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And a Bottle of Rum

Initial Brief

The following calls for assistance have been cropping up over Acryn:

 Investigators sought to travel to island off the coast that may have escaped the Flux.

50R per head. Sea-legs desirable”

Interested parties are instructed to meet one Julian Sharp for further details.



The Horrid Eel makes it way safely back through the Flux back to the port in Acryn whereupon Captain Jenkins quickly heads to the tavern for a drink. The party take Arnold Nightblade and the crystal containing the soul of Philius Nightblade back to Julian Sharp at the Estate Agents and explain that they found the crystal that worked in the lighthouse to guide ships in had gotten overpowered and was pulling in ships but never letting them leave, as well as holding Arnold hostage in his own home.

Julian (who now that there's a comparison available appears to have a slight resemblance to Arnold) thanks them for their work, paying them each 50R plus reasonable expenses, and agrees to keep them informed as to Arnold's recovery and the progress with Philius. Upon a discussion beginning in the Estate Agents about Rashida commencing construction of her Church of the Dark Master, Julian offers her a discount on a property given the work she put in helping get Arnold back safely.

Marlo, having sent messages home already, goes to visit Olivia Darrish whereupon he explains that the dishonoured and exiled Nightblade family are in fact alive and well and that he believes the Nightblades are working as the Estate Agents. They decide that exerting the considerable pressure that the Darrish family has at its disposal would be a good idea, and meet later with Julian Sharp who confesses that he and the surviving Nightblades have been trying to keep a life together and maintain their estates despite their wrongful banishment after being horribly misrepresented during the Revolution. Olivia exerts her power and the Sharps agree to fall in line with the Darrish camp, as well as offering the Severed Isles as a location for their “Merchant Fleet”. Captain Jenkins is brought up in the discussion and added to Olivia's radar as a Wayfinder outside the Guild.

Rashida keeps in contact with Arnold Nightblade and checks up on him from time to time to ensure he is okay. He has also been visiting the Tender Church to help him recover, but Rashida shows him the kindness of the Dark Master and he eventually comes to understand that despite the evil appearance of the Dark Master, he and his followers are actually rather nice. Arnold is not entirely sold to the point of becoming a Priest, but starts believing that the Dark Master is not as bad as people have made him out to be.

Gerard, having gained contacts at the College of the Stars, alerts the Brotherhood of the Closed Eye as to the existence of the church of the Dark Master, saying that they should keep a close eye on Rashida and who ends up at the Church. He later gets wind of the arrival of the crystal from the watchtower on the island and the College manages to rig up a system to communicate with Philius Nightblade. Gerard and Philius see eye to eye about the issue, and apologies are made for the mutual attempts to attack each other, and the College say they will see what they can do to fix the issue which appeared to stem from the Upheaval confusing Philius's understanding of how to pull in ships safely.



  • 50R pay
  • Reasonable expenses
  • Darrish family now has some control over the Nightblade family
  • Olivia is now aware of Captain Jenkins as a Wayfinder not in the Guild
  • Severed Isles to be used as a base for the family's “Merchant Fleet”
  • Contact with the Estate Agents


  • 50R pay
  • Reasonable expenses
  • Discount on an Estate Resource provided by Julian Sharp
  • Friendly with Arnold Nightblade, who trusts the Dark Master is quite a nice guy
  • Contact with the Estate Agents


  • 50R pay
  • Reasonable expenses
  • To be kept informed of developments with Philius Nightblade and the Lighthouse
  • Contact with the Estate Agents

Captain Jenkins

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