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Balthazar the Enchanter (Dead)


Balthazar is a studious student at the College of the Stars and has been studying for some time. He and his wife, Vera, met at the College, were wed and studied together. Vera was far more capable than Balthazar ever was, but it was during one fateful day that her experiments got the better of her and she was killed in a magical accident (or at least, so he believes)

Balthazar, stricken with grief, began to lose touch with reality. His colleagues would report him spending longer and longer in the libraries and experimenting and spending a lot less time talking to, well, anyone. Things changed somewhat, however, when he received a mysterious gift of an item said to be capable of restoring the dead to life. He studied it and believed he could use it to bring Vera back… and gain power… yes…. poweeerrr….

The influence of the staff was strong on Balthazar, but it got him out and about, which was considered a good thing by most, even if he was getting a bit… worrisome.

…a while later, Balthazar found himself face-down in a pile of sand as the staff containing his wife was being removed by force by the Man of Many Means and Otto Strang (see A Shore Thing). He began to come to his senses but knew one thing: his wife's soul was trapped in that Staff and he needed to get it back else she could never be free.

Resolved to ensure his wife was freed from the clutches of the evil staff, he returned to the College where he continued studies in earnest, but also decided he would join the Adventurers of Acryn, considering it the best way to determine where Vera had been taken and to get her back.

As of Fetch Quest: Balthazar's flesh is spotted with pale white patches that fit where one would expect horrible horrible scars if they were mauled by a Tyrant Lizard. He also owes 2 favours to “Mr Red” (one for being healed, one for future help retrieving Vera), and has been told to take his irritation with Henry Cargan up with the watch. He intends to do no such thing.


Class: Mage

Primary Rite: Scribing
Secondary Rite: Wounding

Background #1: Craft

Background #2: Organisational Ties: College of the Stars


Level 1

  • Primary Rite Spell: Symbol of Creating (make a mundane standard item)
  • Crafter 1 (repair all armour)
  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Mana Sense
  • Scholar (income 14R)
  • Secondary Rite Spell: Scar of the Soul

Level 2

  • Enchant Weapon
  • Primary Rite Spell: Symbol of Storms (ranged DOUBLE STRIKEDOWN)
  • Distill Mana
  • Minor Ritual Caster
  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Crafter 2 (repair superior equipment, RENEW 4 inorganics, make 1 standard item between adventures)

Level 3

  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Ritual Caster
  • Primary Rite Spell: Symbol of Entrenchment (5s = 3 static FEAR)




  • 5 Body Hits
  • 2 Armour Hits
  • 5 Protomana
  • RENEW 4 inorganic after 10s work

Soft Skills

  • Distill 1 Mana Crystal / adventure
  • Craft 1 standard item / adventure
  • Repair superior equipment
  • Minor ritual (1 mana)
  • Standard ritual (1-3 mana)
  • Deep scholarly insight into Scribing and Wounding


  • Income 9R + 14R
  • 9R
  • 2 Mana Crystals (Distill 1 / Adventure)
  • 1 standard sword (currently unenchanted)
  • 1 standard sword (currently unenchanted)
  • 1 walking stick
  • Standard Light Armour
  • 1 compass that points to that which calls to his heart
  • 1 moving picture book of “FOUNDERS! The Musical”


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