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Nice Lizard


Given conciousness by a wayfinder in his desperate attempts to not be eaten after she had already eaten the rest of the group he was travelling with. “Nice Lizard” as he repeatedly called her followed him home through lack of anything better to do (after of course finishing the rest of her delicious meal). Following her first outing as an adventurer she has become a ward of Senta's Orphanage following the legal system's hope that Senta will be able to instil a firm moral code into such a young impressionable girl.


Class: Wounding Mage

Background #1:Very Tough

Background #2:Greatweapon

Quirks: Very Large, No Hands


  • Spell: Share the Pain
  • Spell: Trace the Flow of Life
  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Tough (B)
  • Tough
  • Implement use
  • Use Great Weapon (B)
  • Great Weapon Talent 1 (B)
  • Great Weapon Finesse (B)
  • Tough (B)


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