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The Golden Rule

Initial Brief

Junior Liaison Amadeus Spoons of the Department for Foreign Affairs has put out an urgent call for adventurers capable of diplomatic sensitivity to deal with an escalating situation down at the City Docks.

Pay will be 50R plus a negotiable bonus for the avoidance of incidents. —



With the Valyddi dead the sailors of the Blue Dancer gingerly eye the bloodstained adventurers. After a short discussion with their captain the crew starts reloading the wagon, having taken fair payment for their time to be later ratified with House Terrec. Meanwhile the limbless Leaf is first cruelly robbed by a dockhand and then rescued by a charitable soul who rushes him to an alchemist for emergency treatment.

With the wagon loaded the party make haste to depart the scene before the Caulish guards arrive.

Xavier hauls Vincta back to the local Guildhouse and he is quickly taken into care and visited by a skilled alchemist to get him back to consciousness. Xavier gives a debriefing to a clerk and then gives a face to face explanation of events to the Guildmaster, mentioning Leaf's poisoning. Vincta promises to send people to search for the unlicensed Wayfinder

There is a bit of information gathering done by the Guild and House Terrec and soon the party are assembled (bar Leaf) before Vincta Terrec who gives his profound thanks for the rescue and elimination of his kidnappers. They are promised a recommendation to the family and sent on to Acryn with a deputation of Wayfinders and Terrec nobles.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is very pleased that the incident has been resolved without any serious diplomatic misfortune marring relations with Acryn's allies and pay the party a further 100R for their efforts. Waltha Terrec is similarly pleased by the return of her kinsman and gold both and sees a generous 200R passed to each of those returned from Caul,

Booker travels to the Church of the Founders and apologises to his god that he could not personally cause the deaths of both of the trepassing godlings. However as a wave of agony wracks him he becomes aware that the Traitor is well pleased by the resolution of the situation and his work.

Xavier takes Aria and Saul to meet with his friend The Rampant. The disquieting old god is more than happy to include interesting new people in his debauchery and Saul and Xavier are drawn into a private room for a drug fueled 'discovering' of each other. Xavier having expressed interested in divine possession awakes full of horror and the blurry memory of another being wearing his body.

Meanwhile Leaf is picked up by the Wayfinder's Guild and brought into a meeting with a semi-sympathetic Vincta Terrec. During the conversation Leaf admits to holding information about the nature of anomalies but warns that he is prevented from speaking of it by a powerful geas. With a steely glint in his eye Vincta promises that the Guild will take every measure to remove Leaf's unwanted conditions. A gaggle of mages and other occult experts descends upon the unfortunate wayfinder and the pain begins.

That which is Leaf is torn asunder as the Guild claim their prize. Then they get to work on seeing what can be rebuilt..

Howard Branch awakens, physically whole but mentally shattered, apparently the victim of a terrible accident in the flux. He is nursed back to health by the Guild but occasionally finds himself beset by fragmented incomplete memories of another life.

In the following days the Margush Embassy issues a statement of rebuke against the city of Valydd for the assault of one of their citizens.


Saul: 350R, 50R for sale of Einar the Changeling's heart, The Favour of Vincta Terrec

Aria: 350R, The Favour of Vincta Terrec

Booker: 350R, Truly Favoured: Traitor quirk. Takes Rends at +5 Seconds. Counts being in agony as Religious Roleplaying for miracle use. He now has the symbol of a shadowy blade upon his breast.

Xavier: 350R, The Favour of Vincta Terrec

Leaf/Howard: 100R from the Guild. Limbs. The penalties of a flux resurrection.

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