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Rashida Worrn


Lucretia Darrish was a minor noblewoman, who was imprisoned for arson about six months before the mass breakout of Acryn's prisons. At the time her defense lawyer tried to make the rather ludicrous case that she had been well-intentionedly trying to light the candle's on Ghita Darrish's birthday cake at a surprise party she had orchestrated when one of the drapes had caught ablaze. Following the explosions at the prison she is missing, presumed in little tiny pieces.

Coincidently around the same time Rashida Worrn turned up at the Temple of the Tender having been badly burned. Luckilly for her the priest on duty was sufficiently skilled to be able to reconstruct her features. She has taken to adventuring to further the enigmatic goals of her “dark master”.



Background #1&2:Divinely Favoured

Epic Trees: High Priest of a Young God

Mage Skills

  • Tough
  • Use implement
  • Mana sense
  • Protomana tolerance 1
  • Protomana tolerance 2
  • Primary rite level 1: Share the pain
  • Primary rite level 1: Trace the flow of life
  • Distill Mana
  • Minor Ritualist
  • Arcane learnings
  • Use staff

Divine Favour Skills

  • Share your pain
  • Divine aura

Total XP Spend 13



  • 149 Riel
  • The skull of Rowan Darrish
  • 6 x heal 4 potion
  • Standard sword
  • Standard light armour
  • Standard quarterstaff
  • Knife implement
  • Discount on an estate
  • On friendly terms with Arnold Nightblade
  • Contact at the Estate Agents


  • Quirk: Undead


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