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A Man of Many Means


“See, I told you it would all work out for the best in the end.”

A self-professed jack-of-all-trades, of no fixed address, occupation, or name. Remarkably upbeat for someone who seems to make up plans as he goes along. Frequent denigration for his unique problem-solving style has given him some amount of contempt for do-gooding adventures. More recently, the majority of his attempts to genuinely help have caused more harm than good, giving him some further contempt for himself.

As of The Tower of Ceciline, he has become part of the 'Hive of the Perfect Form', making his appearance that of a polished silver statue.

As of A Shore Thing, he has become undead due to the meddling of an annoying wizard, making his appearance that of a polished silver skeleton statue. Wanted posters for 'Felix' the silver skeleton have also appeared in Acryn.

As of Matters of Trade, he has the Divine Favour of Francesco Graves, The Arcane Arbiter.

As of Shattered Futures, he has the Divine Favours of Howard Branch, The Splintered Man, and Jimmy Hoskins, He Who Devours Himself. Additionally, Jimmy Hoskins has made his problems with the Acryn City Watch disappear - the wanted posters are now gone and all charges are dropped. In return, the two have formed a working relationship of sorts. Who knows what great things this will lead to…

As of Perfection Marred, he has become an associate member of the Brotherhood of the Closed Eye, and has become somewhat distrustful of wizards in general. He feels bad for being responsible for bringing Glassinger back to life, and thus duty-bound to stop him from destroying the world. And hey, if he kills some wizards for the Brotherhood, maybe they'll give him some cool alchemy…

As of Baker's Dozen, he is uncharacteristically repentant, after convincing himself that he could serve both sides of a conflict of interest and get a satisfactory conclusion for all, and ultimately screwing things up for both. He has put some thought into this, and resolved that the best way to correct his many past mistakes is by destroying them when the opportunity next arises. In the meantime, he has been sulking.

  • Grenades missed: 24? (I'm losing count)
  • Successful long-range grenades: 1
  • Names gone by: Jonathan, Felix, Bartholomew Potts, Leopold Street


Class: Journeyman

Skill Focus: Alchemy

Background #1: Craft

Background #2: Doctor

Skill Sources

Additional Skill Trees:

Divine Favours:

Additional Quirks:

  • Unwritten bonus skill from Zosimos.


  • Growing relationship with Ghita Darrish, to be built upon. Or burn for one shot of “question”.
  • Also, really ought to be useful to Jimmy Hoskins at some point. Subtly…
  • A favour from the Strossbourgian Ambassador.
  • Is an associate member of the Brotherhood of the Closed Eye. Has contacts: Circle of the Closed Eye.
  • Particularly disliked by the Rampant.
  • Member of the new Secret Service. Access to Organisational Ties: Secret Service.


XP: 51/51

Journeyman - General

  • [1] Tough
  • [1] Light Armour Training +1
  • [2] Tough
  • [3] Improved Skill Focus
  • [4] Tough

Journeyman - Alchemy

  • [1] Mix Potion (Plug the Flow of Life [D])
  • [1] Well Versed
  • [2] Mix Potion (Grenado [C])
  • [2] Advanced Mixing 1
  • [3] Mix Potion (Monstrous Aura [B])
  • [3] Mix Potion (Armour Oil [C])
  • [3] Mix Potion (Dumb Drunk [C])
  • [3] Advanced Application
  • [3] Extremely Well Versed
  • [3] Advanced Mixing 2
  • [3] Concoction
  • [4] Advanced Mixing 3
  • [4] Advanced Application
  • [4] Mix Potion (Soul Strength [B])
  • [4] Mix Potion (Armour Balm [B])
  • [5] Alchemical Manipulation

Journeyman - Medicine

  • [1] Emergency Aid [Free - Doctor]
  • [1] Medical Knowledge
  • [2] Resuscitate
  • [2] Patch Up
  • [3] Combat Master
  • [3] Surgery
  • [4] Fast Work
  • [4] Patch Up
  • [5] Master Surgeon

Journeyman - Crafting

  • [1] Crafter 1 [Free - Craft]
  • [2] Crafter 2
  • [2] Adjustment
  • [3] Crafter 3
  • [3] Adjustment
  • [4] Own Work
  • [4] Master Crafter
  • [4] Fitted Armour
  • [4] Balanced Weapon
  • [5] Perfect Enhancement

