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Matters of Trade

Initial Brief



After rescuing the wayfinders the party head back to the East Empire Company and return them. They also report on what they have found namely that a member of the True Council working with the wayfinders guild appears to have been behind the kidnappings. The company Is pleased with this and offers to pay them 50 riel a head. Marlo offers the assistance of house Darrish which Olivia is very keen to give, whilst Armand attempts to improve relations between the company and house Cargan. Together house Darrish and the company agree to hire Lawyers and start prosecuting the wayfinders guild for unlawful practises. Francesco meanwhile throws House Graves weight behind the guild, in return for a substantial future favour, and in the courts the whole affair swiftly grinds to a very expensive deadlock. It is a bit of a PR problem for the guild however to be so publicly accused and the company publically offers to employ and protect both legally and materially and other wayfinders who have been similarly mistreated by the guild an offer which is taken up by some.

Armand eventually persuades Penelope to return his heart and asks Marlo to examine his back it turns out to have the name Alysa carved in the back when Penelope thought she had carved Emily. At this point Penelope realises what she has done and breaks down. Eventually however Armand and Penelope agree to work together for the good of Acryn and have the vow consummated by Francesco although he has no power left to do so.

Marlo returns to the East Empire company to return his money to avoid any accusations of being paid for testimony and it is put into an account under his name to be collected later.

The Man of Many Means and Vulcan to investigate the alchemy they discussed with Zozimos. The Man manages to recall enough of the really very good explanation to recall what is going on.

Francesco finds a jeweller and commissions a matching pair of rings. He arranges a dinner date with Penelope, then finds Booker and persuades him to marry him and penelope at the church of the tender.

After discovering that the Heart gives him the Divine favour of the traitor Armand talks to Francesco about hearts and eventually decides not to put the heart back in in case the power it gives him disappears.

That night all priests have a dream of Abraxis stabbing Allysa, which is also a dream of Penelope ripping out the heart of Armand. Awakening with a trickle of blood on their chest. They feel a deep sense of disgust during the dream. In the aftermath of this Marlo and Armand use their connections to affirm Penelope’s involvement in the incident whilst Francesco attempts to defend him. With the result that Penelope is well known as a possibly excommunicant traitor priest and a bad friend.

A further result of this is that on the advice of Corlo Graves the marriage between Penelope and Francesco is called off. Armand speaks with Walter about Penelope. Agreeing to spin the things with Penelope as a sign of Armand’s massive loyalty, and being put in charge of attempting to redeem Penelope. Walter agrees to train both Armand, his son (and all the young Cargan) in the ways of politics, although as Dauntless noted this isn’t really his strong suit either. Walter writes a very disappointed letter to Penelope and starts to cement an alliance with the East Empire Company. The matter of a replacement marriage to house Graves is left in Armands Hands. Armand discusses the matter with Francesco and eventually it is agreed that the alliance will go ahead and the two of them shall get married. As part of this they make a deal whereby Armand will provide Francesco with an heir, and in exchange Francesco will help reconcile the Traitor with the other Founders. A public announcement is made.

Marlo attempts to pay for the sniffer dogs retirements, but fails to convince the watch to give him up. He then decides to join the watch in their animal handlings department and calls upon the tenders power to remove his Death Curse.



  • Is excommunicated.
  • Gains the Dammed Traitor Quirk.
  • Gains the Shadow Symbiote epic tree.
  • 50 riel


  • Gains the Divine favour the traitor and gains one use of the gaze of the traitor whilst his heart is in his possession.
  • 50 riel.


  • 50 Riel
  • Acceptance of fate removed ???

Marlo Darrish

  • Death Curse Removed.
  • Is a member of the city watch.

Man of Many Means

  • Has Gained the divine Favour of Francesco.
  • Has gained a limited understanding of the alchemy of motion. Although the precise workings of the technique are unclear and it's obviously not alchemy as it's normally understood using this knowledge he is able to distil an elixir that provides mechanisms with 'motion'. They are not alive and do not have intelligence but can perform the task they were designed to do. He can produce enough of the strange glowing elixir to animate one creation per adventure at a cost of 41 riels worth of esoteric components.
  • 50 riel


  • 50 riel.

Quirks and Epic Trees Subject to LARPO approval

Quirk Damned

You have committed a crime against a god of such truly appalling magnitude that they have turned their gaze upon you in wrath. Any priest of the God who attempts to use the power of the God to aid you will instantly be excommunicated. Furthermore, any priest of that God who attempts to fight you will instantly gain the gaze of the gods for that encounter and gain a free use of the intercession skill even if they don't possess it normally. Creatures and beings directly associated with the God will attack you on sight and will be STRENGTHENED when they do so. This quirk can only be removed by the deity themselves or by receiving a blessing from a large church of that god.

Shadow Symbiote


Feast of Fear

When someone else in the encounter is feared or visibly role playing as afraid, you may spend 5 seconds reveling in it and then take either a strengthen or a heal 6.


Pool of shadows

Your blood is now black shadow and by letting it spill you may engulf an area in darkness. This requires dealing yourself a double and undertaking 30 seconds of roleplaying. For the rest of the encounter you may once every 20 seconds call an entangle upon anyone struck down as the shadows reach up to grasp their fallen form.


Shadow Treason

With a gesture you call upon someone's shadow and is rises up placing its hands over its owner's eyes. Once per encounter you may call a blind 10 at range.


Shadow Replacement technique

You may consume the shadow of a willing or unresisting person. You may then replace their shadow with yourself appearing identical to that consumed. In this state you act as a normal shadow would and follow them around but are incapable of any action other than casting shadow treason upon your victim. You may physically manifest at will and will also be forced to in any situation in which the person would cast no shadow, i.e. total darkness or total light. Afterwards the person’s shadow is permanently destroyed. If you retire using this power you are able to permanently become someone's shadow surviving even total darkness/illumination and following around your target for the rest of their lives.

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