone who isn't a Scion of the Flux) it drives them to be violently ill at its inherent wrongness but to Scion's of the Flux it contains a kind of maddening brilliance.
  • Divine aura of the Splintered Man
  • Affiliation: 1 question per adventure, 9 riel per adventure and 1 issue resolved
  • Access to a fracturing ritual capable of breaking in to a Lost Space


Familiar: Blob Dog

Arcane Familiar - Your familiar aids you in your arcane arts and reduces the mana cost of a ritual by 1 OR may be used as a conduit to deliver a ritual effect, although the familiar must stay within 3 meters of the target for the full duration of the ritual in order to be used in this manner.


Council Contractor: Philosophical Debating Club (Effective benefits: contacts Peoples College and True Council- in particular Willie Alteri)
Xavier set up the debating club in order to espouse his solipsistic philosophy, in particular that any one person could be imagining all of reality (although as far as Xavier is concerned this is him). In order to understand the philosophy participants are encouraged to exert their will on the world, which in practice means it has become a haven for muggers, fences, thieves and struggling students. With word having spread it has more recently attracted the occassional Council member, being frequented in particular one by one alcoholic who uses it as a sounding board for his worries.

Arcane Library: Effective benefits: extremely well read, journeyman knowledge, minor ritualist: fracturing


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