Hive of the Perfect Form

  • [3] Begone the Flesh

Battle Alchemist

  • [2] Potion Pitching
  • [3] Emergency Administration
  • [4] Controlled Explosion
  • [5] Double Dose

Divine Favour of Jimmy Hoskins

  • [1] Miraculous Power (Unhealthy Obsession)
  • [2] Miraculous Power (Rejuvenating Self-Destruction)
  • [2] Divine Aura

Divine Favour of the Builder

  • [1] Miraculous Power (Rework)
  • [2] Divine Aura

Unwritten Zosimos Skill

  • [???] Unwritten Zosimos Skill

Stats and Calls

Body Hits: 0 (Begone the Flesh - all body hits are armour hits)
Armour Hits (Light Armour): 15 = 5 (Base) + 6 (Tough x3) + 2 (Light Armour) + 1 (Light Armour Training) + 1 (Builder Aura)
Armour Hits (Own Mastercrafted Heavy Armour): 26 = 5 (Base) + 6 (Tough x3) + 12 (Mastercrafted Heavy Armour) + 2 (Own Work) + 1 (Builder Aura)

Damage: DOUBLE (Own Work)

  • 1 STRIKEDOWN per encounter (with MOW 36“ Sword or MOW Bastard Sword)


  • 1 RESIST to a mass call per encounter that could be resisted in its normal form (with Mastercrafted Own Work Buckler)


  • Improved Skill Focus - Infused: While on 1 or more body hits, may immediately place self under the effects of any potion known how to mix. This may be done for either two class C / D potions or one class A / B potion per encounter.
  • Master Crafter:
    • Can repair artefact armour of all classes.
    • Can field repair mastercrafted weapons and shields - 60s for single encounter patch-up, or 5 minutes to fully repair.
    • Can fix shattered artefact equipment with access to a smithy.
    • Can craft a single mastercrafted, or two superior, or four standard items between adventures.
    • 10s repair roleplay, inorganic character on 0HP. RENEW 0.
    • 10s repair roleplay, inorganic character on 0HP. RENEW 4. Can also put inorganic characters up to 4AP between encounters.
    • 10s repair roleplay, inorganic character. RENEW 6. Up to three times per encounter.
    • 30s repair roleplay, inorganic character. RENEW FULL. Up to once per encounter.
  • Adjustment: Adjust up to 8 items an encounter in order to give it a single resist to a relevant call:
    • Weapon: Either 1x RESIST SHATTER or 1x RESIST DISARM
    • Armour: Either 1x RESIST REND or 1x RESIST STRIKEDOWN
  • Fitted Armour: Adjust one piece of armour per encounter to grant one of the following effects (chosen in advance), which lasts until the end of the encounter:
  • Balanced Weapon: Adjust one weapon per encounter to grant one of the following effects (chosen in advance), which lasts until the end of the encounter:
  • Perfect Enhancement: May use Fitted Armour or Balanced Weapon and have it last the whole adventure, once per adventure.
  • Combat Master: Medical roleplay only requires one hand.
  • Emergency Aid + Fast Work: 5s medical roleplay, character on 0HP. HEAL 1. Never weakens patient.
  • Resuscitate + Fast Work: 5s medical roleplay, character on 0HP. HEAL 4. Can also put characters up to 4HP between encounters. Never weakens patient. Cannot use on self in combat.
  • Patch Up + Fast Work: 5s medical roleplay. HEAL 6. Weakens patient after 6 uses in encounter. Cannot use on self in combat.
  • Surgery + Fast Work: 15s medical roleplay. HEAL FULL. Weakens patient after 1 use in encounter.
  • Master Surgeon + Fast Work: 30s medical roleplay. Once per adventure, remove lost hits, addictions, diseases, and / or recent death from a patient.
  • Advanced Application: Twice per adventure, may use the advanced application of any potion known how to mix. Can also deal with unusual poisons if some experience of the base of the poison is had.
    • Call on next hit → Call on next two hits
    • Gain encounter call → Gain two encounter calls
    • Gain encounter duration effect → Gain effect for two encounters
  • Concoction: Can find local herbs in the environment for treating poisons and disease. Can use this to treat large numbers of people over an extended period of time. Alternatively, if not used during an encounter and if 10 minutes of time are available between encounters, can create a HEAL 2 poultice.
  • Alchemical Manipulation: Once per adventure, GM discretion long-term benefit, in exchange for a special permanent level 3 addiction. See Journeyman page for full details.
  • Potion Pitching: Can throw any potion as if it were a paste on a throwing weapon. To check with LARPO: pastes no longer exist.
  • Emergency Administration: Set a chosen potion with a few minutes work outside combat. The first time you hit 0 hits, the potion is activated 5 seconds later (regardless of whether you are revived in that time).
  • Controlled Explosion: Potions with MASS or BLAST calls may instead be called as ARCED.
  • Double Dose: Two identical potions may be combined between adventures into a compact, single-potion-inventory-slot potion that acts as two potions activated one second apart. This only works if you use the potion, and does not work with Potion Pitching, Blast Sliding, or Advanced Application.

