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Vulcan Blacksteel


Vulcan Blacksteel is an ordinary man in these extraordinary times. Vulcan is 44 years old and has spent most of his life working in and subsequently running one of the minor forges in Acryn. A gregarious and straightforward man, Vulcan prefers honest steel and swordplay over the complicated mysticism of magic and flux manipulation. He is rarely seen without Sebastian - A family heirloom passed down, reforged and reshaped over the generations that according to family superstition houses part of the souls of his ancestors. Vulcan had always intended to pass on Sebastian to his child however his wife Freya died before producing any children 5 years before the Upheaval. Since then Vulcan worked in his forge content with the company of friends and his hammer. Only with lingering regret that the line of his ancestors will end in his iteration of Sebastian. In the years following the upheaval, even old Vulcan couldn't help but notice the activities of adventurers that have defied common sense. He starts to wonder if it is true that there is nothing to be done… Vulcan has decided that his ordinary world no longer holds luster for him. He starts his career in adventuring searching for the limits on what is possible for Sebastian, his craft and himself.


Class: Journeyman - Craftsman

Background #1: Heavy Armour Use

Background #2: Crafting


  • Level 1
  • Crafting 1
  • Heavy Armour Use
  • Mix Potion (D)
  • Wealth 1
  • Wealth 2
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Level 2
  • Crafting 2
  • Heavy Armour Training (+3)
  • Mix Potion (C)
  • Adjustment
  • Builder
  • Level 3
  • Crafting 3
  • Improved Skill Focus
  • Mix Potion (B)
  • Advanced Application
  • Operations
  • Heavy Armour Training (+3)
  • Level 4
  • Master Crafter
  • Own Work
  • Engineer
  • Level 5
  • Legendary Item - TBC
  • Divine Skills
  • The Radiant Dawn 1 - Burning Gaze
  • The Shadow of Dusk 1 - Cloud the True Nature
  • Aura of The Radiant Dawn
  • Aura of The Shadow of Dusk
  • The Radiant Dawn 2 - Dawning Revelation
  • The Shadow of Dusk 2 - Obfuscation by Shadow


  • Plug the Flow of Life
  • Armour Oil
  • Soul Strength


  • Mastercrafted Hammer
  • Mastercrafted Shield
  • Mastercrafted Heavy Armour
  • Superior Hammer
  • Superior Heavy Armour
  • Standard Axe
  • Standard Shortsword
  • Standard Spear
  • Superior Shield
  • Rope
  • Tent
  • Alchemical Light-Stick
  • 414R
  • 3 Mana Crystals


  • Small Estate
  • Large Farm
  • Large Mine

Special Status

  • Divine Favour: Shatu the Radiant Dawn
  • Divine Favour: Sinna the Shadow of Dusk
  • Divine Favour: Eternal Song
  • Epic Tree: Expert Sailor x2
  • Addiction: Dissolution Lvl 1
  • (Updated to after Direct Action, all between adventure benefits accounted for)


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