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Lt. Marlo Darrish (Dead)


Tender, long has my arm done the Warrior's work.
Lives I have claimed for honour or coin.
Now I ask you this: let my child live.
Let me know a father's joy, and this I swear:
My arms shall be your till I draw my last breath.

A man of strong convictions in matters of justice and honour, Marlo is not perhaps the best choice for a priest of the Tender, however he takes his oaths to the God very seriously and does his best to live according to the doctrines of the Church.

Following the Wayfinder's Guild's (entirely legal) incarceration of an anomaly in his care, and his own humiliating arrest when he tried to intervene, Marlo has quietly decided that the guildsfolk need to be humbled and their monopoly broken.

Having undertaken several recent missions where his civilian status conflicted with his desire to stay inside the law, Marlo has now taken a commission with the City Watch so he can inflict the law on others. His talents as a Tender priest have seen him placed as the veterinarian for the Watch's stables and kennels.

After channeling the Tender's power for days to temporarily restore life to the body of Tarkus the Builder, Marlo's hair has turned blonde and his eyes a vibrant blue. This has caused considerable amusement to his wife as being the world's most portrait-friendly magical deformity.

Marlo gave his life in the effort to curb Tuireann's hatred of mankind.


Class:Tender Priest

Background #1:Weapon Use

Background #2:Noble


  • Divine Favour: Healing Light
  • Use Shield
  • Tough
  • Tough
  • Tough
  • Use Bastard Sword
  • Emergency Aid
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Wealth
  • Shield Swiftness
  • Noble Connections
  • Resuscitate
  • Patch Up
  • Fast Work
  • Bastard Sword Talent 1
  • Miracles: Healing Wave
  • Miracles: Stay the Claw
  • Miracles: Purification of the Body
  • Miracles: Ward the Wasting
  • Miracles: Master of Beasts
  • Miracles Rejuvenation
  • Miracles: Resurrection
  • Miracles: Wave of Rejuvenation
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Touch of Divinity
  • Miracle
  • Bastard Sword Potency
  • Divine Favour: Healing Touch
  • Divine Favour: Healing Flood
  • Divine Majesty
  • Divine Fervour

Epic Tree Skills Expert Sailor

  • Expert Sailor

True Face of the Tender

  • Particularly Favoured
  • Power of a Name
  • Never Far

Walked on the Otherside

Divine Favour of the Builder


  • 11+3
  • 1xDODGE
  • 3xRESIST Strikedown/Shatter/Disarm


  • Superior Bastard sword
  • Superior Shield
  • Superior Light Armour
  • 2x Mastercrafted daggers
  • light armour
  • shield
  • bastard sword
  • 2x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 0x Death Ward
  • 1x Leeching Touch
  • 2x Plug the Flow (Heal 0)
  • Stonehaven Sapphire (worth 60R)
  • 442R

Resource Important Commission in the Watch (As Council Contractor) Connections: City Watch, Melody's Inn, City Council


  • Inner Circle: Olivia Darrish
  • Soul Pact

Noteworthy Animal Friends

  • Benny the Watchdog (lives in the Watchhouse)
  • Claude the Leopard (lives in forests North of Acryn)
  • Virgil the Vulture (stands watch over the Builder's Tomb)


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