Divine Favour Powers:

  • Unhealthy Obsession: 30s - Contemplating a matter of intellectual curiosity or challenge you allow your mind to ravage the assets of your body in pursuit of insight. Take a WEAKEN and it is though you have studied the problem for a full day. For every SINGLE you take in addition to this it is as though you have given the issue a further day of contemplation.
  • Rejuvenating Self-Destruction: 5s - Like the ourboros your end also marks your beginning. Deal yourself sufficient damage to reduce you to 0 body hits. For the next 15 seconds you cannot be healed by any means. After 15 seconds you receive a HEAL RENEW equal to twice the damage you did to yourself.
  • Jimmy Hoskins Aura: Your allies are bolstered against any entity seeking to devour their souls. After 60s have passed on a death count a layer of shimmering blue fire coats their bodies and they merely count as being at -3 hits for the purposes of reviving them. After a further 2 minutes pass they count as being recently dead for the purposes of reviving them, and will remain in this state for several days. A character with this skill may perform a short ceremony (or execution) to send the soul of someone who has fallen to He Who Devours Himself.
  • Rework: 10s - RENEW 3 on target.
  • Builder Aura: All party members gain +1 armour.


  • Grenado Level 3
    • Withdrawal: You constantly feel near-painfully cold. You are also incredibly flammable. At GM discretion, anything that might plausibly ignite you does, for damage and effect calls as they see fit.
    • Indulgence: You can ignite parts of your body, doing no harm to yourself, but harming others nearby. Gain 2 uses of REND on a weapon call, and one MASS ZERO STRIKEDOWN for the encounter. As long as you are in the presence of a burning fire, you feel safe and re-assured.
  • Armour Oil Level 3
    • Withdrawal: You are swinging between bouts of paranoia, narcolepsy, alcoholic cravings, violent aggression, and chronic muscle pains. When not roleplaying one of these effects you are weakened.
    • Indulgence: While applying the armour oil (at least 5 seconds) you are drowsy and virtually comatose, paying no heed to outside experience. When you come round you feel an extraordinary rush of pleasure, more enjoyable than any other experience you have known. You are STRENGTHENED for the duration of the encounter.

Alchemical Manipulations:

  • Resistant to soul-altering poisons (Soul Strength). [Pending debrief of that adventure.]
    • Withdrawal: You feel a general hatred for other conscious beings. You would prefer to be alone, or at least not surround by idiots (like you currently are). You are WEAKENED whenever you are attempting to aid someone else.
    • Indulgence: You feel love for your fellow conscious beings and are very happy to be able to spend time with them. You gain +1 damage when attempting to aid someone else.

Other behaviours:

  • Does not bleed out (Undeath)
  • Weakly tied to reality (Undeath)
  • Hungers for the flesh of the living, preferably humans; if reduced to zero hits and not revived within 30 90 seconds, this hunger must be sated once conscious again; if this is not achieved within the encounter then permanently lose 1 hit; hunger sating must involve the death of another to count (Undeath + Aura of He Who Devours Himself)
  • May use (but not manually repair) any armour without use skill (Begone the Flesh)
  • Immune to most natural poisons and diseases, although magical effects may still influence (Begone the Flesh)
  • Ignore THROUGH part of damage calls (Begone the Flesh)
  • IMMUNE HEAL (Begone the Flesh)
  • May substitute HEAL with RENEW when working on members of the Hive of the Perfect Form (Begone the Flesh)


