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Wizard Hunt

Initial Brief

The Wayfinders Guild has recently put out a call for competent mercenaries to help them retrieve a package of some value. Interested parties are asked to report to the Guild and ask for Daniel Kline.



The party are taken into the custody of the Wayfinders Guild who debrief them on what exactly happened. Due to Colin's initial outburst there is considerable suspicion on the part of the Guild, but they are relatively convinced that hallucinations and mind wipes may be involved.
Colin convinces them that a third party affiliated with Frederick Dyne was involved in the anomaly's disappearance. They ask him to bring them any information he can discover on these hidden enemies.

The party wait for the arrival of their contact at the bar and manage not to fall into fighting with the other adventurers. Eventually their contact arrives paying them 50R each after an even split with the other team. They are also given an alchemical curiousity:

  • Jeremy is provided with a Gleam vial which will create a homunculus that will endure for sometime or until destroyed.
  • Lucien gets a potion that should protect against mental assault.
  • Felicity Morning gets a potion that causes the afflicted to forget a length of time.
  • Colin gets a meeting with the mage-alchemist of the disciples.
  • Xavier gets a vial that summons a blob-dog and a note inviting him to a meeting.

On his way about town Xavier encounters The Rampant who invites him to a debauched party. He consents and spends some interesting evenings gaining the Divine Favour of the ancient god.

Lucien informs The Leader and Phillipe Caulson of the ancient god's escape. The god of Acryn sends a warning out to his priests to be wary of this new power and tightens his/own security.

The pair who go to further meetings with the disciples are spoken to by Frederic Dyne and learn more of the secretive order's plans.

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