Standard Potion Slots (class C/D requires 1, class A/B requires 2): 15 = 6 (Base) + 9 (Advanced Mixing x3) Additional Potion Slots: B = 2, C = 2, D = 1

Preparation Class Type Effect Notes
Plug the Flow of Life D Suspension HEAL ONE
Grenado C Inflammation BLAST SINGLE on hit with throwing weapon Missed throws do not count as used.
Armour Oil C Suspension RENEW 6 a suit of armour, or repair a standard item Additionally, MoMM may Infuse this on account of being an undead silver skeleton statue.
Dumb Drunk C Passion The drinker becomes more gullible and credulous, they are much more likely to believe what they are told. The effects only last for an hour or two.
Monstrous Aura B Dissolution Gain one use of MASS FEAR during the encounter
Soul Strength B Passion STRENGTHENED for one encounter
Armour Balm B Suspension RENEW FULL a suit of armour, or repair a superior or standard item Presumably can also be infused based on the same ruling as for Armour Oil…

Alchemy of Motion

Has gained a limited understanding of the alchemy of motion. Although the precise workings of the technique are unclear and it's obviously not alchemy as it's normally understood using this knowledge he is able to distil an elixir that provides mechanisms with 'motion'. They are not alive and do not have intelligence but can perform the task they were designed to do. He can produce enough of the strange glowing elixir to animate one creation per adventure at a cost of 41 riels worth of esoteric components.

Further teachings have been gained from Zosimos - he is now able to refine the elixir to provide mechanisms with not only 'motion' but the ability to make decisions. They are not alive and do not have true intelligence, but can follow a series of instructions in order to make decisions based on the situation. He can refineany strange glowing elixir from before to animate one such creation per adventure at the additional cost of 13R worth of additional esoteric components, or manufacture it from scratch at the cost of 59R of esoteric components.

Cormack the Raven

The Man of Many Means’s Raven - which he has named Cormack - is an obedient (albeit groggy) servant. It is black as dark smoke, has 3 hits, and can carry items no larger than a necklace. If reduced to 0 hits, it will disperse into a cloud of black smoke and reform over the course of 2 encounters. Cormack will take orders from the Man of Many Means, but has no means of communicating back to him.

Cormack is under the effect of two (2) Alchemical Manipulations: Dumb Drunk provides the obedience effect, while Smoke Bomb is responsible for the smoky, disperse-and-reform effect. The two manipulations are able to exist side-by-side due to Cormack's origins as a Raven of the Leader. The Alchemical Manipulation Addiction effects work as usual, though the results of these effects are unknown to the Man of Many Means at present (pending further study).

As a Soulbound Familiar, Cormack is capable of scouting ahead and allowing MoMM to see through its eyes. When being used in this way, the familiar may make small changes to the area before his arrival and in keeping with its size. For example, after scouting ahead and watched traps being set, it could place small pebbles next to each trap so that they may be avoided upon arrival.


Money: 878R
(Basic Income: 9R)


  • 36” Standard Sword
  • 36“ Superior Sword (Own Work)
  • 36” Mastercrafted Sword (Own Work)
  • Mastercrafted Bastard Sword (Own Work)
  • Mastercrafted Greatsword (Own Work)
  • Mastercrafted Flail (Own Work)
  • Standard Buckler
  • Mastercrafted Buckler (Own Work)
  • Superior Heavy Armour (Own Work)
  • Mastercrafted Heavy Armour (Own Work)


  • Plug the Flow of Life x2
  • Grenado x6
  • Monstrous Aura x5
  • Iron Shoes x1
  • Armour Oil x5
  • Limb Drop x1
  • Time Skip x1
  • Burst of Might x1
  • Soul Strength x4

Other Items

  • Cormack the Raven - Soulbound Familiar
    • Once per encounter call JUMP BOOTS ACTIVATE! DISAPPEARING as you fly into the air to dramatic heights. Up to 5s later call APPEARING, MASS STRIKEDOWN as you land (which you yourself must take and cannot be resisted by you in any way). Appropriate “flying through the air” roleplay during these 5s is heartily encouraged. This can be used to reach high up areas. You should brief the DISAPPEARING/APPEARING call at the start of any adventure and may customise the phrase “JUMP BOOTS ACTIVATE” to your own design.


  • Printing Press
    • Each Adventure, you may blanket a section of society with propaganda, and gain the contacts skill for that group for the duration of it.


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